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Tips To Choose The Right One For The Best Yoga Practices

Performing yoga carries many advantages. It stimulates tone and flexibility in your body and provides strength to beat stress. You have to cover your wardrobe with all the best equipment essential for yoga. But the question arises how I can know which equipment works best? Many yoga practices look around social media or other popular site to get the best in their hand. While selecting one that suits all yoga needs is not easy for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or amateur practice, you may be wondering to know what yoga equipment satisfies your requirements.

The most necessary yoga equipment is a yoga mat. So much other equipment might you think you need, including yoga pants, bolsters, blankets, chairs etc., while investing in this essential equipment; you have to remember that the material you like to grab must be good in quality. So you will see a massive collection of these equipment at a different stores. But from all the other stores I will come to tell you about one of the best stores, Lululemon.

The store is known because of its variety of collections; here, you will see many outfits and accessories plus all the yoga equipment for a brilliant amount of money; moreover, if you are thinking that the price is high and cutting your bank balance. I recommend you use Lululemon discount code and enjoy more rebates on your purchased equipment.

Before starting your yoga classes, look to know which equipment is more beneficial.

Yoga Mats

One of the essential pieces of equipment before starting yoga classes is yoga mates. First, consider your height before grabbing any piece of mat. According to yoga masters, mats that cover the length of 180cm and breadth of about 61cm keep you safe and protect you from injuries. And if you are taller, go with a longer mat. Make sure that the rug you decide to buy carries well-textured and is specially designed to provide a stable surface. Another advantage of a yoga mat is giving your joints a proper cushion. Also, see where you decide to place your rug; if you have carpet and another flooring, then a regular mat should be fine. In contrast to hardwood, consider a thicker mat.

Grab Comfortable Yoga Outfits

Through some essential yoga equipment, a perfect yoga uniform is yet another vital factor to consider while performing yoga. You will see a particular outfit pair in a market, especially for yoga. Make sure, before putting your hand to grab these outfits, must consider that the clothes you like to buy are not too tight; otherwise, bending and stretching during asanas may not be easy. In addition, if you practice more vigorous forms of yoga, you should wear clothing that quickly dries after sweating. The most important thing is to buy clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Some essential yoga outfits are jotted down for you:

  • Yoga pants
  • Loose pants
  • Shorts
  • Tops
  • Cover-ups
  • Sports bras
  • Hair ties or hand bands
  • Yoga socks


You will see a stock of blankets in yoga studios. These blankets are grabbed for the student to use during classes. You will see many essential uses of these blankets. Carrying a bolster of one or two blankets while taking yoga classes offers support to practitioners. Folded blankets provide essential support during lying poses. It is also used to lift the hips during seated poses.

You can use blankets in the following ways

  • Restorative yoga or cushion for limbs
  • Seated forward folds or for sit on for meditation.
  • You can even use it to cover up yourself for final relaxation.

For instance, if you are practicing inside your home. So you don’t need to buy a new one. Instead, use what you already use in your house. Besides, the primary purpose of blankets is to provide warmth during meditative and recovery practice.

Yoga Blocks

Like a blanket, yoga blocks are also necessary for your comfort and to improve your alignment. You will see different sizes of blocks in a market, but knowing which is best for you is one of the challenging tasks. So that is why we have to divide your selection is two categories.

For Newbies:

If you are a beginner, you must choose one with many benefits. As I tell you above, different types of yoga blocks are available in the market. But before selecting, you must check the material and size of your league. Newbies offend used foam-based blocks. These blocks are light in weight and easily fit in your pocket.

For Experts:

No worry about the size and weight because you are an expert. Try to grab one heavy and provides more satisfaction and comfort. Moreover, yoga blocks allow you to do work on your posture.


Carrying a single piece or more than this range of towels is necessary if your yoga practice is sweat-inducing, like vinyasa, power or hot yoga. One towel is to cover your mat, and the other piece is to wipe your face. And if you are a beginner, I recommend grabbing a hand towel; these towels are easy to carry while performing yoga. You will see these towels in the following size. Somewhere in the 16 in by 28 in (40cm by 72 cm) size. Besides, the material of towel you choose to absorb sweat must be high in rates and easy to wash.


Yoga straps can also be used to deepen and enhance your yoga practice. The primary usage of these straps is to provide an extension to the arm and help with twisting and postures. Searching for the best straps is difficult for many because all straps are similar. But there are minor differences that you should consider before making a purchase.

The first thing that you look to check before making a purchase is the length. Mostly Yoga straps come in two sizes that are 6 and 8 ft long. However, you have to consider your height; if you are longer, a long size such as 10ft is beneficial. In addition, these straps are made with cotton, which provides a good grip.


Yoga wheels are a relatively new prop that is beginning to take up in the yoga studio. These wheels have around 12 inches and a width of about 4 inches. To deepen your stretches and increase flexibility, you can lie back on the wheel when it’s upright or put a foot or hand on top. Then, slowly roll the wheel as you unwind into the stretch. In more complex techniques, reels can be employed to test stability or provide support. Although you probably won’t require a yoga wheel as a beginning, you might want to think about getting one later on.


If you want to get a perk of yoga classes, many small accessories are necessary. Have a look to learn about these minor items.

  • Small bag
  • Yoga mat wash
  • Yoga ball
  • Eye pillow
  • Foam roller
  • Chair etc.

Keep It Up!

There is a lot of excitement when purchasing these types of equipment. But in case of the wrong collection. You may get confused about fulfilling your needs. That’s why I recommend you to read the tips mentioned above and tricks properly before getting your hand on any item to buy.



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