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Error- Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile Windows [Solved]

Summary: In this blog, we have provided effective solution to fix the error Outlook stuck on loading profile Windows. There can be many of the errors through which Outlook profile is not opening in Outlook but If this error is caused due to corrupt PST file, you can use an advanced PST repair tool to repair the corrupt files.

Microsoft’s Outlook is great and offers an arsenal of features. With Outlook, you get an email, calendar, contacts, and much more all in single app, yet Outlook still has its issues at times despite all that.

Sometimes, Outlook can get stuck on the loading profile screen when you try to launch it. When this happen, Outlook won’t get past that screen no matter what you do. As a result, you can’t access any of your email with the app.

There are various reasons why Outlook gets stuck on the loading profile screen. You can fix the underlying issues on your computer to get rid of this Outlook error.

There might have been many issues reported regarding Outlook not opening loading profiles by the users. This simply implies that whenever you open Microsoft Outlook, it gets stuck loading profile and freezes. If this is what you are concerned about, you should no longer be bothered about this issue.

In this article, we are going to put forward some possible tips and tricks that can fix the issues. Thus, if you found Outlook stuck on loading profile constantly, keep adhering to this post and learn what to do next. So, without any further ado, let us begin to explore.


Run Outlook as Administrator

One of the things that can help you get rid of the “Outlook stuck on loading profile” problem is to launch Outlook as an administrator. There is nothing as such that you have to do in this. Nonetheless, we are mentioning the steps for your convenience. Follow them and fix the Outlook not loading issue.

Step 1 – Simply tap on the start button on your PC and look for Outlook.exe.

Step 2 – Right-click on it now and then choose the run as administrator option from the menu.

Disable Outlook ADD-ins in Safe Mode

Another thing that can help you in resolving the Outlook 365 not opening loading profile issue is to turn off the add-ins in safe mode. Here is how you can do this.

Step 1 – Before beginning, ensure Outlook Windows to be closed. Once ensured, press the Windows and R keys together to open the Run box. “Outlook

Step 2 – When the run dialog box appears, enter Outlook.exe/safe” and press the enter key. This will open the Outlook applications in safe mode.

Step 3 – Confirm your profile when you are asked for so.

Step 4 – Now, choose the “File” tab and hit on “Option”. Tap on the Add-ins tab and look for the Manage drop-down menu.

Step 5 – Click on it and pick out “COM Add-ins”. Hit on “Go” right after that.

Step 6 – Now, uncheck each add-in and click “OK”. Once done, quit Outlook and restart it to check if Outlook not loading issue is gone.

Fix Office Files that Are Corrupted

Outlook is, after all, a part of Microsoft’s Office, and successfully repairing Office will also fix the Outlook issues. You don’t need to install any additional software to repair office. You can achieve this repair through the control panel.

  • Find Control panel using the search bar.
  • In the control panel, select Programs and features.
  • From the list, find Microsoft Office and select it.
  • Click on change. This will open a Window.
  • Select Quick Repair and then click repair.

Disconnect your Device from the Internet  

Outlook might be trying to access something online and failing. This can be possible cause, as Outlook can’t finish loading the profile, so it’ll stay luck on the Loading Profile screen.

The Workaround for this is to force Outlook into offline mode by cutting off your internet connection. Cutting off your internet every time you want to open Outlook is obviously not a solution, But this gives you a chance to get inside Outlook and alter the settings that might be causing the issue.

Kill Office-Related Process in Task Manager

Restarting Outlook might not be completely effectively if other Office-related services are still running. To ensure a fresh start for everything, you can kill the Office-related process in Task Manager.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to bring up the Task Manager.
  • Find Office-related processes, Select them and then click END Task. This includes other Office apps and Office processes such as click to run.
  • Launch Outlook

Repair Corrupted Outlook Files

Outlook won’t function properly and could get stuck in the Loading Profile screen if one or more of its files are corrupted. Outlook files can be repaired using an executable in the Outlook installation directory.

  • Right- Click the Outlook shortcut, then select properties. This will open the properties Window.
  • In the shortcut tab, click on Open File location. This will open the installation directory.
  • Locate SCANPST.EXE and then open it. The Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool will open and ask for a file to scan and repair.
  • Click on Browse and then navigate to the directory below.
  • Select the profile you want to repair then click on Start. The profiles are stored as OST files. The program will now start scanning the file for errors.
  • Once SCANPST is finished scanning and repairing, click OK.
  • Launch Outlook.

Alternate Solution for Outlook PST File Repair

There is one error that also occurs where Outlook is stuck on loading profile window. PST file corruption was the error that hesitates you, create error in which some of the files were corrupted. Recovering PST files was not an easy task it is time-consuming and if you are not a technical user then, recovering PST files will become a tough task. For a hassle-free solution, you have to use a third-party tool, the best Alternate for this solution is mentioned below.

An outstanding application named as Systools PST Repair Tool allows users for the hassle-free conversion and exporting process. This PST repair software is one such tool for its powerful scanning capability. It can repair your damaged Outlook PST file & recover your hard deleted mailbox data like email, notes, journals, calendars, contacts, contacts, etc. Moreover, this software has user-friendly interface even non-technical user can also use this tool and it do not take your time.

Step by Step Instruction to Outlook Stuck on Loading profile Windows

  • First, Download & Run this converter into your device.
  • After this, Search or Browse OST file into Software.
  • Then, Preview emails with Attributes and click on Export.
  • Select Radio button and Convert OST to PST.

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Final Words

After considering the user’s query what to do when Outlook stuck on loading profile window. In this technical write-up, we have illustrated two approaches through which a user can easily access their Outlook without facing any kind of problem.

The manual procedure provides you the solution for PST repair or helps you in situations where Outlook stuck on loading profile windows. But there is some drawbacks like this solution will increase the risk of data integrity, time-consuming process, need technical skills, etc. So, we recommend you to go with the automated procedure it helps to get an instant solution without creating any kind of problem. This software overcome on all the imitations of manual procedure.


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