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How To Choose Stretch For Automated Palletizer Packaging

The use of this type of packaging film is simple, convenient and practical. And if you are already familiar with the manual use of transparent and colored stretch, then we will tell you about what machine stretch film is in this article. So let’s get started automated palletizer.

What is Machine Stretch?

Stretch for machine packaging is a roll of flexible packaging material based on polypropylene. Packaging of products and various kinds of goods is carried out with the help of special machines – pallet wrappers, or in other words – palletizers, – by the method of rotary wrapping. That’s why the stretch film is transparent and colored for machine packaging because of these features of automated palletizer use, it is sometimes also called automatic stretch film. …

Pallet wrapper. What is this anyway, and what does stretch film have to do with it?

So, a palletizer is a special equipment for wrapping cargo or automated palletizer products with transparent or colored stretch film for reliable fixing on special pallets for transportation – pallets. In this case, the pallet can be either wooden or plastic. Some uniquely correct and all accepted concept of this unit is not. therefore pallet packers are very different.

The main distinguishing aspect for pallet wrappers, as for many other devices, is human participation in packaging products in stretch.

According to this principle, palletizers are usually divided into two main types:

  • fully automatic (packaging is made on a special packaging line without direct human participation);
  • semi-automatic (when packing goods in transparent stretch film or in colored stretch with the help of such a pallet wrapper, there is always a specialist who controls the process and, if necessary, makes any adjustments).

It should be noted right away that although fully automatic palletizers are much more convenient and technologically advanced, they cost several times more than a semiautomatic device. At the same time, the price of such a device is partially compensated for by pre-stretching the stretch film of a transparent or colored stretch. An important advantage of using a fully automatic pallet wrapper for packaging in transparent or colored stretch film is the ability to work in manual mode. Almost all pallet wrappers on the market in Kharkiv and Ukraine have this functionality.

Automatic pallet wrappers offer great automated palletizer opportunities for pre-stretching stretch, and therefore for saving money. The stretch film stretch index of transparent, red or black color can be different – it all depends on the specific model of the pallet wrapper. However, the ultimate degree of stretching of any transparent or colored stretch film with a thickness of 17 or 20 microns is always the same – more than four times of its original length, you cannot stretch a transparent or colored stretch film.

Right choice

First, you need to decide on the amount of work that will be automated. In other words, you need to identify the degree of automation. Also, personnel will be needed to service the equipment.

For example, only one person is required to operate an automatic pallet wrapper, as the entire process is automated. This equipment is capable of making 30 revolutions in 1 minute, which indicates high speeds and great productivity.

However, one must remember that the cost of such a unit is much higher than the same semi-automatic packer.

There are only two types of automated palletizer pallet wrappers: mobile and stationary. In the first case, the packer is robotic, in the second – with a rotating arm and platform.

The stationary equipment does its job with a packing station and a rotating arm. The mobile pallet wrapper is good because it can handle goods of different sizes and weights. The machine moves completely independently and along a given trajectory, the actions take place without the operator’s control.

But it takes three employees to service the semi-automatic device.
  • The performance of the dedicated units is impressive, with approximately 120 pallets in 60 minutes.
  • If the cargo belongs to non-standard automated palletizer samples and has a large weight, it is better to use a mobile pallet wrapper. The size of the turntable must be appropriate for the job to be performed. An important part of the process is how the pallet is installed. For example, an E-shaped deck automated palletizer would be a great option for a pallet truck. Additional devices are not needed if the work is carried out directly by the loader.
  • Packers differ in their ability to set a certain weight of the cargo. The maximum indicator is 2500 kg. If the mass of products is larger, then it is worth choosing mobile equipment.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the height of the pallets, as they come in different sizes, from 1.5 to 3 meters.
  • Each model has its own additional options and design features. In order to learn more about the equipment, you need to call the managers. There is a separate catalog of pallet wrappers.
As a rule, strong stretch films of various thicknesses and widths are used for packaging.

In some cases, it is given as a gift when purchasing equipment. In order for the production to form the goods on the pallet, use a stretch film. It safely protects products from external irritants. Also, a pallet wrapper is automated palletizer used for the same purposes.

Pallet wrappers consist of a frame, control panel and turntable. The machine starts up in automatic or semi-automatic form, depending on the goals.

Now on the market there are many models from Europe and Asia. Equipment made in China, Taiwan and Germany is in the greatest demand. And there is an explanation for this, because the machines are made of reliable materials with an automated system. Moreover, it is convenient to work with them.

For example, Chinese models are easy to use and have a low price, so there is always a demand for them. Domestic packers are practically no different from Chinese equipment, since the assembly is very similar. However, the price for Russian devices is higher.

Types Of Stretches And Their Properties For Automated Palletizer Packaging

Manufacturers are increasingly using film to package their goods. This is a cheap material that reliably stores goods without affecting its quality and mechanical damage. Each product will require a specific type of film for packaging. Depending on the type of product and its purpose, the film can be of different types and characteristics.

What are the types of films and their properties:


It tends to shrink under the influence of temperature and thus takes the form of a packaged product. As a result, the product is packed in transparent packaging, shiny, protected from moisture. This film is mainly used for packaging bakery products.

Skin film

Hot-melt polyethylene film. In such packaging, the goods are protected from dust and moisture.

Stretch film

It has high elasticity, is resistant to mechanical damage, dirt, transparent. The layers of the film stick to each other with light contact. This ensures their reliable adhesion. This type of film is used in order to fix the load on pallets and prevent it from spilling.

Laminated films

They are made on the basis of various polymeric materials, aluminum foil, paper. They have a number of advantages over other packaging materials. Laminated films have a longer shelf life, can have interlayer printing, and the packaging itself looks bright and beautiful.

Laminated paper

It is considered a combined material, since it consists of paper and a polymer layer applied to it. High-quality packaging for many types of goods – pharmaceuticals, food, chemical and so on.

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