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What to see and what to do in Agadir 2021


It is a lively Atlantic city located in the Gulf of the same name Agadir. Where the Atlas Mountains reach the sea, next to the mouth of the Souss River. At 600 km from Rabat and 850 km from Ceuta, it is very well connected with Marrakesh, 8 days tour from Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier, by the new toll road and has a modern airport.

With a warm and dry subtropical climate, it is the largest city in southern Morocco and capital of the rich agricultural region of the Souss-Massa-Draa, constantly growing, with more than one million inhabitants.

It is located between the ocean and a mountain range that protects the city from the winds and the desert.
Agadir has become the most popular resort in the Morocco desert tours, due to its climatology, temperate in winter, and between July and August, the temperature is 23-27 ° C. The water maintains a temperature of about 20 ° C throughout the year, cooling to 15-17 ° C in winter.

It is an important fishing center and commercial port, a first-rate agricultural center, the leader in the production of citrus fruit and early vegetables.

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Agadir has a wide range of quality hotels, most of them in the south of the city in the tourist area of the beaches. They are mostly large beach resorts with excellent services and large swimming pools. They usually offer a variety of services, including restaurants, activities, and use of sun loungers on the beach, and the possibility of playing golf. We have the best hotels in Agadir, click below to see the offers.

What to see in Agadir

Founded by the Portuguese around 1500, it was invaded by the Saadids in 1526 and destroyed in 1750. It would be restored between 1912 and 1956 when it was occupied by France, passing in 1956 to Moroccan sovereignty.
On February 29, 1960, an earthquake destroys the city, which is later rebuilt as a modern city 2 kilometers south of the epicenter.

Agadir is a modern city that runs parallel to the coast, highlighting its three major avenues that run through the tourist area, the Boulevards called FAR, Mohamed V, Hassan II, and 20 August, the latter by the sea, an area of restaurants and stores.
It is a university city, cosmopolitan and modern, far from the typical image of a Moroccan city. Also, is good urban development, large buildings, major hotel chains, cafes, and wide roads, which give it a certain style and European touch.

It highlights its wide and modern promenade, full of restaurants and stores, which extends from the marina to the new tourist resort area to the south, Cité Founty the Royal Palace and Benzergho, area of golf courses, located along the river.

Other places of interest

In the center, the neighborhood of New Talborjt, colonial where are the gardens of Olhao, avenue of Far, in the style of the Arab gardens of the Portuguese town of the same name, in it we can see the Museum of Memory of Agadir, which commemorates the earthquake of 1960.

Other places of interest are the gardens of Ibn Zidoum, the Mohamed V., And Loubnane Mosques, highlighting the post office buildings, the fire station, the cinema Salam and the court.
From the time of the protectorate, the Catholic church of Santa Ana in the Av. de Marrakech.

The Museum of Amazigh Heritage, of Berber culture.
Other museums are the Municipal and the curious of Meteorites of the University.

Highlight the New Medina south of the city, designed by architect Coco Polizzi, today is still under construction and has recreated a medieval city, where there are many artisan stores, cafes, and typical restaurants.

There is a zoological park called “La Vallée des Oiseaux” of three hectares, at the intersection of Mohamed V, Hassan II, and 20 August avenues. It contains more than 500 species of birds along with mammals such as mouflons, kangaroos, etc.


It is complemented in the town of Draga (10 minutes from the city, on the road to Marrakech), with the Nile crocodile park, “Croco”, which has more than 300 crocodiles. which has more than 300 of these reptiles, in a park of 4 hectares, which recreates their habitat in the Nile, being in the project a Safari Park.

Dolphin World, a dolphinarium located on the north coast, by the sea, towards Taghazout.

The marina, north of the promenade, next to the fishing port is one of the most important in fish unloading and has an important fish market, where the fish is auctioned.

North of the marina is the commercial and industrial port, above the port and under the Kasbah the mosque of Sidi Bouknadel, patron saint of the city, protector of fishermen.

Above the port deserves a view of the old Kasbah Agadir Oufella, northwest, a fascinating site overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the city, in ruins since the earthquake, located 5 km from the center, on a promontory 230 meters high, so it offers a beautiful view from its ramparts.

The old Talborjt, next to the kasbah, neighborhood destroyed in the earthquake, is a grassy area that covers the graves of all the victims of the earthquake of 1960, has a small mosque and a memorial garden.

Do not miss the Ferris wheel “La grande Roue d’Agadir”, the largest in Africa, located south of the promenade. With 50 meters high and 27 gondolas, it is a recent leisure offer for this tourist city.

The Kart circuit and the Xtreme Park amusement park in the area of the new soccer stadium, located in the new neighborhoods to the east of the city center, are two new attractions designed for young people.

Why visit Agadir.

Making it a point to enjoy the sea in the cold seasons. The golden beach, protected from the winds and stretches for more than 7 kilometers. Its clean and crystalline waters and its sunsets attract thousands of tourists every year, who come to enjoy the beach and the possibilities it offers, such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing, or kitesurfing.
It is an ideal place for angling and spearfishing.


You can practice other more inland sports such as golf, with four courses south of the city. In Bensergao, or tennis and horse riding in the nearby town of Taghazout.

If you like museums, the Amazigh Heritage Museum is worth a visit.

Festivals, such as the famous Honey Festival, held in June. The Timitar Festival of Amazigh music in July, and the Feast of Boujloud. A three-day carnival of Berber origin, very popular, coinciding with the feast of sacrifice.

South of the city in Deira near the town of Iznegane has celebrated the Rwaiss Festival, people who inhabited the south of Agadir, who developed musical culture, dances, and poetry that wants to preserve this event.
Of great interest is the International Documentary Festival, held in May.
International Argan Show, in December, a congress on argan and its by-products.

It is in the project the construction of several clinics of quality, to offer this city as the destination of tourism of health.

To spend the night there is a magnificent hotel offer in the city.

Shopping in Agadir.

We recommend the typical souk el Had, the largest market in the region, in the new city. About 6000 small stores organized in different sectors. Furniture, handicrafts, clothing, vegetables, meats, spices, Chinese goods, etc.
Nearby we can find Argan oil and cosmetics.

There are handicraft stores in New Medina.

A large central market is an ideal place to eat and to buy spices from the region.

In the nearby town of Iznegane 10 km south, there is a more popular and cheaper souk.
A good place to buy silver handicrafts, Argan oil, honey, saffron oregano, etc. that are produced in the surrounding area.


Throughout the region especially in Taroudant leather is excellently worked. Also, works in wood, brass, mats, and beautiful pieces of jewelry in silver, ceramics, decorated vessels. And semi-precious stones, as well as horns to keep the gunpowder adorned with silver plates and weapons with silver inlays.
Because of its proximity, you can find the Saharan handicrafts with the typical, “Mela”.

A Regional Fair organized in Summer.

Agadir desert tours as a base for exploring the south of Morocco
Agadir is an ideal place to visit the southern coasts or to make excursions in its surroundings. The region of the Anti Atlas. And a base to access the Sahara by the road to Ouarzazate or towards Tan Tan and Western Sahara.


Morocco Agadir.




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Taghazout beach. Mecca of Surfing.

Beaches of Mirleft and Legzira.


The Atlas and the country of Ida Outaname

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The tours to Ouarzazate

The route to the south Tiznit Ifni and Goulmine.

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