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Popular Truck Shayari In India – Written on The Back of The Truck

Let’s know the poetry behind the truck, funny things written behind the truck. You also see some poetry written on the back of the truck. And in India, some poetry is found written on the back of many trucks as well as mini trucks like the Tata 407 and others. It has just become a fashion now. Some people also write poetry on their bikes. There are different motives behind writing poetry on the back of the truck. Some people write poetry to save their car from an evil eye person, while others write poetry to give a special message. Also, some express their feelings.

Many times we start laughing after seeing these Shayari because they are very funny. But, like some people get it written on their truck, does it burn? You know where these types of sentences point. Let’s know about them.

Popular Truck Shayari

Dheere Chaloge To Baar-baar Miloge।
Tez Chaloge To Haridvaar Miloge।।

This is a warning poem which is warning you that you should drive your car slowly. If you drive fast, then you can get into an accident and die inside it. In Hinduism, after death, the ashes go inside the Ganges to be shed, then it is said that they will meet in Haridwar.

Dil Ke Aramaan Aansuon Mein Bah Gae।
Vo Utarakar Chal Die, Ham Giyar Badalate Rah Gae।।

This is beautiful poetry. Actually, this is funny poetry. And in this, it has been told about a driver that his truck runs, people keep getting down, but he keeps changing gears his whole life.

Saavadhaan , Aage Vaala Kabhee Bhee Ruk Sakata Hai।

This is also a warning. And inside it, it is said that the one ahead can stand at any time. Some people walk by, putting their car behind the truck. And don’t pay attention to it. In such a situation, an accident can happen. So it is a warning that you should keep your car or bike away from the truck. This type of Shayri is mostly written on local carriers like Tata 1109

Maan Meree Duniya Tere Aanchal Mein।

This poetry expresses his sentiments towards her mother. A mother raises her child, and a child’s world is in the mother’s lap. So this statement describes that when the parents are in the shadow, they save their child from every trouble.

Raam Yug Me Doodh Mila Krashn Yug Me Ghee।
Is Yug Me Daaroo Milee Khoob Dabaakar Pee।।

The meaning of this statement indicates the moral degradation of human beings. When there was Ram Yuga, then humans were not so sinful. were not unjust. But when the era of Krishna came, sin increased, and within this era, the empire of injustice and tyranny has been established all around. Meaning the wrath of bad people has improved a lot.

Hans Mat Pagalee Pyaar Ho Jaega।

Hans Mat Pagli Pyar Ho Jayega. This Shayari expresses the importance of a smile. When a girl laughs and talks in front of a boy, most boys start understanding her as love, whereas the girls do not know anything about it. So girls should not laugh in front of every boy. Otherwise, he will think that love has happened.

Samay Se Pahale Aur Bhaagy Se Jyaada Kabhee Nahin Milata Hai।

This is also written on the back of some trucks. No one indeed gets anything ahead of time. No matter how much you water a tree, it will give fruit only when the time comes. In the same way, as much is written inside the fate of those people. They get the same no matter how hard they try.

Soch Kar Dekho Saath Kya Jaega।

This is also not just a statement. Instead, it means that life is mortal, and because of this, we should not be attached to anything because it would be useless to be connected. You cannot take anything with you. People die every day, but have you seen how many people carry something with them. That means nothing is going to go along with it; you should stop worrying about it in vain.

Krapya Horn Na Bajaen Sarakaar So Rahee Hai।

The meaning of writing this type of poetry is to show the failure of the government. Although this poetry has not been found written anywhere, some leaders found this new way of criticizing their government and tried to send the message to the people that the government should have been Or the wrong government has been chosen.

Hame To Dijal Ne Loota ,Taayaro Me Kahaan Dam Tha।
Hame Jahaan Bheja ,Vahaan Bhaada Kam Tha।।

This Shayari alludes to the rising prices of diesel. And it says that the truck drivers are suffering due to the high cost of diesel. There is no money left. So the government should reduce the rate of diesel.

Dheere Gaadee Chalaane Vaala Bhee Mard Hota Hai।
Yakeen Maanie Jab Haddiyaan Tootatee Hain To Dard Hota Hai।।

This Shayari is giving a warning message. This means that you should drive your car slowly and not rush. If you hurry, you can get hurt. If there is an injury somewhere, then the pain will be very much.

Baaboo Bhaiya Aspataal Pahunch Jaoge।
Theek Se Chalao Car Hoon, Sarakaar Nahin।।

This is a very funny statement. This means that the car is telling its owner that you should drive me the right way. I am not like the government that you will run me as per your wish. If you make a slight mistake, you can go to the hospital.

Mausam Hai Suhaana ,Dil Hai Divaana।
Girlfreind Ke Saath UP Me Mat Aana।।

This poetry was often written then. When the UP government launched an anti-Romeo campaign, this poetry became quite popular. And it was said that do not bring your girlfriend inside UP or else you will have to go round the police.

Jara Kam Pee Meri Rani।
Bada Mahanga Hai Eeraak Ka Pani।।

This Shayari is written for petrol and diesel. You already know that nowadays the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky and people are troubled because of this. Especially the driver.

Bhagavaan Bachaen Teenon Se।
Doctor, Police Aur Haseenon Se।।

This poetry is telling about the things that harm a person’s life—and praying to God to stay away from these. For example, you have seen that people get wasted in alcohol, and people get robbed in the affair of police and doctor.

Neem Ka Ped Kya Chandan Se Kam Hai।
Apana Bhaarat Kya Londan Se Kam Hai।।

In this poem, it has been said to love one’s country. People of India tell other countries excellent and do evil of their own country in front of them, so this poetry is telling about doing patriotism.

Pahale Jay Shankar Bolo।
Phir Daravaaja Kholo।।

In this Shayari, it has been asked to say the Jai of Lord Shankar. Meaning you must do any work inside life; remember God once. Then, God will make everything right.

Sugar Hai Isalie Chini Se Parahej Hai।
Jo Shikshit Hai Unake Lie Dulhan Hee Dahez Hai।।

In this poem, dowry has been attacked. It has been said that dowry does not matter to those who are educated human beings. They just want a good bride. Money is not a big deal for them.

Chalti Hai Gaadi, Udatee Hai Dhool।
Jalte Hai Dushman Khilate Hai Phool।।

It has been said in this poem that the way dust blows is due to the vehicle’s movement, and this dust cannot stop the vehicle. In the same way, enemies will keep burning like this, and we will keep smiling like flowers. We don’t care if anyone burns.

We hope this blog will entertain you. For more, stay with us and wait for our next blog.

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