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Exporting MDaemon Contacts to Outlook the Easy Way – Your Complete Guide

Want to know how to export MDaemon contacts to Outlook? Have you tried it by yourself? Well, there is no direct approach to solve such contacts migration tasks especially in mail servers like MDaemon. Hence, you will need a proper methodology to execute the export contacts from MDaemon address book.

Read this user query to get an idea of how this query is so common:

Hello! I am using Outlook 2019 on my home computer. I have already a large list of contacts program in my Outlook. But, on the other hand, the MDaemon email server (which is basically for some official work chores) also carries some major contacts. Now, I need to consolidate all contacts at one place and hence, I want to export MDaemon contacts to Outlook. Does there any solution exists that could work for me for such purpose? Also, it would be great if the program could help me to export bulk contacts in one go. – Stanley, California

Just like this user, there are many more people who are dealing with such problems.

Since the MDaemon mail server saves all its contacts in AddrBook.mrk file. Also, it creates Contacts.IMAP folder that stores AddrBook.mrk file for all contact lists.

Imagine a situation where your MDaemon email app crashes or suddenly fails to open. Or perhaps, you are wanting to export major contacts from the MDaemon mail server address book to your Outlook application.

This situation can be overcome with an expert solution. Here, we have discussed the same.

How to Export MDaemon Contacts to Outlook ?

Ready to export contacts from MDaemon address book to Outlook? Try using MDaemon Converter application. It’s a professional wizard meant specifically for exporting contacts from MDaemon mail server. The software is compatible with the latest Outlook versions like Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Read these steps to export contacts from the MDaemon mail server to Outlook:

First of all, download and install the setup of software on your Windows machine.

Now, choose any MDaemon file or folder as per your migration task.


Then, select the desired contacts which you need to export from the MDaemon mail server.


Thereafter, go to the saving options list and choose CSV or vCard option.


Also, enter a destination path for saving the resultant contacts on your computer machine.


Lastly, click on the Convert button to start the process. The task to export MDaemon contacts to Outlook is running successfully.


Bulk Export contacts from MDaemon Mail Server- Prime Features of Software

Dual Methods to Load MDaemon Profiles: This tool gives two options to the users for uploading MDaemon profiles. It enables one to choose multiple MDaemon contacts into software interface.

Batch Export Contacts: It permits to export of multiple contacts in MDaemon address book saved as AddrBook.mrk. The users can bulk export MDaemon address book contacts in one round of processing.

Selectively Migrate Contacts: The various data filter options offered by the utility help a user to export selective contacts from MDaemon mail server.

Any Destination Location: One can export MDaemon mail server contacts and store the results at any destination location.

Independent application: It is a standalone software that does not require the installation of MDaemon or any other email app for the export of contacts.

Vast Compatibility with Windows OS: It supports versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Users can download it on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2019, 2016, etc.

Easy and Interactive UI: This software is best suited for any home or corporate user. It has a very simple to understand Graphical User Interface.

Supports All Outlook Versions: The software supports Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, etc.

No Limitations on Conversion: The software has the ability to export hundreds or thousands of contacts from MDaemon address book at once. Hence, there are no restrictions regarding the conversion.

Client Testimony

Hi, I was looking for a solution that could help me to export MDaemon contacts to Outlook. My colleague suggested me this utility. It’s a one-stop solution with multiple benefits. The solution comes with the free demo version. Also, there are bugs or errors associated with the tool. Additionally, the toolkit gives freedom to bulk export multiple contacts from the MDaemon address book. Really an amazing application for any user!!– Andrew, UK

This amazing utility is best for any user who is looking for MDaemon export to Windows address book. There are so many beneficiary facilities with this software. The freedom to save outlook at any location, selective export of contacts from MDaemon mail server, and much more. Also, now I can export almost 100+ contacts from the MDaemon mail server in a single go!! – Peter, France

Bringing All Together

In the above blog, we have explained a simple and effective method to export MDaemon contacts to Outlook. The software also comes with a free trial version so you can download it for testing purposes. With it, you will be able to export few contacts from MDaemon mail server to Outlook. For exporting bulk contacts, please upgrade the license keys of the product.

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