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Python: The Most Appropriate Programming Language for Web App Development

Python is an open-source and versatile programming language that supports quick product development and deployment. Various leading companies like Instagram, Spotify, and Disqus use Python in their technology stacks. Other companies that utilize Python in some of the other aspects include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Dropbox, Netflix, and Quora.

Python development services can help a business to get their products faster in the market. In simple language, Python can be described as:

  • A backend programming language
  • A web programming language with the capability to understand how to receive and send web requests and talk to databases
  • Quite less wordy as compared to other programming languages
  • An approachable language
  • Can be utilized for scripting, web scraping, and creating data sets
  • Best suitable programming language for scientific computing
  • A programming language with a strong community that is welcoming, well-maintained, and well-documented

So, How Does Python Work?

Well, Python works in the following manner:

  • A Python virtual machine is formed in which the packages or libraries are installed.
  • The python code is then written in .py files
  • CPython piles up the Python code to bytecode. This bytecode is used for the Python virtual machine.

Benefits of Python for Web Development

  • Simple to Use and Read: Python consists of simple and easy-to-understand syntax which allows Python developers to deal with complex systems and make certain that all the elements have a comprehensible relationship with each other. Python is very much similar to the English language which makes it quite easier for newbie coders to learn this programming language. In addition, Python language is exceptionally easy to read, which makes it easier for the developers to understand the code written by programmers.
  • Asynchronous Coding: With Python, it becomes quite effortless to write and maintain asynchronous code. This is due to the reason that there are no deadlocks or any kind of confusing issues.
  • Broader Programming Approach: As compared to other coding languages like Java, Python offers a broader programming approach to the developers. It supports assorted programming styles like object-oriented, functional, and procedural styles.
  • Open-Source Language: Python is an open-source language, which means it is easy to access. It allows developers to employ modifications as per the specific requirements of the business. They can freely utilize this language and enhance the web applications as per their requirements.
  • Portability and Interactivity: Python facilitates dynamic semantics and quick prototyping due to its portability and interactivity feature. It can be easily used in a range of applications including those that use different coding languages. Even, new modules can be attached with Python to augment its core vocabulary.
  • Enterprise Application Integration: Python is a leading choice of developers when it comes to developing enterprise software applications. Due to its flawless integration with various other languages like PHP, Java, .NET, it is widely preferred by developers for enterprise applications.
  • Ideal Solution for Scientific and Numeric Applications: Python facilitates a number of packages, libraries, and toolkits for the development of scientific and numeric applications. Some of the widely used libraries, packages, or toolkits include SciPy (Scientific Numeric Library), Pandas (Data Analytics Library), IPython (Command Shell), Numeric Python (Fundamental Numeric Package), and Natural Language Toolkit (Library for Mathematical and Text Analysis).
  • Used in Machine Learning and AI: Nowadays, Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are used almost everywhere. Due to their increased usage, a large number of developers are employing ML and AI in assorted projects. However, they need to use the right language to incorporate ML and AI successfully. Python is perhaps the best suitable language for ML and AI projects as it offers efficient ML packages, tools, and various other features for visualizing results.
  • Appropriate for Application Scripting: Due to its sturdy integration with Java, C, and C++, Python is the most appropriate language for application scripting. Due to its capability to get implemented from the scratch, Python is very beneficial for customizing large applications.
  • Used in Software Testing: Python can also be used in test automation. Due to its simple learning curve, many QA automation specialists prefer python for software testing purposes. Even various testers who are new or have limited technical backgrounds found Python quite useful because of its strong community, readability, and clear syntax. The language also facilitates easy-to-use unit-testing frameworks which makes software testing even more easy and flawless.
  • Used in Prototyping: Python allows developers a quick and easy process for creating prototypes. The agility of the Python programming language facilitates simple code refactoring and swift development of the preliminary prototype into the final product.

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Looking at all the above mentioned benefits it is clear that the Python programming language provides fast application development while enhancing web development productivity. It facilitates enormous library support and user-friendly data structures for web apps. If you are considering web app development using Python, make certain to hire Python developers with adequate experience in developing customized web app solutions. It will not only ensure effectiveness but also provide flexibility in building scalable enterprise applications.

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