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What Is The Expected Cost Of FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore?

Hair Transplantation Cost in Lahore is one of the major concerns for Hair loss patients. The pertinent information about cost and expenses helps the patient to opt for the suitable transplantation procedure according to his budget. But, the estimation of Hair Transplantation Cost in Lahore is not a trouble-free procedure because various factors determine it.

For instance, the surgeon’s expertise, the quantity of grafts, lab charges, price of medicine, operation room charges, anesthesia, and doctor’s fees, etc. require a proper consideration before you estimate the cost of Hair Transplant.

It does not end here as patients contemplate some important questions including;

  • What is the average cost of FUE Hair Transplantation in Lahore?
  • Is FUE an optimal treatment for me?
  • Is there any significant side-effect of FUE treatment?
  • How many grafts and hair follicles are enough for my hair?
  • How to choose the most proficient surgeon in Lahore?

People always think about risks and side effects as everyone wants to experience satisfactory results with less or no side effects. Gladly, the cost of hair treatment in Lahore is quite reasonable compared to other Pakistan cities. Additionally, the selection of professional and skilled surgeons makes the entire procedure less exigent for patients.

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore

As we mentioned earlier, hair transplantation in Lahore is quite inexpensive, and usually, it ranges between Rs 70,000 to Rs 200,000. But the cost of FUE treatment is a bit higher due to the application of the latest equipment and technology.

The quantity of graft or hair follicles can determine the exact cost of this great hair treatment. You should know that the FUE treatment involves step by step extraction of hair follicles, that’s why; surgeons charge a higher price for it.

Surgeons cannot perform FUE treatment without involving microscopic procedures. So, the entire process takes considerable time. But still, the hair transplantation clinics charge a reasonable price for the treatment. Providentially, this latest hair treatment is affordable ($2/graft), but doctor’s fees, dollar variation, and medicines cost can bring discrepancy.

Generally, the FUE procedure involves 5000 grafts for the scalp, whereas 200 grafts are enough for the eyebrows. The FUE hair transplant’s recovery time is 48 hours, but it may vary from patient to patient.

We recommend you to choose the best surgeon for your hair treatment as the selection of suitable hair surgeon can resolve all the major issues.

How to Choose the Best Hair Transplantation Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

Always spend considerable time while selecting the best surgeon for your hair treatment. The chosen surgeon must be a plastic surgeon and shouldn’t be a simple MBBS. Before you book an appointment with him, ask about his years of expertise and the total number of hair surgeries he has performed so far.

The use of the latest and up-to-date equipment and tools surely makes a surgeon experienced and trained.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier, the estimation of the expected cost for hair treatment is a complex procedure. However, considering all the relevant factors and proper research can make the entire process easier for you.

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