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Kids and Teens

Why Playing Sports Is Great For Your Kids

Many kids love sports, and if they don’t, you should try to find a team sport they like because it’s good for them. It may just seem like a harmless pass time, but sports can mean so much to children. Sports are a great way for kids to not only maintain good health but foster positive relationships as well with their teammates. The following are five reasons your kids should play team sports as much as possible.

1. Fitness Health

One reason your kids should get involved in some type of sport is that most sports require you to be active. This helps ensure that your kids don’t suffer from weight issues. Obesity among children is becoming a problem. There could be a lot of reasons this is happening, but modern-day fast food is a major issue, not to mention school lunches lacking nutrition. Playing a sport can help your child maintain a healthy lifestyle, and form a habit of exercise that will stay with them as they grow into adults. 

Children are in classes all day. They also go home and use the internet all day for entertainment. Sports forces you to be active, and that’s a good thing for kids. It could help make exercise feel more natural, and maybe this desire to stay active will continue into adulthood. It’s best to limit your kids’ screen time every day already, though this can be difficult during the pandemic, there are still plenty of opportunities for your kids to get out and participate in sports. Sign your child up for the local Little League, or encourage them to play some games with their friends after school. You can purchase a basketball hoop for your driveway, or just chaperone your kids and their friends and take them to a park to play for a while. Routine is the key to establishing long-term healthy habits. 

2. Better Social Skills

Playing a sport makes it easier for your kids to develop better social skills, which are not only great for their development but their future. It’s might seem strange that flag football plays could help you become a more successful human being, but they can. The reason is simple. When you go out into the world, your ability to work well with others is treasured. It makes you a more valuable worker because you can make everyone on your team shine. It’s not just teamwork and social skills that your child will learn from playing sports. Team sports of all kinds provide your child the opportunity to sharpen their thinking skills and problem-solving skills. While playing the game, your child will have to think quickly and communicate effectively, both of these are valuable skills to have. Playing sports will also be fantastic for your kid’s confidence. 

These skills aren’t just inside of you, you have to learn them. A good sport can help your kids learn these skills at a young age. Good social skills also ensure that your kids feel comfortable around other people in general, and that’s a good thing. You don’t want them to grow up feeling awkward in crowds. Sports can build your child’s confidence in their own ability to communicate, work well with others, and be successful. 

3. Building Friendships

Kids love to have friends, and if they don’t, they don’t feel too accepted. Sometimes, these feelings could start to become something else. Your kids could experience loneliness, and you don’t want that. A team sport might solve that problem. It’s been shown that playing on a team can help build relationships as long as your kids like the sport. Being a team member means that your child will be one of a group, they will be pushed to work with and play with others their age, and they are bound to make friends as long as they are having a good time. 

You’ll be surprised how happy your kids will be after making friends. Be sure to give them a chance to play with these kids outside the sport, too. You were young once. You know how important friendships could be for kids. Sometimes, the friendships you make when you’re young are the ones that stick with you throughout your life. When you’re an adult, making friends becomes difficult.

4. Good Self-Esteem

Another reason to ensure that kids get involved in team sports is to boost confidence. A sport can build confidence in several ways. For one, making friends is going to make them feel good about themselves, but that’s not the only thing a sport could do. When your kid can learn the sport, he’ll feel proud about being able to master a skill he or she didn’t have before. Active learning, practicing communication skills, and learning how to work well with others is great for your child’s development. 

The other reason playing a sport is good for children’s self-esteem is because of the nature of a team sport. If a child’s team wins, that win is felt by everyone on the team. That helps boost self-esteem. If you want to expose your child to non-competitive sports as well, there are a few options to consider, such as cycling. With those, your kids will learn to challenge themselves and grow their minds. Be sure to actively practice positive reinforcement with your kids while they go on their sports journey. Celebrate every win, and support them after every loss. Create a space in their room or in a family room to showcase their trophies and awards, give them sports-themed gifts if they are really into it. Positively supporting and showing pride in your child’s sports accomplishments can go a long way. 

5. Improved Physical Skills

A team sport forces your body to improve in many ways. For example, it forces your eyes to focus more effectively and faster. This is because you have to be fast to play a sport, and your brain knows this. It starts to adapt to your life, and that’s a good thing. Your child will learn to take care of their body and mind while playing sports. Teach them good nutrition and how to stretch properly so that they don’t hurt themselves or get too sore after playing. These health lessons can be easy to navigate with the help of sport play, as your child is already engaged in physical activity. Keep in mind that a growing child needs plenty of nutrients, if they are playing too hard they may feel the need to eat more to regain their energy, this is normal. Make sure you complete your child’s health lessons by showing them healthy foods and nutrients. You can frame this in terms of their sports life as well, as good food fuels good performance and provides energy. 

The brain also adapts to this fast lifestyle by improving the body’s motor skills. Your children’s coordination will continue to improve, and that makes them safer when out and about. The chances of tripping or having an accident are lowered a bit. On top of all that, your kids are going to be a lot more flexible because of this sport, and that reduces the chances of suffering injuries.

Now, you know a few reasons to have your kids play a sport. Talk to your kids to find out which team sports they’d like to try out.

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