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Of London’s eight royal gardens, St. James is the oldest and one of the loveliest gardens. While not as big as Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park or Regents Park, it is one of the most beautiful due to its location near Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, as well as views of Big Ben and the most beautiful spot on the London Eye in London. . Located in the heart of London, this 58-hectare park offers a natural paradise with winding walking trails, a lake home to many species of birds, and beautiful flowers that stand out in spring. If your visit coincides with the blooming of lilies, this is an experience in London that you will cherish for years to come.

St. James’s Park is also home to The Mall, a tree-lined road connecting Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. Surrounded by many of London’s best attractions, St. James’s Park is the perfect place to relax or have a picnic while taking a walk or changing the changing of guards. Join us for a historical walk in St. Park. James who will enrich your next visit!


St. James’s Park was built in the early 16th century when King Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn, his second wife, in 1533.The king wanted a delightful garden near the relatively new Whitehall Palace, a massive royal residence in the British monarchy from 1530 until 1698 when most of it was destroyed by fire. Henry VIII considered the several nearby fields to be the ideal setting for private gardens and country houses. There was only one problem that was of little concern to Henry VIII. A leprosy hospital dedicated to St. Petersburg. James was at the site, but he moved it to build Sts Palace. James instead. The marshy ground and entire mansions were walled so that the king could create a deer park and private royal garden filled with tennis courts, swimming pools, and a bowling alley.St JAmes Gardens

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In the early 17th century, King James I added exotic elements to the Garden of St. James added crocodiles, eagles, antelopes, leopards, and even elephants. Imagine the sound that came from the garden at that moment! The only memory in today’s wild is the pelican that still lives in St. Park. James. There have been pelicans here since the Russian ambassador gave King Charles II two pelicans in 1664. For more information, see our guide to Where to Find Wildlife in London. King Charles II left a lasting mark on the Garden of Sts. James and push the garden towards the current layout. Upon returning from exile in France, the king wanted a garden as spectacular as the one he had seen in Versailles. In collaboration with French gardeners, this garden initiates the first of many changes that will take place over the centuries.


Many of the park’s earliest features, such as elegant, straight, tree-lined canals, have changed over time. However, one of King Charles II’s enduring elements was his attachment to birds. On the south side of the park, the Birdcage Walk is named after the aviary of the kings that once stood in the area. At the eastern end of the lake, Pulau Bebek is a small nature reserve and breeding ground for some 17 species of wild birds and birds. Apart from pelicans, there are many species of ducks, geese and birds that can be found in St. Park. James.

The Blue Bridge offers one of the best views. Built in 1957, it is the third bridge to cross the lake, replacing the iron suspension bridge built in 1857.It is also a great place to view the Tiffany Fountain, a 20 foot jet of water that gushes straight into the air from the middle of the lake, not far from Duck Island.



In 1761, King George III turned around. To large private mansions and elegant townhouses near St. Petersburg James’s Park, built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. After becoming a royal residence, it was expanded to become the Buckingham Palace as we know it today in the 19th century. It took its place as the home of the British monarch in London when Queen Victoria was crowned in 1837.Also in the 19th century, the government insisted on better public access to private royal reservations in the Gardens of St. James, and it worked out in 1856. Even though St. James is still one of London’s Royal Gardens, it is open to the public and the most visited Royal Gardens. Millions of visitors are welcomed every year.

A peaceful oasis in central London

From St. Park Your James has a perfectly sculpted view of the eastern front of Buckingham Palace, with its famous balcony, where the royal family traditionally gathers to greet crowds. Directly in front of it is the large Victoria Memorial, which is covered with winged bronze triumphs and surrounded by a garden in the shape of a crescent moon. When the monument was built in 1911, it was the size of St. Park. James is significantly reduced. Even so, the backdrop to The Mall’s triumphant trial run is over and a great place to witness the popular guard changing at Buckingham Palace.


Although The Mall looks like a busy street today, this long, straight stretch of road is steeped in history, much like St. Another James. In the 17th century, King Charles II was an avid Paille-Maille player, called Pall-Mall in English, who was very popular in France at the time. The game of grass originally originated in Italy in the Middle Ages and is a more sporty form of croquette. A long walkway to the shopping center was built for Charles II along the north wall of the park. A walkway along the walls blew out enough dust to piss off the king, who in 1661 made a majestic stroll instead. The real name Catherine Street is not kept and it is usually called Pall Mall and now only The Mall. It is part of many parades, national events, and ceremonies such as changing of the guard.

Unlike other streets in London, you will find that The Mall has a distinctive red color. This should create a long red carpet look as you approach Buckingham Palace. With hundreds of years of royal history shaping the nearby royal gardens and palaces, it’s hard to feel the slightest royal vibe when strolling the mall.


Whether you enjoy taking a leisurely walk through the garden on your way to the changing of the caretaker or relaxing in the shade on a hot summer’s day and experiencing all that has happened in St. Park James through the ages, the air filled this historic atmosphere. London special. Visit us and find out for yourself! St. James’s Park is open daily from 5 am to midnight. Check the St. James Park for the latest information on events, visiting information, and a detailed map.


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