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10 best tips to improve your English language

My name is Sudeep and I am a content writer who has written content for more than 200+ blogs for different websites. I have been writing for more than 6 years, but I chose it as a profession in 2020. To excel in the English language was never easy for me, instead, it was the toughest nut to crack for me.

But with some patience and hard work, I finally managed to not only speak fluent English but even to write articles in English for different websites.

I would really like to share some helpful recommendations on how you’ll be able to improve your English. I am gonna share the tips that helped me to improve my English language which you can also use to improve your English language and grow in your personal and professional life.

My high ten tips that may assist you to enhance your English are:

1. Create several friends who are good at English:


Make friends who are fluent in this language and who can help you to master this language.

Some students struggle with being removed from the home. creating friends with native English speakers who come back from your country will facilitate nostalgia while you’re learning this language.

However, from an acquisition perspective, it’s best to not use your linguistic communication.

Try to immerse yourself within the West English language by creating friends with those that don’t share your natural language. 

When you force yourself to speak in English it eventually helps you to think in English.

2. Be part of a community or take up a hobby. 

By doing either of those things, you’re absolute to connect with a native English speaker and this is often precisely what you would like.

Community teams like yoga categories, running teams, or art categories square measure simply the places wherever you’ll notice similar individuals like yourself and wherever you’ll be able to observe your English. 

Watching and listening to others constantly help to master the English language. You listen more when you involve all your senses in learning something.

3. Be part of a library. 

Joining the school or college library is not enough. Joining a public library is also equally important. The library may be a good way to enhance your English.

Reading books and participating in library-based activities will definitely expose you to the English language in its several forms and can have a positive impact on your English language development.

4. Set realistic and accomplishable goals. 

By doing this, you’ll eliminate a number of the stresses that students typically feel when they’re finding the learning process of the English language. They think that it is one of the most complex tasks for them to achieve which is not true.

For example, if you’re at a Pre-Intermediate level, create some tiny accomplishable goals to maybe improve your macro-skills to Associate in pre Intermediate level as against desperate to be a sophisticated user of the language instantly. By achieving tiny goals on the means, your confidence can increase so too can your English.

5. Watch the news on TV and skim the newspaper. 

Being attentive to and watching the English news on TV and within the newspaper, square measure glorious ways to reveal yourself to formal language structures and for the foremost half, grammatically correct structures. You learn more when you read big writers or authors’ work.

It helps you to understand where you are lacking and what you need to improve.

6. Try to limit the use of a dictionary

Dictionary never teaches the English language. It just helps you better understand the words and their meaning.

However, strive not to over-rely on your dictionary because it occasionally hinders. For example, attempting to form an instantaneous translation from your linguistic communication into English is dishonorable whereas at different times and within the case of construction verbs, an instantaneous translation might not exist.

7. Be brave and take risks. 

Learning a new language may well be viewed as a frightening task or it may well be viewed as a chance for you to be superb and to specific yourself. Be the latter and take risks along with your English learning language development as solely then can you realize your true capabilities and what you’ll be able to do.

As an old saying goes there is no profit without risk. This same applies to your English learning.

Try different ways to master this language and apply all the new ways of learning English with the same passion will definitely bring success to you one day.

8. Speak with the Director of Studies

Teachers’ support is always necessary when you start your journey of learning anything new. So, speak with one of our superb tutorial managers or skilled teaching workers, and provoke a tailored study set-up that matches your desires.

Ask for feedback from your teachers like where you need improvement and how could you do that. Re-work on the feedback received from them and it is your duty not there to ask doubts them. You need to come out of your comfort zone and ask them whatever you need to improve.

9. Use social networking sites in English. 

With social media overwhelming such a giant part of all of our lives, you ought to try and move with social media in English. this may little question facilitates enhancing your overall English language skills, although it proves difficult to start with.

But is a skill that could do miracles for you. Interacting with people from different nations whose native language is also not English and they are trying to learn it just like you can be very helpful for you.

All you need to do is to interact with them on social media and start a conversation with them, it is of course not that tough.

10. Live either with native English speakers or those who don’t speak your linguistic communication. 

As a result, we tend to all pay such a lot of time in reception, having the ability to use English whereas your reception would most definitely improve your English language development.

Forcing yourself to do something out of the box is never easy but that’s where success lies. You need to go out and interact with people and even try to live with them to continuously practice your English learning. 


Here we are at the end of the article and we are all set to measure my ten tips to assist you to improve your English learning journey. 

To recap all of them, in short, make friends, be part of community teams, be part of a library, set realistic goals, watch the news and skim the newspaper, limit your use of your dictionary, take risks, organize a study set up, use social networking sites in English, tolerate those who don’t speak your native language!

Englishvaani always wants its readers to do something great in their personal and professional life and we have pledged to continuously provide users with the quality content they need to flourish in their life. 

Learning a foreign language is never easy but with some hard work and dedication, you can easily achieve this complex-looking simple task.

I would like you all the best and happy studying, Best of luck for the future!

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