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Everything you need to know about sandstones!

Indian sandstones can elevate your house’s look and aesthetic value within a few minutes. With several types of patterns and an extra oomph factor, these sandstones are certainly going to grab the attention of your visitors. People visit several historical monuments across the country seeking the construction’s beauty and wonderful architectural value. You can get the same feeling by incorporating sandstone architectures in some parts of your house. The raw look and rough and tough appearance of the construction will surely woo the onlookers’ minds. When you are looking for sandstone supplier, look for someone who has industry experience as well. 

What is sandstone? 

Sandstones are sedimentary rocks found in various parts of the country. When you are preparing your dream house, you should find a sandstone supplier that will take care of your needs. Sands are held together closely with the help of iron, lime, silica, and other ingredients. There are several types of sandstones available in the market. 

Before distinguishing the types of sandstones available for the constructions, we must understand how to locate a good dealer. There are a lot of sandstone suppliers available in the market. But only a handful of dealers provide you with genuine products at a competitive price. 

Let’s check the qualities of a good sandstone dealer. 

  • Huge industry experience: Industry experience also matters a lot when you look for a sandstone supplier. The company, employees, and the authority have been in the business for decades. Under such situations, they know the products well. If the company has been in the industry for a long time, it must have a lot of happy clients. That means they have been offering genuine and good products at a very competitive price. 

These companies have their business partners all around the world. They can bring some good stones from other countries too! So, doing business with such companies can be rewarding for you. If you are in the construction business and looking for a sandstone supplier, you should contact these companies. They have been in the field for a long time, which means they will help you fulfill many of your upcoming projects with high-end raw materials. 

  • Good customer relationship: You are a customer, and the bridge between you and the company is customer service. If the customer service is not informative and good enough, you cannot continue working with them for long. In good companies, one can see experienced and well-educated customer care professionals. These people know their products well, and when you ask them, they will enlighten you with proper knowledge. If you have any questions in your mind, you can ask these professionals. They will appease your thirst for knowledge at any point. If these professionals are friendly and good-humored, you can work with them easily. They will also help you estimate the cost of a particular project where you will use some high-end sandstones. 
  • Types of services offered: A good company not only offers you several types of sandstones but also helps you place and construct those. Some companies also have an installation team. You just need to talk to them and find out about the other services provided by them. 

When you are working on a crucial project, you can ask the company personnel to help you choose some sandstones for different constructions. On the other hand, if you order products in bulk, you may get good discounts from the company as well. So, you are on the gaining side if you choose a good company in the first place. 

  • Genuine products: Natural sandstones are pricier than chemically prepared stones available in the market. Natural sandstones are not easily available also. So, you need to look for someone trustworthy. Spending a fortune for some stones and getting fake ones in return is not a good thing. 

If you invest your money in some genuine natural sandstones, you are going to enjoy the materials for several years to come. Natural stones do not wear off easily, and that is why the one-time investment is justified here. Installing premium quality natural sandstones is not a job of an amateur. So, you have to visit the showroom and ask them for some experienced installer for your project. 

  • Location of the store: Delivery services and location of the sandstone supplier also matter a lot. If the supplier’s store is miles apart from your project site, it will be tough for you to visit there on and off and ask them to supply the materials to your project site. Remember, you are dealing in high-end and pricey natural sandstones. 

It will be risky if you ask them to deliver all those stones to your end. If some stones get damaged, it will be a huge loss on your end. So, always search for good sandstone suppliers near your project site. If you cannot locate one such company, you have to spend a lot of money on the delivery. 

Let’s check some popular sandstones and their usages in the market. 

  • Gold Sandstones: As the name suggests, the color is gold, and it gives a golden finish to your construction. Generally used in the interiors, these sandstones will increase the shining texture and flawlessness of the interiors.
  • Chocolate natural: These sandstones are weather resistant, and the low water absorption character makes it a perfect choice for exterior usage. It has a brown-reddish color and goes perfectly with other natural sandstones of the same color palette. It also has an embossed pattern all through it.
  • Dholpur pink: The attractive pink color of the Dholpur pink sandstone makes it one of the most desired sandstones on this list. People love the exquisite appearance of the sandstone, along with its robust nature. You can use it for industrial purposes and for the construction of houses too. This is easy to install and easy to maintain, and that makes it a desirable sandstone in many parts of the country.
  • Modak chocolate: This robust sandstone has an embossed pattern all through the surface. The color is dark brown, and it is one of the most robust sandstones available in the market. This sandstone can be installed on the floor or the walls of your house. You can also use it on your office premises, and it will elevate the look of the room for sure. 
  • Dholpur Beige: Are you looking for elegance and aesthetic sandstones? Then you should choose this robust white-colored sandstone. Dholpur Beige is one of the most famous sandstones available in the market in present times. This same stone was used in the construction of royal houses in the past, and now it can increase the charisma of your house too! From staircase, pavement, flooring to the construction of stone statues, this is a perfect raw material for everything royal and elegant. 
  • Teak: A combination of yellow and light cream-colored smooth stone is next on the list. If you want to have a wooden finish with sandstone, this is the perfect choice for that. It offers an everlasting elegant look for your house and commercial building interiors. This pattern and design will never go out of fashion. So, if you are investing in these sandstones, you are buying yourself a timeless beauty. 
  • Rainbow sandstones: It radiates the color of a rainbow. The finished look of the construction seems stunning and elegant. The smooth surface and precise finish make it a darling of the construction personnel. It can be used in external paving, swimming pools, fountains, etc. You can expect yellow, orange, purple swirls and veins on this sandstone. This beautiful sandstone is there to mesmerize the onlookers for sure. 


If you are planning to install natural sandstones in your commercial building or at your house, you have to choose a good company. A good construction company with years of experience can make the job easy and make a dream come true for you. 

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