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How to avoid mistakes when setting up contactless Ordering?

If you’re looking to avoid the mistakes of new-age technology, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to do it! Contactless Ordering is the latest trend in the food industry. It is a fast and easy way to order food for you and your customers without waiting in line or using cash at just a card’s swipe. However, no matter how convenient it seems, failing to set up the ordering system perfectly may turn into your biggest nightmare.

This blog is here to help you know and avoid potential problems during the online ordering setup process. So, stay connected to learn more.

What is a contactless ordering machine?


A contactless ordering machine is a POS system that allows customers to view their order, select a meal, and finally pay for it through their smartphone or contactless debit or credit card without having to make contact with anyone.

The contact-less ordering machine in Melbourne makes the ordering process even simpler. Their QR code ordering system allows people to scan through their smartphone, get a glance at the menu, place their order, and pay for it the same way.

It provides restaurant owners, quick-service chains, and fast food operators to provide all their customers with a quicker, more convenient way of placing orders when entering the store or during peak meal times.

Is it easy to use a contactless ordering system?


Yes, contactless ordering systems are straightforward to use.

These systems are designed with the customer in mind, which means all you need to do is tap your card against a reader and enter your PIN if it’s necessary. That’s it! There isn’t much technical skill required by employees either, so there won’t be any delays in your order taking or other problems that might occur.

Is there any risk to setting up a contactless ordering system?


It is doubtful that you will experience any significant risks related to setting up a contactless ordering system. The whole point of these systems is to minimize the risk for both employees and customers in your business. Since mistakes are inevitable during a technical setup process, there may be certain risks associated with it.

However, with the best restaurant contactless ordering system, you may expect the least faults guarantee during your entire food ordering process. Since they are custom built which offer you to manage and alter the serving systems as per your requirements.

 Furthermore, below are a few ways using which you may be able to avoid those potential mistakes as much as possible. 

5 ways to avoid mistakes in setting up the contactless ordering system


  1. Using the terminal in ‘default’ mode

When a contactless payment terminal is first turned on, it has many default settings which may not change. For example, when you turn on your device for the first time, it will print out a Quick Reference Guide with tips about making payments by touching your card against the reader.

  1. Using an unapproved terminal

A restaurant might choose to use an approved contactless payment terminal, but it is still essential to check its approval status.

Some terminals may be suitable for use by small businesses but not authorized for their size or industry. Also, some smaller merchants use only authorized terminals in the US even though they accept transactions from the UK.

  1. Using a terminal that is too big or heavy for their business

The rollout of contactless technology has seen some restaurants using terminals that are far too large and bulky for taking small payments from customers.

This issue has become more prevalent as entrepreneurs have tried to speed up transactions by making the reader much more significant than it needs to be.

Newer contactless terminals are smaller, slimmer, and lighter – meaning having a big bulky machine is no longer necessary unless you sell huge items.

  1. Failing to turn off the default setting for ‘contact’ payments

To avoid the mistake of accepting a contact payment as a ‘contactless’ one, many restaurants have been turning off their terminals ‘Contact Card Entry Mode.’

It is also worth checking that you have entered the correct PIN for this device.

  1. Not informing customers of an app

Some restaurants choose not to inform their customers to download an app that makes contactless payments much more accessible.

Every merchant doesn’t have to provide this option, but if you cannot offer ways of paying that are compatible with a customer’s lifestyle, you could lose business.

How much does a contactless ordering system cost?

The cost of a Contactless Ordering System depends on the type of hardware you are looking for. Different providers deal with every kind of hardware, so prices may vary by brand, model, or size. The average price range that is expected is between $1,500 and $6,000.

However, if you are looking for an affordable system, ask the Melbourne contactless ordering machine company for help. They build contactless ordering machines based on the client’s preference which helps improve their work performance to the next level.

 How to choose the best contactless ordering machine?


  1. App Compatibility

Many independent rental companies provide their APP, so you need to consider the compatibility. It works between different Apps if the same operator wants to use more than one App in its operating system. The NFC-POS series is compatible with nearly 60 various Apps, which means it supports most existing Apps in the market today.

  1. Menu flexibility

COSM easily allows operators to create custom menu screens with different layouts and rich graphics to encourage impulse buying. For example, you can set up your unique dish pictures on the projector screen or COSM’s high-definition 3.8-inch LCD screen to drive sales, increase profits, and gain rapid recognition by the customers.

  1. Productivity

The NFC-POS series allows the restaurant owner to deliver orders more efficiently than ever. Providing customers with a direct line of communication to expedite their food orders without waiting. More importantly, the high-definition 3.8-inch LCD screen on COSM provides fast-food operators with an opportunity to interact directly with customers, whether they are on the go or seated in the restaurant.

  1. Energy Consumption

COSM has a small energy consumption, with the most advanced design in China’s market today; an essential requirement for COSM is to reduce power consumption. Energy-saving mode reduces standby power consumption by 90%+ when the machine is not in use or idle, reducing costs. And with its advanced design concept, it can save 5%~10% energy than other similar products.

  1. Achieve Scalability

COSM can easily be integrated at any point of sale. Including drive-through windows, so it adapts well to virtually any location. The system is compatible with most existing point of sale systems, which means that it can quickly adapt to any fast food operator’s needs and be deployed rapidly for effective results. In addition, the NFC-POS series has no mechanical moving parts and minimal electronic components. Which makes it low maintenance and reliable.

  1. Cost Savings

COSM’s low power consumption makes it possible to operate the machine in energy-saving mode. When you are not using it, so there is no need to keep COSM on at all times. While in energy-saving mode, it consumes only 10% to 20% of total power consumption.

  1. Durability

COSM’s stainless steel design makes it possible to blend into any restaurant environment without looking out of place. It ensures that it does not look unsightly or worn after long periods of operation. The stainless steel design also protects your COSM from corrosion and damage.

How to know if a Contactless Ordering machine accepts your card?

A contactless table Ordering machine is a device that can accept payment from your contactless debit card or credit card by simply tapping the card to the terminal. There is no PIN required, and it has a faster transaction processing time than other traditional terminals. But how do you know if a Contactless Ordering machine accepts your card? The following are the steps in making a successful contactless transaction:

  1. Tap your card or mobile device to the terminal – this is how you initiate a payment. The terminal should react and show either “Contactless – go” on its screen or show an image of a credit card with waves emitting from it. Some may also present the amount due to be sure you are using the correct device.
  2. Whether you see “Contactless – go” on the terminal, hold your contactless card over this and wait for it to react.
  3. If you see an image of a credit card with waves emitting from it, hold your contactless card over. And wait for it to react.
  4. If you see a card-present the amount due, hold your contactless credit card over the middle portion of this image and wait for it to react.
  5. Finally, you should see a “completed” message on the screen after the transaction is approved, stating that the payment was successful.

Ending Note:

Contactless ordering machines are a great way to increase efficiency and get more people through the line. The key is knowing how they work, so you can have them set up correctly from the start! We’ve provided some helpful contactless order machine tips in our blog post. If you need help setting up your contactless machine, reach out to Youkey anytime. Our experts in Melbourne will come out and install your new contactless order machine free of charge. Plus, it can also help you find the right contactless robot for your business.


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