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Famous Marble Handicrafts Item in Indian Market

Rajasthan is a state located in northern India. It is the largest Indian state by area and the seventh-largest by population. This great state with creative and talented craftsmen who are involved in the production of marble handicrafts. Jaipur the royal city of Rajasthan is world-famous for its Rajasthani handicrafts items. Made up of materials like brass, wood, textile, copper especially marble items. The markets of Jaipur are laden with materials of gifting purposes, leisure time puppets, or fashion style traditional clothes.

Jaipur mostly deals with the best ‘Makrana’ marble. Makrana marble is a metamorphic rock found in a single deposit of India, which has a range of about 90-98% calcium carbonate present in it. Makrana marble is expertly carved into the desired shape and then adorned with the decoration of Kundan stones, meenakari and sometimes painted to make beautiful those marble handicrafts items worldly renowned.

Basically, Rajasthan handicrafts of marble can divide into two broad categories :

1.Gifting purposes

2.Utility purposes

Although we should not ignore the fact that any material can be used for any purpose.

1. Gifting Handicrafts:

  • Statues
    Marble figurines are the most fascinating thing to witness in any commonplace, most of them made in jaipur.  Religious statues to artistic statues of lord ganesha, ladies or children’s statues. Marble handicraft in statues have been very dominant in gifting genres.
  • Flower pot or vases
    Widely available in many designs like- Matka, surahi, or bottle shapes flower vases. Made up of marble are a chic choice and tough competition of class whenever one chooses to give them as a gift. Marble vases have been very popular in the Indian market either as a domestic gifting item or corporate gifting items.
  • Marble paintings
    Add a splash of color in your gifting material with the marble tile paintings of Rajasthan handicraft. Creative works of embossed, golden foil, kundan stones, and blocked marble paintings. which are quite famous. You will find natural daily scenic paintings on these handicrafts like animals, lady, god, village, still life or Rajasthani objects like jewellery and musical instruments in their work. These simple yet elegant handmade paintings of skilled craftsmen is a most common choice of people in gifting.
  • Hanging plates
    Nowadays, a new trend has started. People now hang beautifully curated plates made of marble or china glass on their walls. This is a trendy and innovative idea. The best for recycling and creativity purposes. Skilled artisans of Jaipur are in the task of making these new masterpieces a successful product under marble handicrafts. It comes with beautiful and breathtaking details of creativity.

2. Utility Handicrafts:

  • Crockery
    Crockery is something that is undoubtedly used in every home. People prefer ethnic and reliable crockery when they think for themselves, nothing can be much better than marble crockery plates, casserole dishes,glasses, trays  snack plates, bowls, napkin holders and many other things have been coming in marble material and is among the choice of people who believe in having fancy dining moments. These crockeries come under several varieties like painted, carved into shapes, decorated and much more. So if you are planning to buy a new crockery set for your house then don’t forget to check out the marble crockery section.
  • Desk utility
    Marble makes several desk needed items as well like- pen holder, mobile holder, paper weights, key holder, lamp, clock etc. Marble handicrafts industry provides these simple utility items in a presentable and compliment gaining personality that will leave you and your guests praising these commendable work from artisans of Rajasthan.

Pooja Requirements

Pooja and pooja ghar is in almost every Hindu family house and so are its requirements. Everything should be proper and present when it’s about worshiping and culture. Famous marble handicrafts items involve a bunch of pooja utilities like – murti. Shankh, chowki, pooja thali, pooja incense stand and a lot of other things also. Decorated as well as religiously vibing worship accessories are a must buy and also good for gifting purposes too like at griha pravesh, diwali, new year, dussehra or thanksgiving.

The Bottom Line

The marble industry is one of the widely engaging industries of India. Handicrafts material from industries like marble is the skill and talent we have in our country. It can gain more economic strength as well as societal prosperity in our future. There is a great scope in the marble industry as of its increasing need in the Indian market. The best Jaipur handicrafts item depicts the culture of the city and its unique royal essence which they have still kept alive through these handicrafts.

Handicrafts Items are Sole Source of Income

Art is a very broad term when it comes as a definition. For some people it is a skill, for some people it is a subject, for some people it is a timepass activity but for a country like India and for a lot of Indians, it is a living, it is their sole source of income. In short, it is a skill to produce creative objects like paintings and designs etc.

Handicraft is a form of art that is produced by one’s hand or non automated tools like simple carving knives or scissors. India is a place widely known for its rich cultural heritage of creative handicrafts, India has been one of the leading countries in trading their handicraft goods and making all Indians proud of their culture. Indian handicrafts manufacturers have been involved in the trade for over 500 years now and it has become not only their business but their legacy.

Conclusively, We can see that India overall can be and has been stated by many people as the great power of creativity and artsmanship, whether it is in paintings or textile, Indian handicrafts manufacturers have excelled in every domain of creativity in terms of handicrafts. India has a wide scope of uplifting its economy solely on the basis of its handicrafts trade but it will need more awareness and appraisal like this from the words of every indian citizen.

Famous States for Handicrafts Items in India

Handicrafts are a skill to produce creative designer material with their hands instead of some heavy machinery. It is a useful and a very necessary skill to have if you are a woman of Indian society. But not only women, this skill is certainly not gender based and a lot of men are also skilled with handicraft mastery. Even a lot of men and women are making a career out of this extraordinary skill. India has a wide population of handicraft skilled craftsmen. We can witness such art in states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Orissa, Assam, Kashmir and many south Indian states also, whereas Rajasthan handicrafts are the most fascinating and spellbinding among all these states.

Handicrafts can come in any face from simple decoration items to great utility products like – cross stitching, painting, applique, crocheting, embroidery, knitting, quilting, sculpture, etc. according to the statistics India is home to around 7 million of artisans, mostly found in states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Kashmir etc. Nowadays the purpose of teaching art and craft in schools and colleges is to make them familiarize and learn to value the artifacts and work across culture and times.

At the end it is most important to realize that through handicrafts, India has been a major source of economy and development and as a patriot or even as a human being it is our duty to appreciate and become vocal for the local products as much as we can.

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