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Essential steps to start a successful online grocery store

You can get a wide range of products from an online grocery store that you might not find in a retail one. They can range from spices, beverages, seasonings to packaged products. Since last year, numerous online start-ups have expanded to household essentials including dry and fresh groceries. Along with the giants tapping into this market, several new start-ups have popped up too, to give them competition. It has been aided by the increased usage of mobile phones. If you are interested in establishing a successful online grocery store, read on to know how you can achieve this goal.

Business Model

You need to decide which business you will follow before setting up a grocery delivery software. So, you need to make decisions regarding –

Size – You need to decide whether you want a small local store or a big store with a variety of products and brands.

Ownership – You have to decide the ownership of your store. Will you own it, or will you partner up with others?

Capital – obviously, without capital, all such discussions are moot. You need to estimate how much money you will need and how you can get it. You can avail of a business loan with reasonable interest if you have a good credit rating. Set aside a certain amount for unexpected expenses. The secret behind a good investment is good research.

Legal expenses

There are numerous legal formalities to be fulfilled before opening a store. If you are renting a space for your inventory, you have to make a legal agreement which should consist of basic rent, terms, and conditions of renewal, maintenance charges, etc. Issue a corporate trade license from the local government bodies. The documents needed for this might vary from state to state. Take advice from legal counsel before proceeding.

Identify A Target Audience

To give a better chance for your online grocery store to succeed, identify the eating habits of the people in your area of operation. Thus, you can keep stock of the items that have high demand. Also, collect data on the household number consisting of educated youth.

Decide The Delivery Region

Customers are opting out of retail shopping and are looking up “grocery delivery near me” on the internet. Delivery modules are an essential part of on-demand grocery delivery app development. Choose a delivery location in a way that you can make the deliveries quickly. As most consumers want same-day delivery, you have to employ a fleet of vehicles or two-wheelers. Don’t go beyond the 5km radius, or you will incur unnecessary costs on fuel.


You need to know what prices your competitors are setting before pricing your products. If there is too much discrepancy, you will lose customers. You should aim to offer better prices than your competitors to secure customers. You can launch loyalty programs like coupons, schemes, etc, to incentivize the consumers.


The success of your business is mostly dependent on advertising. Through advertisement, it gets introduced in the locality. Hand out pamphlets, put ads in the newspapers, and offer vouchers on first purchase. Though grocery store becomes popular through recommendations, if you have a large-scale advertisement, it will aid your sales.

Online ordering

Going to a store and buying groceries have become traditional; nowadays, people can order all the groceries they need online. The comfort of buying stuff from home is something people are not ready to let go of. Online ordering has become a method to capture customers. You can enter into a partnership with online delivery companies so that you can sell your products online.

You should always have enough stock of your products; the loyalty of customers changes very quickly if the items they want are unavailable.

Delivery Partners

Home delivery is attractive to customers. You require delivery partners to get the ordered products to the consumer’s home. Set a minimum order amount and a range of distance so that you don’t waste an unnecessary amount of time and fuel.

Get your delivery partners from posting advertisements on known job sites and mention the salary.

Open a Business Account

Set up a separate business account; your account should not act as a business account too. If the business fails due to some reason, your assets won’t be sued along with the business assets. Moreover, you can apply for business loans in the future more easily. Plus, you can pay taxes properly and have more control over accounting.

Business Insurance

There may be times when you lose control of your business even if you have planned everything to minute detail. So, get insurance to keep your assets safe from any unforeseen risks that may occur later. There are various insurance plans with varying risks that include general insurance too. Get one that covers fire insurance too.

Choose A Method Of Payment

If you have established a dependable doorstep delivery system, your ideal payment method will be Cash On Delivery (COD). This way, there won’t be any hassle regarding the cash flow. Plus, you don’t need to wait for the payment. But giving only one option is a bit restrictive for customers. So, offer other payment options like paying through cards, wallets, etc.

Grocery Mobile Apps

You can collaborate with the existing e-commerce apps like Amazon and Big Basket to reach the customers or you can develop a grocery delivery app for your store. If you go for the latter, you will have complete independence and showcase all your products, specifications, and offers.

After completing the registration process, you can open a business account at your preferred bank. The biggest challenge you will face is storage, as the products are perishable.

An online grocery store is a brilliant idea if you wish to be financially independent. The grocery industry is worth $1 trillion globally, and online grocery amounts to just 10%. So, there is a lot of growth potential.

Points you need to consider before starting online grocery store

Online grocery shopping is allured by everyone. According to research, the grocery ecommerce business is predicted to expand within the next five years. The growth of online shopping is outstanding and it isn’t going to slow down. However, there are many hurdles that can come across when you are starting your business therefore to get successful in an online grocery business there are some factors you need to consider:

  • Choosing and upgrading grocery business model
  • Understanding the impact of pandemic and targeting the audience
  • Prepare a manual to transform the business model into an efficient and accurate operating model
  • Set apart the delivery zones.
  • Get the complete analysis of all competitors
  • Grocery mobile apps and websites

Summing Up

Grocery utilization is one of the primary needs. These days, people prefer ordering groceries online rather than buying from physical grocery stores. If you are willing to start a successful online grocery store and want your online store to be as successful as Walmart, AmazonFresh, Grofers, & BigBasket then following the above-mentioned points will make you one.

With the help of these features, you will gain more traffic and increase your sales. To get started with an online grocery store, get in touch with us and we assure you that you will receive excellent results and make your store the best. Talk with our experts to discuss your grocery business needs.

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading courier app development. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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