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Top 5 Techniques to Make Secure Online Examination System

There are countless reasons why technology is a key component of school learning. As we know technology like school management software , online teaching software  are mostly popular in this day .Whether we like it or not, technology is everywhere. Our students need to know technology to survive in the world of higher education and business.

Online exams are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. Many universities have abandoned the traditional pen and paper method and adopted the modern online testing method.

Current social distancing norms have resulted in the adoption of new technologies for a safe online testing process. Security during online exams is one of the important success factors for managing your academic exams.

However, the introduction of this new technology has raised new concerns about security.

You need a secure online test system. It is essential to consider various aspects of security while implementing online inspection technology.

A secure online examination software not only provides better and safer online exams, but it also helps to increase the university’s brand image and reputation.

Online testing systems without a proper information security framework can degrade the overall process and quality of the testing process.

Online Examination Trends

Traditional paper-based exams are being replaced by online exams due to numerous other benefits. It provides an effective mechanism to conduct testing while reducing administrative costs.

Most of the entrance exams for educational institutions, recruitment exams for recruitment, certification exams by professional certification bodies, psychometric tests for personality assessment are conducted online.

During the transition from traditional exams to online exams, you need to ensure that your technology implements security best practices and is being validated with specific application security use cases.


The importance of security during online exams

The online testing system provides the scalability and flexibility to manage the end-to-end process of the question paper pattern for processing results.

Exam security means taking steps to ensure that exams are performed in a fair manner. There should be no range of cheating while students are taking online exams.


Therefore, the security aspect of the online inspection process is very important to overcome negligence or unauthorized access to information.

Some of the techniques to make Online Exam Secure

1. Video Director: Live streaming of online exams

Video director

The biggest advantage that online exams have provided is remote exam conduct. This allowed candidates to run for exams from any remote location of their choice.


In parallel with this great advantage, this process faced many drawbacks in terms of security. Minimizing the increasing rate of negligence with the help of remote supervised online exams has been inevitable.


What does online supervision mean?

Supervision refers to the activity that oversees or monitors testing activities. Similarly, online oversight refers to overseeing or overseeing an online exam from a remote location.



Online supervision extends the freedom to supervise from remote locations to supervisors. This means that your supervisor becomes a remote supervisor, ensuring the security and integrity of your online exams.

What is a video director?

Specifically, Video Proctoring is a mechanism that uses live video streaming or recorded video as a medium to ensure the security and integrity of online exams.



The video director uses a web camera mounted on the candidate’s computer as a source to record a video of his supervisory activity.

How does video director work?

Video supervision works in parallel with the online exam process. When candidates are set to appear on all online exams, Invigilator or Remote Proctor will need to log into the system already logged in from the other side.


Initially, candidates are required to complete a formal identification process in which a remote supervisor will verify the candidate’s identity.


The supervisor verifies the candidate’s identity against the proof of identity submitted at registration.


Posting a successful validation session allows candidates to proceed with the online exam.


The video director activity can be executed in two different sets of tasks.


1. Video supervision via live streaming:


The remote proctor continuously monitors remote candidates for exams via full live video streaming.


The proctor reserves the right to prompt candidates directly if they detect any signs of suspicious activity or negligence through video and to discontinue the online exam at any time.



2. Video Director with Recorded Video:


In this case, the supervisor can go offline once verification is complete. A webcam mounted on the candidate’s computer records a full video of the online exam activity.


Recorded videos are stored on a cloud server and can be evaluated by the supervisor later. The proctor watches the full video of the online exam and checks the integrity and security of the process. Video supervision saves you the hassle of securing online exams and saves you significant time and money.

2. Image supervision: Click on the picture during the online exam

Image director

Image Proctoring is another Online Proctoring mechanism that helps you conduct secure online exams under limited internet connectivity.

What is Image Proctoring?

Image Proctoring is a lightweight online/remote supervision mechanism that uses a web camera to capture an image of a candidate appearing on an online exam after a period of time.


The proctor can later analyze the image banks captured during image supervision activities to ensure the security of the online exam.


When Image Proctoring is Essential

Image supervision can be the most essential security mechanism to prevent negligence during online exams if you are trying to conduct secure online exams in areas where a stable internet connection is not available or bandwidth is unstable.


With Image Proctoring, the system captures a set of 60 to 90 images depending on the duration or duration of the exam.


If the stipulated time for the exam is 90 minutes, you can arrange the settings for the system to capture 90 images (images per minute) of the candidate.


The supervisor later accesses this set of images stored on the cloud server. Additionally, proctors may refuse to report candidates if they attempt suspicious activity across captured online exam images.

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