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How to Backup Outlook Emails to Gmail? | Complete Guide

Emuarticles | If you are looking for how to backup Outlook Emails to Gmail?. If yes then, your search is finished here. In this article, we will learn the way to save Outlook Emails to Gmail account without any difficulty.

Gmail is designed in a way that can be used for a flexible work environment. The users can easily access from anywhere in the presence of an internet connection. Read the blog and remain updated with us for the most up-to-date significant, regarding this issue.

As a result, an email client leads to the data of saving from the previous client to a new client or backup one file to another. It also includes Outlook Emails, Contacts group, Calendar Events, and appointments to the desired personal Gmail account.

To know more about the software you can see the below blog. We suggest the easy and safe tool is Thunderbird Email Backup Software for your issues.

Hi, I am John and I want to take backup Outlook Emails to Gmail. I tried to save my old emails of Outlook into my Gmail account by using the manual method. But I face the issue of data loss and it takes so much time to backup my old emails data file to Gmail.

What are the Reasons to Download Outlook Emails to Gmail Account?

There are many reasons to backup Outlook Emails to Gmail but users are still facing the issue of the backup of this software. So, here we have explained some steps related to the user’s query. Follow the below steps:-

  • It provides the sample free storage, You can always multiply its size for a modest fee when it is necessary. This is not possible with Outlook Files.
  • With the one Gmail account ID, you can easily sign in to enough apps at a one-click this is always an accepted form of recognition.
  • This system includes chat messages with stickers.
  • The structure of the interface and folder is inbuilt, which makes the management very simple.
  • The data attend instantly across all the devices and OS, including Windows.
  • As we compared with multiple free alternatives, Gmail has more features, and it is also simple to use.
  • It allows you to download your contacts and set of regular archiving.
  • Therefore, if you forget credentials, the backup way is quick is just enter your phone number or choose another simple method.
  • Gmail is also a very easy and simple way to backup Outlook Emails to Gmail.

How to Save Outlook Emails to Gmail? | Step-by-Step

As you can see, one may find the quality arguments in the favor of Google. If you decided to desert Outlook or backup your old emails into Gmail, our handy comes guides. Below you will find the two methods for PST files.

  1. Manual Method
  2. Automatic Method

Manual Method to Download Outlook Emails to Gmail:-

On the Other hand, the backup process is appealing because it is a free and enough easy solution. After your Google settings, Configure the second account and link with both data to export. Then, it created a special PST file to download messages. The manual way to backup Outlook Email to Gmail includes three stages:-

  • Firstly, log in to your Google account, and click on the gear tool in the upper right corner next to your profile picture.
  • The settings adjustment menu will appear. Click on the button to see all settings.
  • Now, Open the Tab which is called Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Then, you can scroll down to the IMAP section of the Gmail account.
  • It enables to features of green settings will changes.
  • Finally, scroll to the bottom to save changes.

It allows you to visit the relevant section of the Google settings called less secure apps. This enables the connection of the Gmail account to Outlook and completes the first stage of this process. Now, you will proceed to save outlook Emails to Gmail. The manual way does not contract accuracy. Therefore, you may not be able to download Outlook PST to Gmail without errors.

Configuring Gmail in Outlook

Now, you can configure your desktop app that can read Outlook files. Following are the method that works for office 365, but the extract for other editions is similar. There is an idea to sync your Google account with a mail client. Last-mentioned is only the system that can open a PST file.

  • First, Open the file section.
  • Now, you find the option to add a new account and click on it.
  • Enter your Gmail address to connect it.
  • Then type your password and connect it, too.
  • Wait for the notification of successful configuration.
  • Finally, you have done and imported the contents of the PST files.

Moving Messages After Backup

Now, your accounts are in sync up, and you can backup the data between them. You just need to select the messages from the PST file and copy them into the Gmail folder structure. The Outlook (PST) file is not been exporting yet, open it by using the excerpt:-

  1. File
  2. Open & Export
  3. Open Outlook data file

Why IMAP is so important if you want to save Outlook Email to Gmail. You choose POP, Gmail messages land in the inbox, or their original structure would be lost. With the IMAP, you can import any emails between the original folders, they are recreated properly. You can move any emails to Gmail folders that will be synced with this account. Now, you will be able to access them from any device.

Archive Outlook Emails to Gmail | By Automated Method

Users of Microsoft’s Outlook email programmer were also ready to make the switch to Gmail. This process must be completed using Email Backup Wizard. The generated data can be imported fast and accurately by users. The original folder hierarchy is kept even after the import procedure is completed. Users can also choose and choose which folders to move to Gmail. Both professionals and non–professionals will benefit from it.

Working of Download Outlook Email to Gmail

  1. Launch and run the software on your windows machine. Click on the Open button to start the process.
  2. Now, Email Data Files>> Outlook PST/OST Files>> Choose File From a folder.
  3. Select the PST Files using the select file or folder option. You can view all the files on a Software panel.
  4. Click on Export Button and Select the Gmail files From the Email Services.
  5. Select the destination location to save the exported Folders and Generate an app password.
  6. Click on Save Button.
  7. Wait to finish the process. And you have been Exported Successfully, Open Folder to Complete Preview file on your destination location.
  8. Demo Edition Export only ten items from each folder. Upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.

You can use the above steps to make your task easy to backup Outlook Emails to Gmail Account:-


In this article, I explained how to Backup Outlook Emails to Gmail. Many users were having trouble with this process since they didn’t know what the best solution was. Here are some automated for doing this task. For this task, the manual process is inefficient and ineffective. As a result, users can perform the steps above at their leisure.

I hope that the user will be able to complete this task without difficulty after reading this article.

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