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Flights to Atlanta to Miami Things to be aware of

Which airlines offer direct flights to and from ATL Airport towards MIA airport?

Every month, there are a variety of airlines offering flights that are direct flights between Atlanta (ATL) in the direction of Miami (MIA). Some of the most popular airlines that regularly offer ATL flights from ATL to MIA flights are:

American Airlines – (AA) with 360 direct flights daily between Atlanta and Miami every month

Frontier Airlines – (F9) with 30 direct flights per month between ATL and MIA every month

Southwest Airlines – (WN) with 60 direct flights daily between Atlanta and Miami each month

Delta Air Lines – (DL) with 870 direct flights per month between ATL and MIA every month

What is the least expensive date to fly between Atlanta from Atlanta to Miami?

Flights between Atlanta to Miami tend to be higher in December. The prices are usually lower for flights between Atlanta through Miami during July. the lowest ticket costing just $56. For Travel towards Miami Airport, you can hire a Miami airport car service for your airport travel.

What is the most affordable flight Atlanta (ATL) from Miami (MIA)

  • ATL – MIA Price $96 – $198
  • Popular in December
  • Demand for flights is high with a 26% chance of price increase
  • Cheapest in August
  • The best time to search for cheap flights, with a 35 percent chance of price drop
  • Round-trip starting at $96 Atlanta to Miami
  • One-way starting at $62 one-way plane ticket from Atlanta to Miami

What is the average number of flights that depart from Atlanta to Miami on a typical day?

  • On average, 27 flights depart Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Miami each day.
  • Morning (6 am between 6 am and noon) 30 – 40 percent of departures from flights
  • Afternoon (Noon until 6 pm) 41% of departures from flights
  • Evening (6 pm until Midnight) 30- 30 percent of departures

What is the cheapest date for round-trip flights from Atlanta to Miami?

The flights between Atlanta to Miami tend to be more expensive on Thursdays. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from looking since you’ll be able to score great savings by making your choices flexible. Utilize our search tool to search for tickets at a discount to Miami.

When do I need to book flights to Atlanta in advance to Miami?

It is recommended to reserve a flight at least 28 days ahead of time to save 33% over making the same booking within the same week. As the date of your travel approaches and the price of this route could be increased. If booking for 28 days ahead of time may not be a viable choice for everyone, however, there are other options to get a bargain soon. There is a possibility of finding a flight between Atlanta to Miami 2 weeks ahead for as little as $202 or even $254 for flights in one hour.

The best tips to find the cheapest flights to Miami from Atlanta to Miami

Are you looking for a low-cost flight? 25 percent of our users discovered flights for this route at less than $79 one-way, and $118 or less round trip.

  • The cheapest airfare from Atlanta to Miami was discovered on the 22nd day prior to departure, which is average.
  • Make reservations at least two weeks before departure to receive a lower rate.
  • The peak season is believed as November December and January. The least expensive month to fly in is August.
  • Morning departure is about 10 percent more expensive than a flight that departs in the evening on average.
  • Flights departing from Atlanta to Miami to Miami, Florida typically depart from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, which is situated 9.4 miles to the south of downtown Atlanta. The flight lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • If you’re traveling with children do not be concerned about keeping them entertained while you sit in line for your flight at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Indeed, in
  • Terminal 6 is an area for play that is fully equipped with games and toys that your kids will enjoy.
  • If your trip to Miami is just the beginning stage of your trip do not fret about having the entire time in Miami Airport. Are you looking to unwind? Take a trip towards one of airports’
  • spas, lounges, or yoga rooms to enjoy a short workout. You can also go looking for souvenirs and gifts or take in the work of local artists displayed at different points at the terminal.

Some More Important Tips

  • When your plane flight from Miami arrives late and you are unable to make it home, why not stay the night in the airport instead of traveling to the city at night? There is a hotel in Miami. Miami International Airport Hotel is located in the security area in Concourse E and has day and night rooms, depending on availability, which makes the perfect place for a relaxing sleep.
  • Once they have landed at Miami Airport, travelers can select from a variety of choices to travel to the city’s central area. The most efficient, however, is to use Amtrak. Amtrak
  • Rail (2030 minutes or 20 minutes) and trains (either 30- or 20-minute trips), the Miami Beach Airport Flyer bus which is both fast and cheap as well as to Metrorail (Orange Line). Metrorail (Orange Line). Additionally, visitors can get a taxi, or rent Limo Service Miami and both are easily accessible at the Arrivals.

American Cities with direct flights from Miami (MIA)

  • Atlanta, Georgia, direct connection to Miami via American or Delta Price for a direct round-trip connection ranges from $183 to $213.
  • Boston, Massachusetts, direct to Miami on American 300-330 dollars for non-stop connections
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, direct flight to Miami via US Airways: average bargain prices ranging from $313 to 328
  • Chicago, Illinois, direct to Miami on American or United under $324 is a steal.
  • Dallas, Texas, direct to Miami on American Return cost will cost passengers approximately $300. the fares are also known to be down to $157!
  • Detroit, Michigan, direct from there to Miami via American, Delta, or US Airways: A good price for the journey is under $264, however, the most affordable tickets have been sold for $236.
  • Houston, Texas, direct from Houston, Texas, direct Miami via American, United, or US Airways: return-trip prices could be the low of $197 for a few lucky travelers. But, the best tickets are price at or below $345.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana, direct to Miami on American A few lucky travelers have managed to get tickets for the two-and-a-half-hour journey for only $258, while the majority will pay a cost of $289 for the return.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, direct flight to Miami on American Cheap fares on this route will cost about $358 for return travel, however, some of the most seasoned gamblers have managed to secure seats as low as $277!
  • Los Angeles, California, direct flights to Miami with Alaska, American, or Delta Take a round-trip flight for $312 dollars in the last few months. In addition, the average rates aren’t too much higher (sitting at $347-$352)
  • Memphis, Tennessee, direct to Miami on American Memphis International. Memphis International generally costs less than $325.

More American With Direct Flight From MIA

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, direct flights from the city to Miami via American, Delta, or Sun Country: While some lucky travelers have been able to secure tickets for $319 return, the majority will discover direct routes on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Minnesota’s Sun Country Airlines. Sun Country Airlines sitting at about 406 dollars.
  • Nashville, Tennessee, direct to Miami on American Round-trip and costing only $251
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, direct flight to Miami via American and US Airways: Good prices for return fares typically range from $257 to 275.
  • New York City on American Direct connection to Miami Delta, United or US Airways: with a choice of direct connections with Delta, American, and US Airways at less than $278.
  • Orlando, Florida, direct flight from Orlando, Florida Miami on American flights. Direct flight connections to both US Airways and American Airlines at less than $253. You can hire a car service in Fort Lauderdale for fort luaderdale travel.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, direct to Miami via American (or US Airways: average $267
  • Phoenix, Arizona, direct flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Miami via American: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to Miami International costing $358. some of the most affordable seats are available for sale at $277.
  • San Diego, California, direct flight to Miami on American Nonstop tickets between $367 and $381.
  • San Francisco, California, direct from San Francisco, California, direct Miami via American or Alaska Great deals for this route typically be less than $372. the prices are also known to be as low as $277.
  • Seattle, Washington, direct to Miami on American Cheap rates are under $407 and some of the luckiest passengers traveling this route have secured seats on return for only $276!


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