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What Benefits Can Multilingual Call Center Services Bring for Your Brand?

The BPO industry has become the most important part of the corporate sector, especially in the last decade or so. Almost every industry has taken advantage of the various benefits that the BPO sector offers. These benefits revolve around just one aspect – maximum customer satisfaction and satisfaction. The call center services in the Philippines and other off-shoring hubs across the world have taken giant strides in the customer service industry and developed multiple technology and expertise to assist in creating a stunning customer satisfaction level. Among such expertise is multilingual capability, something that allows brands to scale their business and target newer locations.


In this blog post, we will be further discussing in detail what multilingual call center service actually is and how it can assist your brand and business reach new heights.


What You Should Keep in Mind before Hiring Multilingual Customer Services


Before we get on with letting you know about the various ways a multilingual call center service company can enhance your customer experience, take a look at a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Tap the Native Speakers


English is a globally recognized language; although it is not the most spoken language, Mandarin Chinese is. Therefore, most brands stick to English for customer service and support since everyone seems to be comfortable with it. However, this is not ideal for a brand, especially if you don’t want to hamper your reputation among your present and potential customers.


The primary cause behind this is the fact that a huge part of the world’s population is bilingual, especially in countries that don’t have English as the official language. Some examples of bi-lingual countries are Spain (Espanol), France (French), Japan (Japanese), etc. All of these countries have their official language alongside English.


So, instead of running a customer service campaign in English, having multilingual agents for the call center services can help you tap deeper into the target audience. It will also offer a great opportunity to maintain great customer support quality and satisfaction. After all, a customer from Spain will appreciate the effort and would love to interact with agents who can address the issue in their native language.


  • Identify the Language Your Customers Are Most Comfortable in


There is a specific way how a BPO company should train their agents about opening a call. There is no harm in communicating with the customers in English if that’s the comfort zone. This is something that the agent should identify right at the beginning of the call.


It is always a great idea to answer the queries of the customer in the language it has been put forward. For example, if the customer asks the first question in English and then shifts to French for the second, he/she is not very comfortable describing the query’s technicality in English.


Here, the agent should be able to judge this and shift to French. This will help the customer better understand the answer/resolution, thereby enhancing the satisfaction level.


  • Switch to a Multilingual Website


Offering on-call or live chat support in multiple languages through call center services is not enough, you have to transform the entire face of your brand into being multilingual. The best place to start is the website.


Your website is the first point of contact for your brand. In most cases, customers and clients prefer visiting the brand’s website to get a better idea about the company. However, if the website is designed only in English, non-English speaking prospects may find it hard to go through the content. This might cause you to lose the customer.


However, creating a multilingual website will solve this issue. Moreover, if your customers start appreciating the face of your brand, there is a high chance that they will turn loyal to your products or services too.


Perks of Offering a Multilingual Customer Service


Having talked about the things to consider before hiring a BPO for multilingual call center services, it’s time for us to shift to discussing the various advantages that the best BPO companies with multilingual capabilities can offer.

  • You Get an Advantage over Your Competitors


Gaining an advantage over the competitors is undoubtedly the most crucial advantage you get with multilingual call center services. Considering the fact that not every BPO company in the world is capable of offering multilingual services yet, it is quite evident that if you choose the best BPO company with such services, you can stand out among your competitors.


Of course, since multilingual support and service drive customers to bring brand loyalists, you offering the same over your competitors will drive more revenue to your business.

  • You Grab Better Customer Loyalty


Not every brand in the world can offer multilingual customer support yet. So, offering your customers that level of convenience will not go unrewarded. But unfortunately, most brands don’t realize that customers really appreciate good service support and would stick to a brand even if they get that.


A lot of customers even opine that they would prefer to switch their brand if they got better customer service from somewhere else. This itself should be a big motivator for your brand to offer exceptional customer satisfaction with the help of multilingual customer service and support.


  • Brings Better Communications with the Customers


Nothing works better than multilingual when it comes to extending your brand’s reach to newer geographic locations. There is a big reason why offering such services can be so rewarding for your brand reputation and goodwill.Every time a customer calls in for support, they expect their queries to be resolved quickly and in the best way possible. However, if you address the queries of a French customer in English, you will have some issues. These include:


  1. Longer call time
  2. Agents take longer to understand the query
  3. Customers take longer to understand the solution


And while all of this happens, you will notice a major flaw, your customers will get irritated at how long the call is going on without an appropriate solution. On the flip side, if you manage to offer multilingual services with the help of call center services, all of the flaws mentioned here are addressed. In addition, the call time will be lower since there will be a comfort level in terms of communication, and the job can be done quickly.


  • Boosts Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty plays a huge role in maintaining a great market reputation. In turn, this market reputation comes from how you present your customer service to the people who matter. Therefore, ticking all the boxes for call center metrics will surely boost your customer satisfaction rate.


Now, this satisfaction plays a major role in retaining the customers of your brand. And so, with time, good quality products, and exceptional customer support, your regular customer turns into a loyalist. These loyal customers can recommend your brand to others and may also become your brand advocates and increase the organic reach, both online and offline.


  • It Augments Sales


Every business has one thing in mind, increasing sales to generate better revenue. This is a major reason why brands outsource their marketing and sales operations to the best BPO companies in the Philippines or any other country across the world.


Now, each time a prospective customer visits your website or makes an inquiry, they have a certain product or service-related question in mind. So, if you can manage to answer their questions to their satisfaction, they have a high chance of a conversion. And the best way to target customers from different geography is by offering them services in the language they are comfortable in. This way, your sales will increase, and so will the revenue.


The Final Summary


With the help of outsourcing call centers to the best BPO companies in the Philippines or other locations, you can bring along multiple benefits for your business. This is especially possible with multilingual customer service. However, if you wonder that not every business would need multilingual services, there is a catch here.


You won’t find many countries that speak only one language; there is always a good mix of diversity. Plus, all of the major countries in the LATAM, EMEA, and APAC region depend on multiple languages for their citizens.


So, if you want to turn up your customer service and satisfaction rate for the global audience, consider outsourcing multilingual call center services. You will surely give your revenue a big boost.

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