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How to choose a high-quality machine for rapid film packaging in an automated way?

Conventional Palletizer
Conventional Palletizer

By type, conventional palletizer are divided into semi-automatic – they have a partial stacking automation function, while a specially trained operator helps this process, and automatic – such palletizers have software. Thanks to which the stacker robot is programmed for an independent action of stacking goods according to the desired algorithm, without operator participation.

Typically, the carrying capacity of such equipment is from 100 to 300 kg. It depends on the palletizer’s mobile. The production standard is 15-20 units per minute.

Conventional Palletizer
Conventional Palletizer

Advantages of palletizers in production:

  • process automation eliminates human error;
  • the operating mode can be in several layers, or it can be in the simple laying mode;
  • I work with the packing of goods in konistra, t-shirts, boxes and other containers;
  • the ability to add other devices and mechanisms;
  • relatively small size of the equipment, which allows you to choose the most optimal placement option, depending on the lines and products;
  • ease of management;
  • high operational reliability;
  • good hardware documentation.

If your production requires a palletizer, then our company recommends the highly efficient palletizers from Ixa-pack. In other words,these palletizing machines are very flexible and can handle up to five production lines. Which ensures high productivity. Moreover various modes of operation allow you to implement stacking individually or according to a specific pattern.


Prompt formation of pallets. Possibility to move a pallet with a heavy load. Neat wrapping of the pallet with goods along the entire height. All this ensures fast and reliable packing of various types of cargo. The pallet wrapper perfectly copes with a large number of winding products, which can be of the most non-standard shape.

Thanks to the amazing properties of the stretch film, the cargo remains protected from external factors, including moisture, temperature and other influences. Packaging equipment easily handles the loading/unloading of products, which greatly simplifies the accounting of goods.

Equipment classification

We are talking about semi-automatic and automatic devices. For example, semi-automatic palletizers can be operated by operators with basic knowledge of equipment operation. Although the specialist still needs to understand the following details:

  • Filling the film.
  • Turning the device off and off.
  • Control of the workflow.

If the equipment does not have the function of cutting the film, the employee performs this work independently. If we talk about automatic palletizers, the presence of a specialist is not necessary.

How to choose a high-quality machine for rapid film packaging in an automated way?

The selection is based on a number of parameters:

  • firstly, it is aperformance;
  • secondly, it is selection of operating modes-automatic, semi-automatic;
  • winding height and working platform diameter;
  • load on the pallet packer platform;
  • technical features (carriage type, control, stationary, mobile), etc.

Where Conventional Palletizer are used?

More packaging equipment exists for small warehouses. Such equipment can cover many areas of industrial activity. These devices have a wide range of functions and act as universal means for pallet wrapping. Mobile palletizers are more convenient to use in large enterprises.

The use of a pallet wrapper in production helps to increase productivity, the quality of the result and reduces the level of effort spent. The transparency of the material allows you to control the contents of the pallet.The film for the winding is not toxic and does not have a negative effect on the human body.

Types of Conventional Palletizer

Devices are divided according to two principles:

1. Firstly, automatic devices that operate without human intervention. Such palletizers create packaging lines in warehouses and factories. They are complex in the device and are not cheap. Such devices can gently start and smoothly finish the work, independently cut the film and start a new one.

2. Secondly, semi-automatic devices must be controlled by workers. The worker must fill the film, turn on the machine and observe the progress of the packaging. 

Do I need to refuse to pack the cargo Conventional Palletizer manually?

* Saving on material means saving money!

In the process of packing the cargo, a very important question arises. How do you need to pack the cargo on the pallet in order to spend as little time and money as possible, as well as to spend as little consumables as possible?

To solve these problems, special Conventional Palletizer equipment is used – palletizers, which have settings that allow you to select the desired number of revolutions for each type of cargo. These settings allow you to avoid additional turns of the film. Which occurs when manual labor is used. After all, there is no direct relationship between the stability of the load and the amount of film, just more material is consumed.

* Stable and good quality packaging.

Palletizers never get tired and work always, with constant and high quality, and do their work only when you need it, and not when they are in a good mood.

* Professional and high-quality packaging.

Packaging pallets with the use of equipment will provide a representative view of the cargo, while if you pack “manually”, you will create the impression of sloppy and chaotic work. The appearance of the packaged products that the end customer receives indicates how well the production process is going on in your company, and this will definitely affect the image. This is especially important if your company supplies products to well-known retail chains.

* Training.

When packaging the product manually, you must follow certain rules. Failure to do so may result in product damage or poor pallet stability during transport. If you have a large turnover of personnel from the packaging department in your company, then you will have to train new personnel every time you hire them, how to properly wrap the cargo without injuring yourself. Palletizers have simple settings and intuitive operation, which does not require the use of qualified personnel with extensive experience of Conventional Palletizer.

* Employee safety.

Packaging goods by hand is quite time-consuming, and workers can get a back injury. The worker has to walk around the pallet for a long time. Hunched over and manipulating the stretch film, which weighs about 8 kg, while trying to stretch it without losing the shape of the load. After that, in order to wrap the upper part of the product, they hold the roll over their head for twenty seconds, thereby loading the muscles of the arms and back. A large number of industrial injuries and accidents occurred during the packaging of goods. But without the use of appropriate equipment.

* Damage to the product.

Due to the fact that packers face numerous difficulties during the wrapping of pallets, their main purpose is to pack pallets, only for the shipment of goods. The use of pallet packers often solves this problem, since the quality of the winding when using them remains consistently high.

* The opinion of the end customer, about your company.

Wrapping pallets with stretch film is the final operation that takes place with the product, but this is the first thing that the final buyer will see. The buyer will evaluate you as a supplier immediately after your product arrives at their warehouse. Manual pallet packaging will give the impression of a poor level of production processes.

* Hidden costs.

Moreover, they sometimes account for up to 20 percent of the cost of consumables. Economic justification and calculation of the payback of the pallet packer, an example of which is the model with pre-tension and the standard model of Conventional Palletizer.

They provide:

  • higher productivity gains;
  • high-quality and reliable packaging and form the so-called ” standard of packaging»;
  • reduce the cost of packaging material and more accurately control its consumption.

Division of Conventional Palletizer into automatic and semi-automatic.

Pallet packers, can be semi-automatic (with an operator) and automatic (without an operator). Automatic models are chosen in cases where production produces large volumes of products. The main criterion when choosing a pallet wrapper is, its performance, which varies over large ranges, is also of great importance: the length of the pre-stretch, which is in the range from 0 to 500 percent, i.e. from one meter of stretch film, it is possible to get up to six, seven meters, but such a film is more expensive than its usual counterparts and is usually available only to order. The most common film is with a stretch of 250 percent, it is also the most optimal, with a price-quality ratio.

Let’s compare:

  • the consumption of stretch film per unit of packaging. When using manual stretch film and machine stretch film, as well as the approximate cost of the film of these two widows.
  • economic indicators of the use of different functional capabilities of palletizers-models where there are standard functions and models where there is also a pre-stretch 250 function.

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