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How livestock management software is useful for farmers?

Livestock management has been practiced for thousands of years. When we looked at livestock management where you have a significant number of animals of different breeds it seems an arduous thing to do. We are no longer living in those times where farmers are walking around animals with their pens and pencils to collect data and information.

Livestock management assists farmers to evidence the entire track record of their farm animals since their birth. Now, in this high-tech world many companies are offering tailor-made business solutions for livestock management for commercial and registered users. Livestock management software keeps farmers alert of every event happening in their farms including their feed management, livestock records, pedigrees, tracking dates and track information about their artificial breeding among others.

Livestock management software can have all the details of animals regarding pedigrees, weight records, calving period and overall health of animals. Following will provide useful insights about optimal utilization of your livestock management software;

Animal Tracking and Pasture Management       

For Livestock management it is very important to maintain the complete record individually. It has become easy to manage all the details of a particular animal and maintain the whole range of procedures with respect to their dates and the person who is in charge of them so you can receive reminders accordingly. It also helps in keeping the past and present record of animal location and can help in making breeding decisions. While keeping the track of animal movement, it can also make sure that they are living in a healthy environment.

Feed Management

The foremost important factor in livestock management software is feed management. Here, it is very important to quantify animal’s feed conversion ratio and must be calculated. Feed conversion ratio is the most important aspect as it entails the overall health of an animal. Livestock feed plans can be easily monitored and the amount of feed consumed by each animal with respect to its cost and price can be effectively inspected.

Health Management

Not having good health is a sort of major concern for any commercial livestock business management users. In many livestock management software, there is a separate module where the vaccination and treatments can be closely examined and all therapeutic procedures can be performed accordingly. In the examination module you can add details of vaccination of each animal against each problem for instance; ovarian and uterus problems, their gestational timings and other illnesses and treatments. Their vaccination history can be viewed, edited or deleted. As details of vaccination are already being recorded so the module will notify the user in case of any repetition in treatment.  

Livestock Daily Tasks and Report management

There are many daily tasks to look into when you have quite a number of farm animals in the livestock business. Daily task manager is another fundamental feature that helps to record small tasks so you do not need to worry about remembering the small things. Pertaining to the health situation of many animals, they require vaccination and in some, due to insemination certain checks and daily upgradation of tasks is vital to render any treatments. For instance; if there is a drop in milk production or weight of cows then it will be informed through software.

Livestock management software is imperative when we are thinking of managing hundreds of animals on farms and providing digital solutions. Adding a very small detail can help you a lot when it comes to health, feed management, daily tasks reporting, movement and location of animal and gestational details. This will help farmers to keep an eye on each animal and perform interventions respectively.

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