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Office Chairs – How To Get More Out of Your Employees

We often see CEOs of companies discussing ways to increase the productivity of their employees. How to get more out of the work force? What kind of training should be imparted to employees to increase their output? How to motivate them to work more in a given amount of time? Big seminars and conferences are held around the world where corporate leaders discuss human resource management.

I have spent the past twenty years in the business world rising from an assistant manager to the post of vice president. During these years I have seen the two most simple and fastest ways of increasing productivity in an office are a cup of tea in the morning and afternoon and ergonomic office chairs where one can sit for eight hours without getting tired. If you can provide these two basic things to your employees you will see a significant increase in their productivity.

Before you go out looking for the right office chairs for your employees it is important to understand the nature of their work. Basically there are two types of office chairs, one with wheels and one without wheels. For example you would require a revolving executive chair for employees multi-tasking around their desks. A low back support chair would be required for employees with a back problems. Following are some examples of office chairs you may want to consider for your employees

Office Chairs
Types of Office Chairs
Types of Office Chairs:

1- Low Back Peacock Shell Revolving Chair with arms rest. As the name suggest these types of chairs have a low  peacock shell shaped back. Can be used as task chairs or computer chairs. They do not  provide the long term lumbar support.

2- Low Back Senator Revolving Chairs. These are high end executive chairs suitable for the higher management in an office. These are expensive chairs and have a full  range of ergonomics features.

3- High Back Executive Chairs. These are also high end office chairs for executives with an added feature of adjustable back support.

4- Conference Chairs. Usually used in a conference rooms for board meetings and presentation.

5- Computer Chairs. Built for computer operators with a lot of flexibility in height adjustment and reclining. Computer chairs are not only used in offices but are commonly found in all homes as well.

6- Leather Chairs. These are high end office chairs, usually do not have wheels and are without the reclining and revolving option. Built for CEOs and Chairmen of companies and exudes luxury and confidence. Highly expensive.

7- Mesh Chairs. Built for hot environments provide comfort with style.

8- Kneeling Office Chairs –  These chairs are designed to encourage you to sit in an upright posture, engages your core by distributing your weight evenly to put less pressure on your spine. These chairs are not very comfortable.

9- Guest Chairs – Built for visitors in your office. These are fixed chairs without any adjustable or revolving options. They are reasonably comfortable but not designed for long term usage.

10- Operators Chairs – Inexpensive and moderately comfortable designed for short term seating. These chairs are usually built for tasks such as data entry operators or content generators.

What to look for in an Office Chair

Office chairs are an expensive investment. For a small business with 10 to 20 employees would require an investment of up to US $ 2000. Therefore it is important to get the right product which would not only benefit your employee but would also contribute towards higher productivity and higher profits for your business. There are different departments in an office and each would require office chairs as per their functions. For example, a high end leather office chair maybe more suitable for a CEO office, a meeting room can do with conference chairs. Computer chairs or low back revolving chairs would be required for general operations staff. Before buying office chairs one needs to be aware of the different features and how to match these with ones requirement. Following are some features which need to be looked at before buying an office chair;


1- Adjustable Back Height:  This is an important feature which allows for adjusting the chair’s back height to provide just the right amount of back support required.

2- Variable Back Stop: This feature allows for adjusting the reclining angle that provides the best support for your back. Get this feature for all employees having recurring spinal problems.

3- Solid Construction: The chair needs to be tested for a minimum load requirement of no less than 300 pounds with no loss in performance. The stability of the chair is most important as you swirl and recline the chair should be stable enough to carry your weight.

4- Adjustable Arms Rest:  This feature provides for the adjustment in the height of the arms rest to allow for a natural arms resting position while working.

5- Flexible Back: This feature allows you to set the amount of push back that you want as you recline.

6- Adjustable Seat Depth & Angle: This feature allows you to set the seat depth to fit your legs and body shape.

7- Adjustable Seat Height: This feature allows you to sit at the correct height according to your working desk.

8- Long Term Comfort: This feature is about the seating curves and contours to provide all day comfort without taxing your back and buttocks. Check for the quality of foam used in the chair seat.

One needs to be also aware that different level of qualities are available for each of the above 8 types of office chairs in the market. You can for example find a computer chair starting at USD 50 to USD 200. Price range varies for leather chairs as per the quality of leather used. Similarly you can find conference chairs starting at USD 200 to USD 500. Chairs is a long term item with a considerable good used chairs market therefore it would be wise t not compromise on the quality when buying. It is always advisable to buy from established brands even if one has to pay a premium on it.

All the above features must be considered thoroughly before buying office chairs for your business. Many chairs manufacturing companies in the market provide for custom designing as per your requirements, so a company can have it’s branding also done on the chairs. Some of the best chair manufacturers in the market are as follows

1- Master Offisys (Pvt) Limited

2- Apple Furniture (Pvt) Limited

3- SAAB Moulded Furniture (Pvt) Limited

4- Citizen Furniture (Pvt) Limited

5- Venus Furniture (Pvt) Limited

6- Interwood (Pvt) Limited

7- Workman Furniture (Pvt) Limited

8- Charagh Din & Sons (Pvt) Limited

9 – Office World ( Pvt) Limited

10- Focus Interiors (Pvt) Limited

It is important to realize that the comfort of your employees at the work place contributes greatly towards productivity. The overall impact of the environment in which your employees work contribute towards their output. Besides a comfortable office chair, the overall environment in your office should be geared towards inspiring your employees. A point to be emphasised is that an office chair is the most used item in your office. An employee coming in early in the morning will use it, a designer tasked with coming up with an innovative idea would use it and a team meeting in the conference room will use it. Lets give them a comfortable seating so that they can do their jobs most effectively.





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