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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Child Custody Lawyer?

The divorce proceedings are over, and now, it’s the lawyer’s turn to do their job. You can’t help but feel scared because you don’t know what type of people your child might be in contact with. Child custody lawyers will not only look after your child; they’ll also make sure that everything aligns with the state’s Child Law. Child custody laws differ from one state to another. So, you need someone who follows the law of your jurisdiction.

This article will give you some tips on what steps to take so that you can get the most out of your child custody attorney.

1) Meet Your Child Custody Lawyer To Get A Good Idea Of How They Work


You can go online and find an impressive list of family lawyers specializing in child custody law. Once you’ve found your lawyer, set up a meeting with them. During this initial meeting, discuss the child custody laws that are applicable in your case.


You can also ask questions on how they work or their experience handling cases similar to yours. But don’t hound them too much because attorneys have a lot of clients. So, try not to delay their schedule more than necessary.


2) Ask The Lawyer To Explain Anything You Don’t Understand


If you have any doubts about how child custody law works, ask your lawyer to clarify things for you. Remember, lawyers are there to help you, and they must explain anything that is not clear.

Child Custody lawyers in Dearborn and everywhere work with child custody cases every day. Hence, they know more than you do about child custody law. It’s their job, after all.


3) Stay In Touch With Your Child Custody Lawyer


Child custody laws are complicated, and lawyers talk to a lot of people daily. So it’s crucial for you, as the client, to stay in touch with them. Child custody laws change often, and new developments may affect your case too.


Hence, make sure that your lawyer has heard from you by asking how your case is going. Also, make sure to ask whether any changes have been introduced that will affect your case.

4) Don’t Delay Child Custody Lawyer Meetings

While lawyers would want to help out their clients in any way, child custody law doesn’t always allow them to do so. Child custody laws also bind lawyers, and sometimes, it’s the law that will determine what lawyers can or cannot do.


The lawyer may need you to sign forms or documents; if that is the case. Therefore, make sure you do not delay these meetings because this might cause problems for your case in the future.

Things You Should Know About Child Custody Law


You are getting a divorce. Child custody is one of the most important considerations, especially for mothers involved in child-rearing activities. Child custody laws are protected by the U.S. Constitution and give parents many rights concerning the upbringing of their children.

Child custody also requires careful consideration of what is best for the child, not just what parents request or prefer. If you have legal questions about your child custody case that aren’t answered by this article, you should consult with an experienced family law attorney immediately.

Here’s What You Should Be Aware Of Child Custody Law

1) Child Custody Laws Are Focused on What Children Need

Child custody laws are designed to protect children from neglect, abuse, and exploitation. These are based on what is considered best for the child, not what parents want or think is fair.

Child custody laws often consider the wishes of each parent separately and then as a whole. Child custody decisions also take into account the mental and physical health of all individuals involved.

2) Child Custody Laws Focus On Child Safety

According to child custody laws, it doesn’t matter if one parent has always been responsible for most or all of the day-to-day care of children. Child safety is paramount when considering which parent will receive legal rights to make decisions concerning their welfare.

Certain factors are considered in determining children’s best interests, including emotional bonds between parent and child, home environment, parental fitness, employment considerations, parenting skills, stability of the family unit, age, and the number of children involved.

Child custody laws exist to protect kids from harm until they reach adulthood. Child safety is always most important when considering which parent will have legal rights to decide their welfare.

3) Child Custody Laws are Gender Neutral

According to the U.S. divorce law, there are no paternity or maternity laws that preference either the mother or father regarding child custody. Child custody laws are meant to treat all parents equally to determine what type of care arrangement is best for a particular child at a specific time.

The laws are also meant to be flexible and change with the needs of children. One crucial thing you should know about the child custody laws is that they don’t care which parent earns more money, neither do they consider how much time either parent has had to bond with children.

Child custody is determined on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, all parents are subject to the same rules based on their situations.

4) Child Custody Laws are Constantly Changing

Over the years, child custody laws have changed to better protect children from neglect or abuse. These laws also considered new factors that were not part of older laws, such as domestic violence, whether or not parents live close enough to each other for visits, and even parental relocation after divorce.

The law changes in some states have seriously affected parents who divorce with military retirement benefits, especially when one parent relocates to another state after a divorce.

The law also changes requiring shared parenting time or joint physical and legal custody can be particularly problematic if one parent moves away from the other parent. Courts tend to rule against relocation when children will not have access to their non-custodial parent, even though laws allow this type of move under certain circumstances.

5) Child Custody Laws Require Flexibility

Child custody laws allow parents a great deal of flexibility in developing parenting plans that meet the needs of children. The laws recognize that most divorcing parents will come up with a child custody arrangement on their own. Even when they don’t, child custody laws provide procedures to help resolve disputes.

Child laws often encourage divorce mediation for this purpose. However, some states require parents to go through the court system before making any significant changes to their parenting plan or child support agreements.

Another benefit of child custody laws is that they provide rules for how parents can modify existing child custody arrangements, providing guidelines for what you can include in all new modifications.

Child custody laws are incredibly flexible, and it’s possible to seek changes in your initial agreement after you have had more time to consider your options. They typically provide instructions about the process and give guidelines for how to proceed.

6) Child Custody Laws Are Different From Child Support Laws

One of the most confusing areas for divorcing parents is understanding how child custody laws and parent support laws work together. Child custody laws deal with what happens after divorces, such as legal decision-making authority and living arrangements.

Child support laws set out rules about financial responsibility. You can calculate child support using parenting time percentage as a guide. Also, child support comprises basic monthly expenses like housing or health care costs, which vary according to the number of children involved.

Child custody laws are similar in that way and also take into account the needs of children.  The court is responsible for ensuring parents follow through with their Child custody agreements, including financial obligations like paying child support.

7) Child Custody Laws Aren’t Set in Stone

Child custody laws provide parents with structures, but they can also change depending on the circumstances of individual cases. Child Custody Court decisions are based on Child custody law.

If you have concerns about your child’s best interests, it’s best to consult an experienced child custody lawyer who can review your case. You will also need an attorney to help determine whether the existing Child custody laws will benefit you or hurt you.

Child Custody situation varies depending on the circumstances of the case. Therefore, if you have a specific Child Custody legal question, please feel free to contact a family law lawyer in your state.


The lawyers who devote their practice primarily to child custody cases tend to know child custody laws better than those who don’t. However, some lawyers may have more experience with certain local child custody laws. So, make sure to find the best lawyer for your case.


Also, child custody law can be very complicated, and you must speak only with the best child custody lawyer in Dearborn or near you about your child custody case. Choose someone who has dealt with many child custody cases.

However, don’t forget to ask about their rates and whether or not they work on a contingency basis because these are important factors when looking for a lawyer. This article was meant to give you some insights into finding child custody lawyers near you and what steps you can take during Child custody meetings or while working with your lawyer.


For over a decade, I, Judith Raanan, have been working as a freelance writer and published author for several Top magazines and websites Like Medium, Elle, and Vogue. I have dedicated a couple of my years to creative writing at one of the Top-leading companies in the US. Being a graduate of Harvard in BA, I have also served as the senior creative writer assistance to our fellow colleges.

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