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Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Look Amazing

The sale of existing housing to purchase a flat in a building under development is very popular in Gwadar Property Investment. Several developers in our city suggest to their customers the relevant settings. Experience has revealed that this project apartment for credit is becoming more and more attractive.

According to the real estate market specialists, the bulk of purchases in the primary housing market made not to fund money but to enhance their living requirements. Therefore, various people sell old homes and buy new premises at multiple stages of home development. Below we give the typical schemes of the program apartment for credit.

Existing offset schemes for existing housing

Scheme 1

The client agrees with the construction company to purchase housing under construction. The latter directs the client to its apartment sales department in the secondary market to sell the existing housing. The apartment in the term of its implementation is determined. When the Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan apartment (the period for selling the apartment is 2-3 months), the buyer pays the received amount for the housing under construction. The missing amount is paid in addition, as a rule, in installments. However, this scheme has one significant drawback. And where does a citizen live until the house build? After all, the construction period is, as a rule, 2-3 years. Often, apartments in new buildings are rented out without finishing, which means that the purchased apartment needed for repairs.

Scheme 2

The client chooses an apartment in a building under construction. After choosing an apartment, he receives a mortgage loan from a bank secured by existing housing. After constructing an apartment in a new house, a citizen sells his Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan apartment on the secondary market. The proceeds from the sale of the apartment go towards early repayment of the mortgage loan. But, unfortunately, according to analytical studies, only 15% of Russian citizens can afford a mortgage loan.

Scheme 3

The developer buys out the apartment for himself. In such cases, the developer is forced to value this object much lower than its market price – only then can the apartment be sold quickly. In practice, this scheme is rarely used.

Scheme 4

The client buys housing from a developer at a high stage of completion of the house or in an already built home. The selected apartment in the newly built house is reserved until the moment of the sale of the apartment on the secondary market. But the construction company, as a rule, sets the deadline for the sale of the Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan about the existing home. Usually, these terms are 1-2 months. It is not always possible to sell an apartment at the maximum market price in such a short time. Such a scheme is currently working in single construction companies. And it must be borne in mind that not all developers guarantee the assignment of an apartment to the buyer: by the time the previous housing is sold, an apartment in a newly built house may already be sold.

Scheme 5

The client chooses an apartment in a building under construction at the initial stage of construction. At this stage of construction, the price of the apartment is minimal. After choosing an apartment, the client applies to AN JURIST to sell an apartment on the secondary market.

In our real estate agency, Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan, listed by ten clients daily to purchase an apartment. These clients are members of the Military Mortgage program. We offer your apartment to potential buyers. After all the agreements between the seller and the buyer, an apartment purchase and sale agreement are concluded. In a maximum of 1.5 months, the client receives all the funds for the sold apartment and settles with the developer. After all financial settlements have been made, an apartment lease agreement is concluded between the parties to the transaction. Participants in the Military Mortgage program, as a rule, do military service in various regions of Russia, where they live in service housing. Accordingly, they willingly (within the framework of the law) lease apartments bought in St. Petersburg. The benefits, in this case, are apparent:

  1. You buy an apartment at the initial stage of construction at the lowest price;
  2. You continue to live in the sold apartment until the construction of the new house and the completion of the repairs in the purchased apartment.

Reference Information

In September last year, Citizen Ivanov sold the 2-bedroom apartment in the Frunze district of Bin Qasim City Gwadar with a total area of 45m 2 for 4.3 million rubles. In exchange, he bought a 3-room apartment with a total area of ​​75m 2 in a residential complex under construction in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg for 4,800,000 rubles. Is it profitable? Decide and consider for yourself. Transaction support in case of an independently found object.

Negotiations with the owner of the apartment

Legal support of negotiations on the following issues:

  • conditions for buying an apartment.
  • Collection of the necessary documents for the purchase and sale of an apartment.
  • Carrying out settlements between the seller and the buyer.

Checking the legal purity of the property

  • Checking (studying) the history of alienated and acquired real estate objects and their owners.
  • Obtaining an extended extract from the USRR,  including archival information according to the standard f. nine and f.12.
  • Checking the registration statement of persons previously living in the Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Pdf apartment (for example, in the apartment, there may be persons who refused to participate in the privatization but retained the same time lifelong right to use this apartment).
  • Checking the seller’s documents.
  • Obtaining certificates from the Psychoneurological and Narcological Dispensaries (if necessary).

Making an advance

  • Preparation of an agreement, an advance or deposit agreement, on terms that are beneficial to buyers.
  • Accompanying the buyer when making an advance with the possibility of a refund if the transaction does not occur.

Checking the apartment

  • The legality of the ownership of the apartment and the terms of sale.
  • Compliance with the layout of the apartment with the documents.
  • Checking people who have the right to use the apartment Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Pdf (who, other than the owner, has the right to live in the apartment).
  • Verification of documents related to the registration and residence of children (permission of the PLO).
  • Checking the tax purity of the history of the apartment.

Draft contract

  • Preparation of a draft sale and purchase agreement.
  • Work in the interests of the buyer with maximum protection of his property rights.
  • Understanding of the contract with the seller of the apartment.

Organization and execution of the transaction

  • Selection and approval of a reliable bank for safe mutual settlements.
  • Consultations on the lease agreement for a safe deposit box and the procedure and conditions of access to the safe deposit box of the seller and the buyer.
  • Consultation on the correct payment of state. Fees for state registration of the transfer of ownership.
  • Formation of a complete package of documents that comply with the current legislation and assistance in submitting this package of documents for state registration of the transfer of ownership.

Obtaining a contract

  • Accompanying in obtaining a contract for the purchase of an apartment in Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Pdf with a registered ownership right;
  • Correction of technical errors (if necessary) in the issued title and legal documents.

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