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WordPress design and Development in Vancouver

WordPress design Vancouver

Are you looking for a WordPress development web design for your new company page or for your professional project? Then you have come to the right place. We are specialists in WordPress design in Vancouver. Why web design in WordPress? Well, because it is very versatile and allows us to do practically anything, but above all because once we finish designing your company’s website, you can maintain and update it yourself.

Since we started in this web design we decided to use WordPress in all projects. And little by little we have been creating websites of all kinds in Vancouver, ​​where we are, but also in other parts of Canada and the USA.

Where does that success come from? We are web design gurus, and we probably are the best page designers in Canada. Surely we can turn your wishes into the web you need.

Your custom website, step by step

If you’ve read this far, don’t go yet. We have given an intro about the best WordPress design in Vancouver. Now we are going to explain in a few words what steps we take to design your custom website.

We help you choose and/or hire hosting and domain for your website. In case, you do not have a provider to host your website, we advise you to contact the website hosting Vancouver.

We install WordPress on your hosting.

Use WordPress as a content manager. We install it on your server so that later you can handle it without problems.

We install a premium template.

We tailor your website design using Generatepress premium, a template valued at $ 50 that is light, versatile and very flexible. For us, the best there is.

We install the visual layout to build your pages.

Elementor Pro is the tool that will allow you to modify the content of your website at any time without having to learn programming or code. It is valued at $ 49.

We optimize images and content.

To make your page load quickly, we optimize all content and use caching systems that ensure a fast web.

We configure the SEO plugins.

We leave everything ready to position your website in search engines. In addition, we also send the sitemap to Google so that it can locate your website quickly and appear soon in the search results.

Automatic backups.

We install and configure tools to make automated backup copies in the cloud that allow you to restore the web with one click in case of problems.

We protect your website.

We use anti-attack and anti-spam security plugins to keep your website safe.

We tailor all your content.

Colors, fonts, fonts, menus, sections and pages, forms … Everything just as you want it and how your company needs it.

We integrate external tools.

We integrate your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, with your profiles on the social networks you want and with the email marketing tool that you use.

Legal texts.

We provide you with the legal texts (privacy, cookies and legal) established by the RGPD, avoiding possible sanctions against your company. Essential for any website that collects user data.

Possibility of several languages.

We offer you the possibility of having your website in several languages ​​thanks to the WMPL plugin, valued at $ 79.

Support service.

Once the web is delivered you will have a telephone or email support voucher to clarify any questions during the first fifteen days.

Video tutorials.

We offer you video tutorials so that you can carry out the most common tasks on your website without problems.


WordPress design Vancouver will deliver the perfectly finished page to you so that you can easily maintain and update it yourself. Anyway, if you prefer that we take care of it, we can do it for a small monthly fee. Learn about this service at this link.

We make the web you need

It does not matter if you want a small page or a large e-commerce project. Whatever you are looking for, we can do it

 From scratch. Always from a blank canvas. Tailored to you.

So if you think about residing the old website of your company, you have made the right decision. Let us help you improve your online image and make your website one more way to enhance your business.

It’s what you want, right?

So what do you lose by trying more than a few minutes of your time? 

Benefits of WordPress Websites

  1. Low price.
  2. WordPress is a content management system that is available for free. To host the site in the public domain,
  3. you simply need to pay for the name and hosting.
  4. Convenient and user-friendly interface.
  5. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to do common operations on WordPress, such as adding, deleting, and editing texts, photos, and videos.
  6. Elegant design.
  7. WordPress CMS allows you to select a ready-made template that is ideal for your business. There are templates for catering, medical administration, small businesses, and so forth. Another significant point is that the site will be automatically optimised for mobile devices. In addition, our designers may create a custom design for you.
  8. The capacity to create a website.
  9. This system’s developers have produced a large number of plugins that allow you to extend the functionality of your site.
  10. SEO assistance.
  11. WordPress blogs are ideal for SEO marketing. Your site will simply enter the TOP-10 search results with the assistance of our experts.

WordPress site disadvantages

  1. Issues with safety.
  2. As previously said, this CMS is quite popular, thus not only rookie developers, but also inexperienced hackers, are trained on it. Siteodrom experts handle this problem by installing and configuring plugins to secure the site against hacking, effectively reducing the chance of hacking to zero.
  3. Large locations are not recommended.
  4. Other CMS should be considered if you require an online store or catalogue.

Administering WordPress sites 

The WordPress administration system is basic and easy to use. The following are the primary benefits of working with WP:

  1. With a single click, all plugins and the CMS core may be upgraded. The most recent platform version automatically upgrades the platform core, thus no adjustments are required.
  2. The existence of a visual editor makes it simple to populate your site with text, tables, photographs, and videos.
  3. Plugin for Visual Composer (VC) (available for free). A user without programming skills may use it to insert sliders, feedback forms, and news blocks.
  4. The opportunity to install other plugins that enhance your site’s capabilities: different languages, contact and order forms.
  5. SEO plugins allow you to specify the necessary meta tags to optimise the site, increasing its rank in search results.

Template or custom design

The WordPress platform is great for creating a template-based website. There are several free and paid templates available, as well as templates targeted for certain business fields like as medical, portfolio, small company, and more. You only need to select a template that matches the design and structure of your website and fill it with your own content.
If you’ve picked a decent template but need to make minor adjustments to it, you can always buy a website redesign and receive your dream website as a result.
A WordPress site is often built using templates, but you may quickly arrange the building of a site with a custom design. To do this, layout designers and programmers work together to construct an entirely unique site based on a template created by a designer.

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