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Five things to know before installing Digital Door Locks – KGB Security

The emerging advanced technologies have transformed our lives for the better, for sure. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, smart bells, smart refrigerators, and whatnot? When the world is adapting to evolving trends and technologies, most of us want to join the bandwagon. Smart lock or digital lock is a recent addition to the list. Smart homes with smartphones often call for smart locks/digital door locks.

Keyless door lock enables you to operate your door using smart devices without physically opening and closing the door. You can either set your voice to use the door using voice recognition. Else, you can even operate it remotely from your smartphone if you forget to close the door. How convenient can a system get?

Plus, the major advantage of digital door locks/smart locks is that you can give access to a third party temporarily. For instance, rather than physically handing over the key, you can give access to your house guests or your staff for maintenance for some time. 

So, how to get a digital lock installed for your house? What are all things you should consider? No, it is not rocket science, and all you need is to know a few things. The rest is to find a reputed digital door locks installation service in your city. Their experienced locksmiths can get digital door locks fixed for you.

If you are in Brisbane looking for a digital door lock for your house, KGB Security is at your service. If you have no clue about digital door locks and their functions, we have cleared the air for you in this blog. This blog illustrates all about digital door locks and things to know before installing your digital door lock. 

Understand the Door Lock Types:

As you know, doors come in various lock types. Before investing in a digital door lock, you have to explore the lock types and how they work. So, first, let’s discuss the types of door locks in the market:

  • Knob Lock:

You can find knob locks in most homes. They are ideal for internal doors like bathrooms, bedrooms, backyard doors, and more. We can break these knob locks easily using a wrench or hammer. Of course, they are not suitable for external doors as they are easily breakable and may pose a security concern. You can resolve this issue by incorporating a deadbolt smart lock or upgrading the knob lock to a smart lever lock.

  • Lever Handle Lock:

You might have spotted lever handle locks in most doors right from rooms, kitchens to other internal doors. Lever handle locks are easy to grab and open. Smart lever locks and deadbolt smart door locks are ideal for a lever handle lock on your door.

  • Mortise Lock:

A mortise refers to the pocket cut into the door where the lock is fitted. Hence you can’t fit a mortise lock on just any door. You can use these locks on new doors. Or, they demand detailed work.

  • Deadbolt Door Lock:

One can quickly upgrade to a smart deadbolt keypad lock if they have deadbolt door locks in their doors. Yes, it is really a quick process, and one can do it by themselves. In fact, these deadbolt smart door locks come with a quick installation guide which you can refer to and do as a Do it Yourself Project. 

  • Cylinder Lock:

Cylinder locks come in various types, like rim cylinders, mortise cylinders, and European cylinders. Deadbolt smart door locks are the most suitable option if you have cylinder locks on your doors. 

If you want to upgrade to a digital door lock for your doors, opt for a reliable locksmith in your city. If you are in Brisbane, looking for professional locksmith services, KGB Security is the best choice. KGB Security has been offering digital door lock installation services in Brisbane for more than thirty years.

  • Door Types and Materials:

While thinking about upgrading your lock to an electronic door lock or a smart keypad lock, you need to double-check your door material. The door material should be compatible to install a digital door lock. However, most doors in Australia will not have problems with installation. Below are the commonly used door types and door materials in Australia for your better clarification.

Here is a list of most-used door types in Australia:

  • Flush Doors
  • Panel Doors
  • French Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Double Doors
  • Sliding Doors

Here is a list of most-used door materials in Australia:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum

So, do you want to join the digital world and upgrade your house with digital door locks? You can have all your questions regarding digital door locks answered by our KGB Security expert locksmiths.

  • Measuring Your Door:

Now, it is time to determine whether the door is compatible with a digital lock or a deadbolt touchscreen smart door lock. Follow the below steps and measure your door precisely:

  • Measure your door from its edge. The door width has to be more than 10cm. 
  • The door thickness should be around 1-⅜ inches. 
  • Measure the width and length of the latch.
  • If the main door has a gate outside, then the gap must be more than 4”.
  • Finally, measure the backset from the outside of the door, door thickness, latch size, and drill a hole for the deadbolt smart lock. 
  • Now, go ahead and install the digital lock.

If that sounds too technical or overwhelming to you, you can leave your digital door lock installation service to us. We can also suggest you the most suitable locks based on your needs. We at KGB Security have experienced locksmiths who can install digital door locks for you precisely. 

  • Connectivity and Access:

Now comes another crucial part. Weigh down your other smart home devices and how you will associate them with your smart lock. However, most of them will work with a variety of third-party applications. But, make sure how it functions as it may vary from lock to lock.

Another crucial thing to consider is access and how does your smart lock manage other users? For instance, when you connect your smartphone, the touch-to-open feature is pretty straightforward. But what if you have a big family? That will call for everyone to install the application. It will not benefit you if you have to pay for numerous keys. 

A motorized handle lock is the best alternative if you have a big family. It enables you to assign every family member their personal code and monitor their entry and exit. 

  • It’s all matter of convenience:

Of course, money does matter. You may hesitate to invest in digital locks, thinking that your deadbolt lock does pretty much the same thing in protecting your property. It can be true as well. Nevertheless, most digital locks use a similar kind of deadbolts.

However, it is a conveniently improved version, for sure. It is similar to upgrading your house with modernized things for your comfort and convenience. When you have all smart items in your home, why not replace deadbolts with digital locks?

Moreover, digital locks do give some exclusive sophistication to enjoy. Yes, with a digital lock, you can provide temporary and revocable access to any friends or family members if needed. Imagine, what if you give your house key to some and if you didn’t get it back? Plus, keys are smaller and easier to lose than smartphones. And you can track your smartphones using other devices as well. All of those benefits make digital door locks a worthy investment. 

Summing Up:

Many companies are offering new and fancy digital locks in Australia. Most are electronic, some connect to wifi, while some have key override mechanisms. But you need to double-check how long they last? But, KGB Security has been in the industry for more than 30 years, and we are one of the pioneers in digital door lock services.

Our KGB Security experts can program your digital door locks as per your preference. Multi-user, date and time expiring codes, Bluetooth connectivity are some of the most popular options. 

Call us for digital door lock installation in Brisbane. Our experts will help you understand the various options, procedures and offer a smooth digital door lock installation service. Our digital locks are known for their quality. Rest assured, your digital door lock will last for years.

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