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Methods to Open EML File in Outlook by Performing Different Methods

Before starting with the process to open EML file in Outlook, it’s important to know some basics about EML file.

This article will cover topics such as what is EML file and how do I open it? It will assist you with various ways to import & open EML in Outlook with procedure mentioned with it.

What is an EML File? How to Open an EML File?

An EML file is an email file format created by Microsoft, which is used to store backup of emails, such as massages, subjects, sender, date, and time, header information, beneficiaries, and attachments.

EML file format has been supported by many various email clients such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Among these all, MS Outlook has been popularly used by the users.

There are various ways using which you can open EML file in Outlook. In the article below we will discuss 3 best possible ways to perform this task.

Can Outlook Open EML File?

Many users’ question that is it possible to import EML file using Outlook? And the answer is “yes”, Outlook is capable enough to open EML in Outlook. There are some methods by which you can complete the task absolutely free of cost with just the use of Microsoft Outlook .

Manual and Professional methods are two such ways performing which you can import EML file in Outlook easily, although both the methods carry their own features and command process to fulfil the task.

Their are two sub-parts of the manual method which we are going to cover in the article in a detailed manner.

Open EML File in Outlook using Manual Method

These are the two sub parts or ways of the manual method which are used to import EML file in Outlook mentioned bellow.
• Using MS Outlook
• By Windows Live Male

Open EML File in Outlook using MS Outlook

Import EML file in Outlook using the drag and drop method. The method is extremely simple to use but do contain some limitations which make it less popular among the users which are looking for the methods to open EML file in Outlook.

It shares limitations such as:
• Time taking
• Allows to import only one EML file at a time
• Importing Multiple files at once is not possible

You need to follow the provided steps mentioned bellow to use the drag and drop method:
1. Make a new folder in Outlook
2. Then open the location to the saved EML files
3. Now, select and drag the EML file to Outlook folder and drop

4. Hence, your process of importing EML in Outlook is successfully completed

Due to its drawbacks, it is suggested not to consider this method to import & open EML in Outlook as it could be a bit risky. However, only those users who just want to import one EML file to Outlook can go for the method.

Open EML File in Outlook using Windows Live Mail

To perform the task to open EML in Outlook using windows live mail you need to install both windows live mail and Outlook in your system.

This method is not so popular among the users because of the limitations carried by it.

Limitations such as:
• No other email client user except windows live mail could perform this method of importing EML to Outlook.
• Risk of data loss
• Very complicated and non-reliable
• And Time taking

Follow the procedure to Import EML file in Outlook using windows live mail:
1. Run both the Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook application together
2. Go to windows live mail and click on “File” >> “Export” >> “Email Massages”

3. Opt. for “MS Exchange” option >> “Next”

4. Click “OK” button on the popped-up notification
5. Choose “Outlook Profile” when prompted then click “OK”
6. Now, choose emails you want to export and click on “OK”
7. Once you done with the process, click on “Finish” and “Exit”
8. Hence, the process to import EML file in Outlook is successful

This method contain many drawbacks and can be risky, so we suggests not to choose this method to open EML in Outlook.

Moreover, it would be great decision to go for the professional method instead opting for the the manual ones. As you must have observed that both of the two methods which are manually possible do contain drawbacks and could possibly be harmful for the data transfer.

so let’s starts with the Professional method to import EML file to Outlook.

Open EML File in Outlook using Professional Method

After discussing the manual methods, we got to know that we must consider a superior way to import and open EML file in Outlook, as using the manual methods might make our task to import EML file in Outlook difficult, time taking, complicated and might result as a risk of data loss, so we need a better method for the task, which is using the professional method.

The professional method is suggested to be the best outcome among all other methods, it will help you a lot by simplifying your task of importing & open EML file in Outlook in such great manner that it will lighten your workload and make it easy for you to perform the task.

On the internet there are many professional software and tools which let you complete your task to Import EML to Outlook in a easy manner, but, when it comes of choosing the best professional tool among all the other in terms of usability, features, ability to function, etc. Then, tool such as DataHelp EML to PST Converter Software is considered to be best outcome among all the other tools, as per our survey.

The users are very satisfied by the performance and services of the tool and ability to convert EML file to PST, it provide great features which makes the work load very low, Moreover, charges for the tool are very less as per their services.

The amazing features of the tool make your task to import EML file to Outlook less time taking and easy to perform.

Features Such as:

• Convert multiple EML to PST
• It convert EML to PST including attachment
• Generate Unicode after PST conversion
• Converts by maintain folder hierarchy
• No data loss risk
• Creates required sized PST
• Supports EML files ok multiple email client
• Capable of converting EML to PST and HTML formatting
• Also convert EML to PST with inline images
• Provides free trial and many more

Such amazing features makes your task to import EML file in Outlook more efficient and easier. Moreover, many users as well as companies itself use and trust the tool, looking as per its services and features.

To Open EML File in Outlook using DataHelp Software Follow the Steps Bellow:

1. Select the EML folder you want to export
2. Click “Export” >> “PST” >> “Add Browse Location” >> click “Ok” on popped up notification
3. Open “Outlook” >> “File” >> “Open & Export” >> “Import/Export”
4. Then, choose “Import from Another Program and Files” >> “Next” >> choose “Outlook Data file (.PST)” >> “Next” >> “Finish”
5. Now, you are ready to open EML in Outlook.

Hence, you were just few steps far from converting EML file to PST.

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The above article informed you about how to open an EML file in Outlook and various methods to do so. The best among all the methods is to use DataHelp EML to PST converter software, considering, its amazing features and services with reasonable pricing, it could be said that it would be very convenient and beneficial tool for the users.

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