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Research Before Building Your Mobile App: Why, What & How

We all know the mobile app development industry is booming. Amidst this, everyone is looking to build their mobile app. And while that might be a very valuable decision, building mobile apps is not a walk in the park.

In order to build a perfect mobile app, you need to do extensive research to ensure flawless development services with ease. Any mobile game development company or web development service provider cannot build you an app.

For that, you must have the right idea as well as the channel or a firm to get your application built exquisitely. Once you have that, then comes the time to research the application.

There are a number of research strategies around the globe that business analysts, app experts, and strategists employ to execute seamless researches that lead toward building a perfect mobile app.

But first, let’s understand; why research? Let’s learn.

Why Should I Research Before App Development?

The main objective of doing the research before moving into the design or the development phase is to understand how the particular app will provide value to the users by being unique in its own manner.

For this, again, you will have to have a somewhat unique idea, a unique selling proposition, and a brand story to keep the flow. Once you have thought of it, then you move towards research.

Here are a few factors that you must not miss during research.

  • How does your product or brand fit in the market?
  • What aspects does your business model involve?
  • What is the unique marketing strategy that you will employ?
  • How likely is your product to rule or penetrate the market?
  • What are the potential competitors, and how are they positioned in the market?
  • What are the channels through which you will be reaching out to your audience?

These are a few factors that you must consider before moving into the app design or development stage.

Even before you step into crafting the idea, you must do your research extensively to have a look at what needs to be done in order to have a concrete understanding.

This helps in perfecting the idea and pouring in all the features that need to be incorporated. The world of modern ideas aided by technology is revolutionizing the way we live, eat, sleep and do anything in our routine.

That is not it.

The “why” you are looking to answer for is because there are a number of competitors and factors that can easily contribute to your failure.

So, the stronger and more concrete your research, the better your chances of performing throughout. From the beginning to the end, there are quite a few “whys” you will be answering, and all of them will help you get ahead easily.

What Should You Focus on While Doing Research?

There are quite a few things.

Research is essential. It helps you sail through the heavy-flowing stream and reach the other bank, the bank where there is a success. But be mindful that the journey is not going to be easy. Unless you focus closely on a few factors, the chances of you losing your path or toppling the boat are high.

So why are these factors so critical? Let me tell you.

These factors are so significant because they allow you to ensure a smooth transition into the other phase and improve the chances of better execution.

So, what are these factors upon which hangs the pendulum? Let’s explore.

  • Assessing your competitors, here’s what to review:
    • social media strategy
    • online tactics
    • client reach out to channels
    • pricing structures
  • Inspecting and studying various business models and their pros and cons
  • Penetration of idea into the market, its need, and possible available alternatives
  • The uniqueness of the idea and whether it will be accepted by the market at all
  • Budgeting with all aspects covered completely
    • Pricing of the product or the services reviewed
    • Marketing channels and their respective budget requirements
    • Assess any tool requirements and their usefulness in the matter
  • User experience to keep the usability top-notch throughout
  • Bring data-driven revolution and allow users to be the dictators on what they want

No doubt there can be a few other ways as well that we can focus on. However, finding the right fit and accessing the true potential to allow users the best results is very important. Not any web development services providing company or any mobile game development company can do this.

How to Execute a Perfect Research Strategy?

Strategizing when doing anything is the key to success, among many other keys to success.

How to execute a perfect research strategy that allows us to progress without stopping in the middle and allow for services or products that are top notch?

Let’s learn more.

  • Defining the products or services and how they fit in the business plan you have
  • Defining your business plan and catering to the needs of all includes perfecting the overall idea
  • Explain to the business model how it associates with your company
  • Where the market stands today, the possible changes it will go through, and your impact on it
  • Explicitly define and explain the product or services and what needs to be done
  • Layout a detailed plan and discuss and elaborate the hierarchy of the company or product in it
  • Marketing through a defined process allows for connection with the respective audience
  • Devise a comprehensive plan covering all the factors and make it the shape of a financial plan
  • Summarize all the happening and actionable items, write down the final outcome and assess what needs to be done and by whom

If you follow the above-mentioned pointers, you must ensure you get the perfect results, and that can only be done by following all the processes exactly. Slowly and gradually, you will start capturing the market, and the direction will become clearer.

Bonus Points: Here Are Some More Pointers

And yes, these are important, and cannot be missed, for these will bring the good you are seeking. Let’s begin and have a look at them.

  • Define specific goals that you need to achieve and break them into small, achievable objectives
  • Understand who is your targeted people that will generate business and jot down their personas
  • Research and understand how you will be able to target your audience and what will provide them better value overall
  • Build a content calendar, break it into 12 months and ensure it is strictly followed
  • Analyze and target all the useful social media channels and preferred content types
  • Mix up the visual and textual content with frequent video-based stuff
  • Ensure periodic posting through all the accounts and cater to all the needs
  • Post about the latest trends; don’t be shy while catching on to the bandwagons
  • Jump into both paid and organic marketing strategies, for both are useful in today’s world

The Bottom Line

These are a lot of questions and suggestions, and it will surely take some time to answer all of them. Each of these is of ultimate significance, but if your research is right, you will be able to tell how fruitful the research has been and how to value the development will or will not be.

Once you have made up your mind, these are a few of the pointers following which you will be carrying out the research. Do as you please, and then whether you contact a mobile game development company or web development services provider, you won’t be disappointed.

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