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Meet Muhammad Asif Ali, the Founder of the Literary Web Portal, ‘Youtreex Foundation’

A poet is soulfully defined as a clever thought that board the rhythm of each heartbeat followed by the expression of words. Indeed the poets are certainly cool! Let’s get introduced to 1 such creative talent who is tremendously famous for his viral poetry page “Youtreex Foundation”. Yes, Meet Muhammad Asif Ali from Kashipur. he’s an Indian poet and an author well-known by his nickname ‘Asif’. He is also the co-founder and digital marketing major of Indian digital marketing company Prizmweb Technologies.

The Beginning

Born and brought in Kashipur, Muhammad Asif Ali at a really young age was fascinated with the concept of storytelling and poetry. His mind is stuffed with new thoughts, new concepts, and poetic words. He completed his graduation from Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi. However, he always was keen and obsessed with his fascination for storytelling and needs to think about it as his career.


In 2020, Asif finally decided to follow his passion and make use of social media platforms to attach with different yet creative-minded people. Thus, Asif started a website. Unfortunately, being a newbie during this digital era, he failed to have much knowledge to succeed on his first try. Asif reached resolute various other creators of the identical genre but nobody helped him in the initial phase of the new website.

Asif was left alone but he failed to get disappointed and worked hard on his research. He deeply researched various concepts in poetry pages and he realized that the majority of the pages are in Hindi with good reach and good traffic. Thus, the concept of an entire Hindi Page for Urdu speaking audience popped into his mind.

Family Response

Asif didn’t get a positive response from his relations as they thought he was performing some illegal work. the fogeys forced their restrictions on Asif to finish off the website and then some sensible work like other conservative Indian families. Actually, the sudden income flow made them confused as they were less conscious of the new digital era. After lots of explanations about the work, the website, and the way the people are appreciating his work, Asif’s members of the family understood that he wasn’t doing anything illegal. They became happy and were happy with their child that he achieved his dream of becoming a storyteller and followed his passion selflessly.

The Progression of “Youtreex Foundation”

Within some months, Youtreex grabbed the eye of the creative audiences and today it stands strong with over 1 thousands followers on Instagram and a pair of. 2 thousands followers on Facebook. This tremendous response gave Asif a chance to figure with some renowned brands like Mahindra, Asian Paints, Ambuja Cement, Policy Bazaar, Western Union, and lots of more. “Youtreex” has also marked its presence in various TV shows and films promotion.

Youtreex is additionally famous for its Ghazal(Poetry) content. lots of people read and luxuriate in poetries. Asif is keen on maintaining the standards of its poetry as his main focus is to supply his esteemed audience with the simplest quality of content.

Community Outreach

Youtreex is appreciated lots by the people. The poems and stories are helping people to remain happy and contended. Asif not only posts his own written poems on the website but also shares the poems of upcoming and old poets, thus, helping the newcomers by giving them the platform to achieve the audiences.

“Youtreex” has certainly become a hope for newcomers who have the identical passion for storytelling and poetry. Asif knows the phase of ignorance he faced in his initial days. So, he makes sure that he helps others those are a newbie during this field. so far Asif has helped thousands of upcoming writers and poets through “Youtreex”. This Indian poet inspired and spread positivity among people through his poems and ghazals during the lockdown in the critical times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future Prospective

After seeing the unexpected response to the website, Asif is functioning on a book titled “Youtreex”. The book will include a number of the best poems throughout the 4 years of “Youtreex Foundation”. Also, the fresh, new, and exciting poems will make their debut within the book.

Asif is additionally preparing for offline events for storytelling but the plans were halted because of the pandemic. However, the spirits are still high and plans are still lined up. they’ll be processed soon.

“Youtreex” together with Mushaira Poet is looking forward to launching an exciting OTT Platform. With this exciting move, Youtreex will become the stellar platform of Poetry & Storytelling within the world.

