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Everything You Should Know about ECommerce Call Center Management

The eCommerce industry has been one of the most flourishing sectors in terms of market share and customer base. All of these make call center management trickier on the implementation part. However, the end result of such a streamlined call center will bring a positive customer experience and brand reputation.

While contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce sector is a better deal in terms of efficiency, managing the same is crucial too. And that is just what we will talk about here. Read on further to know in-depth about the call center management for the eCommerce sector.

Let’s begin!

Why Is ECommerce Agent Training Important 

Experienced and well-trained agents have the desire to perform well in customer interactions. So, having the right tools training modules ensures that they explore more and do better. Agent training, irrespective of the communication channel, is critical to the success of your customer service. So, it is important to provide excellent first training and never underestimate the importance of continuous training and product knowledge.

Regular training helps agents of the contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce sector keep their skills fresh and up-to-date. Group training sessions are more likely to bring up common issues, allowing you to keep everyone on the same page while resolving them. In addition, the call center agents can benefit from both groups as well as individual training sessions. These can strengthen problematic areas and polish their customer service and communication abilities.

Managers and supervisors can benefit greatly from such call center agent training. It is not possible for the supervisors and live quality experts to listen to every call. The kind of interactions agents have with customers can be discussed in the follow-up session. During these sessions, both the managers and agents can learn from one another, create new ideas, and even simulate difficult conversations as practice.

Take a look at some stats that talk about agent training. These starts have been taken from the 2019 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report.

  • 94% of employees from the study answered they would work for an organization that invests in their learning opportunities.
  • 75% said that they would take a course designed by their boss.
  • Moreover, 75% of employees said that they are willing to take a course recommended by their boss.
  • Over half of those employees from this study said they value opportunities to work in groups with professors and other students. These span across baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z).

How to Hire the Right ECommerce Center Agents

You would want the agents of contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce sector to have some ideal qualities. Check them out here.

  • Should be able to solve challenges in a unique way

No two calls can be the same for a call center agent on any given day. So, you should look for candidates who can solve problems fast and proactively with great thinking and implementation.

  • Should be able to empathize with the customers

Customers contact the brand representative if they require your services or support. At the time of dealing with impatient or irate customers, having an empathetic approach can go a long way. Empathy is a powerful tool to win over a customer’s sentiments.

  • Should be able to multitask well

Call center agents can access almost every data of the customers in question using integrated software and tools and a cloud-based CRM system. The best call center agents can pull up the necessary data and alter communication channels at the same time efficiently.

  • Should be able to communicate effectively

Communication is an important part of the agents’ skills and experience. They should be able to speak properly, be courteous, and express their solutions to the customers without any difficulty. Good communicators and engaged listeners can absorb and process information quickly.

  • Should be able to keep cool while under pressure

Working as a call center agent may be quite demanding, especially if it is contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce sector. However, not every customer will be cooperative. In such situations, an experienced and skillful agent can remain calm. They take mental and emotional breaks whenever needed to have a positive, welcoming nature as soon as the next call comes up.

  • Should be able to work well in groups

Managers at call centers may form teams in order to foster healthy competition and increase productivity. The most suitable cloud-based phone system allows you to build measures for the team’s success using analytics and data processing. But, of course, such data comes from the KPI monitoring tools too.

How Can You Optimize the Overall Performance of Your Call Center

When you think of improving the efficiency of your call center, you can simply change it from a cost-incurring center to a revenue-churning center. Use data to better understand the customer experience, increase retention rates, reduce handling times, and resolve issues on the first call.

Further, check these out.

  • Compare the performance of the agents of the retail BPO in the USA against industry norms. Learn about your customers’ problems and utilize their input to enhance your call flow.
  • Make fixed targets for cost-cutting, enhancing customer service, and effective operation. Set both short- as well as long-term objectives for your eCommerce call center.
  • In order to optimize human resources and manpower, maintain proper staffing numbers. Agents take up a high cost. Analytics comes to the rescue with data to show you how many call agents you need at different spans of the campaign. To avoid agent attrition, provide a positive employment experience. Know about the proper tools and take their feedback seriously.
  • Examine your technological stack thoroughly. Make sure that all of your tools are in sync. Find out whether there is new software that can improve your efficiency further.

How to Manage the Call Center in the Most Effective Way

At the time of hiring and training agents of contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce sector, you will have a better chance towards success if you determine the most basic issues. These issues with the call center agents can be about punctuality and turnaround.

Making an investment in your staffing includes hiring and training. In addition, you might want to motivate call center employees to keep upgrading their skills and stay with your organization for an extended time to make the most of your efforts.

Remote teams can help you distribute call flow, scale, and provide sales and customer service across multiple time zones. In addition, it is a great idea to provide coverage outside normal business hours without overworking the agents. Although call center agents are eager to work extra, working them for too long may result in frustration and eventually attrition.

Another issue that calls center workers face is the weariness of taking calls day in and day out. So, ensuring that the agents feel comfortable on the job is an important part of managing the workforce. To avoid weariness, encourage them to maintain excellent posture, drink enough water, and take brief breaks as and when needed.

Summing Up

By now, you might already know about the huge importance of call center management, especially for a sector that is as big as eCommerce. Contact center outsourcing for the eCommerce sector is a great way to manage the entire operation seamlessly, though you will have to be a part of the process. After all, it is your business in question.

Always validate the processes the BPO company uses for its staffing and training. Also, it is good to know (in advance) about the various tools and analytical software that the outsourcing partner uses to streamline the operation and manage the workforce better.

All of this will give you a clearer picture of what to expect at the time of finalizing the deal!

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