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E-Commerce Delivery: A Guide for the Beginners

E-commerce platform- After the dot com (.com) era which started in the late 90s in which people invested highly in internet (online) based companies for example Amazon, Google and many other companies who went online to sell their products, and soon after that consumer behavior changed. The current pandemic situation has even increased the trends of shopping online. 

Those firms that never sell their product online, they become the brick and mortar after they realize the shift in the landscape of consumer buying.

In this e-commerce success, the major role is played by logistics and courier companies, which ship your products to consumers in a shorter time possible with no damage to the items. From order placing, pricing, packaging, tracking to the delivery carriers, profitability, and return of items, the courier services are major contributors in all of these roles and make e-commerce a success. If you are a beginner and you have no idea how to deliver your products to your customers, then no worries at all we provide the proper guide through which you will get the idea of how you ship your products.

What will we cover?

  • Shipping Strategy
  • Look for courier services
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Returns

Develop Shipping Strategy with keeping in mind of e-commerce (online) 

Strategy is the basis to achieve something you want. Without the proper strategy you cannot control your business the way you want. Strategy helps you conduct your operations in a synchronized manner. 

Similarly, in shipping your online products you need to develop the strategy to deliver your products and choose your couriers’ services effectively. Your shipping strategy also involves pricing you are going to pay and other technological aspects. 

Despite this you have to consider how much you carrier is reliable and trustworthy, and in how much time your products delivered and is there any safety measures been taken what is the guarantee that your products reach safety to your consumers, These are all factors which you should focus prior to selecting the carrier for your delivery process. 

Below are the factors which should be included in your shipping strategy.

  • Selecting courier companies
  • Pick up delivery techniques
  • Choose the marketing option
  • Optimize your checkout procedure


Look for Courier Services

Looking for the best courier services for your online e-commerce store is not that hard as you think. Having an understanding of the offers which carriers provide will help you to decide which one is better and which one is not for your e-commerce business. These include

Parcel Tracking: Will they provide you the access so that you and your customer can track your shipment in real-time.

Flexible delivery options: this provides you the customized timings of your delivery such as weekend delivery.

Custom Clearance: courier services help in the clearance of global shipments, will your carrier be providing you the same services as well? 

Return an Item: how efficient companies are in returning the item domestically and internationally


Pricing is the major factor in selecting courier services for your e-commerce business. Before setting up the product cost you must first set the delivery charges considering how much courier services are charging. The factors included in setting up the prices are:

Custom charges: international parcels need custom clearance and it includes charges.

Size and weight of parcel destination address: longer destinations cost more.

Speed of delivery: quick delivery, same-day delivery

Extra Charges: charges include insurance of product, customs, and insurance.


There are logistics companies that are not focusing on product safety when shipping to customers. If the product is delivered in a damaged condition then it results in bad reputation and the loss of trust of customers in you, which eventually impacts your e-commerce business.

That is why before selecting a courier service in Singapore for you, just keep in mind that how safe your parcel will reach your customers, the safety of the parcel includes how much the packaging box can safely ship your parcels. And what other measures the company is taking to deliver your parcel safely to your consumers. 

Also, the well-designed package will increase the experience among consumers. The box should be of the right size to deliver the parcel safely. And the details should be defined correctly. To save the delay from delivery you need to focus on how companies are providing the packaging services to you.


Return policies not only differ from company to company but also region plays a vital role in the policies of different logistic companies. Let’s take an example of an international courier of Singapore which had more focus on their user needs. Singapore had the audacity to prioritise their people, and hence most of the logistics companies in Singapore, had a return policy. 

Returns policies are also important for selecting international courier Singapore for your e-commerce business, and can also vary as local returns are easier as compared to international returns, as they consist of more complexity. Because you also need to refund for the customs duties which you already paid while shipping to your international customers. 

You Should make the clear policy regarding returned item policy, if the customer is returning an item because it is damaged then it must be sent back to the store or manufacturing unit so that it can be repaired and resell in the future, also if the customer don’t like an item then it should be returned in inventory store. The location in this regard is playing a significant role within e-commerce business. 

So it is better to know how efficient your parcel carriers are in handling these types of clearance procedures. And they provide you with a returned item at your preferred location. 

Customer Experiences

The customer experience is the ultimate thing which should be focused early on, particularly in e-commerce business, which is entirely based on it. Making the delivery process can increase the positive image of your brand in the minds of consumers. If the product which they purchased from your e-commerce website reached late to the customers then it produces negative results, it also can be the opposite. 

Providing the best experience to your customers will eventually benefit your business, but it also depends on selecting the right logistics company, which offers the best services you need at justifiable costs. This will help to enhance your business and improve your credibility among your customers, as they experienced quality delivery.

In e-commerce, the experience of customers is very important these days. Just select the right courier service and you will learn on the way. But if you take the entire control over your shipping services you can offer your buyers a suitable price which is also important to increase the customer experience as well as their satisfaction level.


Every company is now selling their products to online e-commerce stores, as they identified that consumers’ buying behavior is shifting towards online purchasing, but in online buying, the delivery is an important aspect in satisfying the customers. But choosing the right carrier is difficult for you, but with proper guidance, it can become easier.

We provide a brief guide for beginners like you, by which you can easily get the benefit and help you with the carrier selection. It is better to assess the factors and then choose the right one.

 Let us know in the comments below how you like our article.

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