Meet Muhammad Asif Ali, Founder and CEO of the Literary Web Portal “Youtreex Foundation”. Not only this, Asif is also the co-founder and digital marketing manager of Prizmweb Technologies. Asif is known as an Indian poet, writer, and novelist.

Some famous poems of Muhammad Asif Ali, which you can read below.

अगर है प्यार मुझसे तो बताना भी ज़रूरी है
दिया है हुस्न मौला ने दिखाना भी ज़रूरी है

इशारा तो करो मुझको कभी अपनी निगाहों से
अगर है इश्क़ मुझसे तो जताना भी ज़रूरी है

अगर कर ले सभी ये काम झगड़ा हो नहीं सकता
ख़ता कोई नज़र आए छुपाना भी ज़रूरी है

अगर टूटे कभी रिश्ता तुम्हारी हरकतों से जब
पड़े कदमों में जाकर फिर मनाना भी ज़रूरी है

कभी मज़लूम आ जाए तुम्हारे सामने तो फिर
उसे अब पेट भर कर के खिलाना भी ज़रूरी है

अगर रोता नज़र आए कभी मस्जिद या मंदिर में
बड़े ही प्यार से उसको हँसाना भी ज़रूरी है

Muhammad Asif Ali Ghazals


फिर वही क़िस्सा सुनाना तो चाहिए
फिर वही सपना सजाना तो चाहिए

यूँ मशक़्क़त इश्क़ में करनी चाहिए
जाम नज़रों से पिलाना तो चाहिए

अब ख़ता करने जहाँ जाना चाहिए
अब पता उसका बताना तो चाहिए

दिल जगाकर नींद में ख़्वाबों को सुला
ये जहाँ अपना बनाना तो चाहिए

दिन निकलते ही जगाते हो तुम किसे
शाम को आ कर बताना तो चाहिए

रोकती है गर नुमाइश थकने से तब
इस अता से घर बनाना तो चाहिए

आपबीती, आदतन या बीमार है
दर्द कितना है बताना तो चाहिए

आसमाँ से गुफ़्तुगू होती ही नहीं
लड़ झगड़ने को ज़माना तो चाहिए


गँवाई ज़िंदगी जाकर बचानी चाहिए थी
बुढ़ापे के लिए मुझको जवानी चाहिए थी

समंदर भी यहाँ तूफ़ान से डरता नहीं अब
फ़ज़ाओं में सताने को रवानी चाहिए थी

नज़ाकत से नज़ाकत को हरा सकते नहीं हैं
दिखावट भी दिखावे से दिखानी चाहिए थी

बचाना था अगर ख़ुद को ज़माने की जज़ा से
ख़ला में ज़िंदगी तुझको बितानी चाहिए थी

लगा दो आग हाकिम को जला डालो ज़बाँ से
यही आवाज़ पहले ही उठानी चाहिए थी

हुकूमत चार दिन की है, अना किस काम की फिर
तुझे ‘आसिफ़’ सख़ावत भी दिखानी चाहिए थी


किसी का ग़म उठाना हाँ चुनौती है
किसी को अब हँसाना हाँ चुनौती है

अड़ा है इस सज़ा के सामने सच भी
मगर हरकत बताना हाँ चुनौती है

तू ने बेची हज़ारों ज़िंदगी हो पर
तुझे झूठा फँसाना हाँ चुनौती है

सर-ए-बाज़ार तुझको मैं झुकाऊँगा
यहाँ तुझको झुकाना हाँ चुनौती है

नज़र से तो तेरी कोई बचा ही क्या
यहाँ कुछ भी छिपाना हाँ चुनौती है

अना तेरी यहाँ सब को सजा देगी
तेरी आदत हटाना हाँ चुनौती है

बता क्या क्या सभी को बोलना है अब
वहाँ उनको बताना हाँ चुनौती है

बुना है ख़ुद पिटारा साँप का उसने
नशा उसका मिटाना हाँ चुनौती है

कि तेरे सामने ‘आसिफ़’ ज़माना है
यहाँ उसको सताना हाँ चुनौती है

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