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Spice-up Your Tongue Eating these Lip-smacking dishes around the World

When it comes to food, foodies are almost into everything having a good taste. But to most foodies, if the food isn’t as spicy, it is not even good. Most of the food lovers tend to spicy food and dishes, especially women. Studies state that 70% of women love to eat spicy food. Now thoughts like that might come to some people: Isn’t the spiciest food all kinds of chilies and peppers? Of course not. However, unless you are going to participate in some sort of competition or looking for a way to go on a psychedelic spiritual journey, it is not recommended to eat peppers right away. Next time if someone mentions eating something spicy, forget about the peppers and skip the apparent chicken wings and choose one of these foods bravely. Or, if you can’t bear the lip-smacking heat, consider it as a list of dishes to avoid.

Phaal Curry from India

Whenever we talk about spices, India is the first country in mind. Since having a variety of species is also one of the specialties of this Country. And the most notable dish is Indian Curry. Curry can sometimes become very spicy, and Phaal curry may be the richest curry around. It originated in Indian restaurants in Birmingham, England. The local chef decided to put a whole bunch of spicy peppers into a typical dish, usually made with only standard chile peppers, thick tomato base, ginger, and fennel seeds. The  Curry House in Brick Lane, New York City, is one of the most famous (and hottest) examples in existence, using ten pepper types, including Scotch Whiskey Hat, Habanero, and Ghost Pepper.

Sichuan Hot Pot from China

Sichuan cuisine in China is often referred to as one of the world’s hottest dishes in the world, and their hot pot version reflects this. Garlic, onion, and Sichuan pepper are mixed with vegetables, meat, mushrooms, and other pepper oil stew such as pork brain, pork belly, or duck blood) that you want to put in your mouth. Like we said: anything is fine. If the high temperature of this soup does not make you sweat, maybe it’s the spiciest taste will, so you may be wishing for the winter to come. Why wait right now? As it’s winter, try and make your United Airlines Reservations and enjoy the spicy Hotpot in China.

Kimchi Jjigae from South Korea

If you are a lover of everything that’s Korean, then We believe that you might have kimchi before and if not, Do you even love Korea? If you have, then still, you may not have tasted this particularly spicy version. There are no secret ingredients here, only shallots, garlic, tofu, mushrooms, and plenty of red peppers. Instead, this technique is the key because this Korean dish is simmered until the stew is completely immersed and the broth reaches the desired spiciness. Most importantly, the kimchi soup is hot, so you may also want to consider using a fire extinguisher.

Tom Yum from Thailand

Right after India, China, and Korea, Thailand tops the charts in terms of having the spiciest dishes in the world. Tom’s hot and sour soup is usually filled with chicken and seafood and is loved for its aromatic flavor. However, Tom Yum will show a punch when dealing with raw heat, which is provided by the Thai Birdeye Pepper Company, which has a Scoville grade comparable to Havanese or Scotch pepper. Fortunately, the soup is usually bright orange or red, which can reflect heat, like a cooking traffic light telling diners to step on the brakes. If you want to eat shrimps, please ask “tom yum goong,” or for chicken, ask “tom yum gai.”

Jerk Chicken from Jamaica

We have come this far in this list so, Let’s simplify this list with a kind of dish many people may already be familiar with: Jerk chicken. This sweet, creamy, spicy meal is the most iconic delicacy in Jamaica, although most people don’t know how it becomes tangy. The key ingredients are habanero pepper, scotch bonnet, and allspice, as well as cloves, shallots, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, and garlic. Do I need to wash away the calories with cold drinks? It is best to have red stripes on Monday.

Sik Sik Wat from Ethiopia

Sik Sik Wat is a spice used to season beef and stewed chicken in Ethiopia. This stiff and fragrant paste is made with peppers, chili, chili powder, paprika, and fenugreek. Some people even eat the batter in its natural state on crepe-like pancakes called Injera bread.

However, the food on this list is not only incredibly spicy but also very popular. They come in many varieties, from stews and soups to meat and veggie platters, spread across different continents and countries. However, they can still be eaten in the authentic American restaurants. Don’t wait for anything else. Make you American Airlines Reservations now and go on a food tour to enjoy the spice from all around the world.

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