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4 Wedding Gift Ideas For 2022

Many engaged couples choose the modern approach and sign up with a wedding registry, before inviting their family and friends to select the gift they would like to purchase for them. Some couples however, prefer to stick with tradition, and welcome receiving surprise gifts of practical kitchenware, bed linens and towels, wedding photo books, or novelty His & Hers items. You can gift them a video book by The Motion Books, that will be one gift they will cherish for their lifetime.

If you’re shopping for a wedding gift for a family member or close friend getting hitched in 2022, here are some inspired ideas to help you find the perfect wow factor present…

  1. Luxury Designer Glassware

One of the most popular gifts to buy for a couple getting wed is elegant glassware. Instead of selecting the first champagne flutes, or wine glasses, that you see on display in a department store or online shop, it’s worth taking some time to consider which style of glassware is best, and how it will be most frequently used.

There are many high-quality brands of glassware that boast stylish and elegant designs made from beautiful light-catching crystal. Vintage and premium quality champagne deserves to be served in elongated flutes that allow the sparkling bubbles to create a hypnotic dance as they float up to the surface. Exquisite fine crystal glassware will also highlight the appealing pale gold colour of the champagne.

For a contemporary gift, choose curvaceous, tall-stemmed champagne glasses that are mouth-blown. A pair of striking gold wraparound spiral decorated flutes is the perfect accessory for newly weds to toast their happy-ever-after.

As champagne is traditionally associated with celebrations, impress the lucky couple by presenting the pair of luxury designer glasses with a bottle of the finest vintage champagne in your price range.

  1. A Subscription Box

Finding the perfect gift becomes a little more challenging, if you’re choosing a present for friends tying the knot for the second (or more) time, or they already have just about everything.

Everyone loves receiving a surprise parcel in the post. A subscription box easily fulfils that remit and delivers a gift that keeps on giving. Sign up for a year’s worth of delicious food or drink packges that you know the happy couple will enjoy together. Choose from artisan cheeses, meats, craft beers, rum, gin, exotic spices, breads, coffee beans, chocolate or brownies. Also available are food subscription boxes that are filled with all the ingredients needed (plus easy to follow recipe instructions) to rustle up a tasty international cuisine meal for two. Prices vary depending on the type of subscription box package you want.

After a year’s worth of stressing over wedding planning, your friends definitely deserve to chill and relax while enjoying a monthly treat.

  1. My Family Cookbook

If your engaged friends or family member are self-proclaimed foodies who appreciate good home cooking, an excellent wedding gift to honour their 2022 nuptials is the My Family Cookbook.

The journal style recipe book has blank pages that are waiting to be filled with favourite recipes that have been passed down through generations of the family. The cookbook features ingredient conversion tables for easy reference, as well as a selection of food related quotes to inspire home chefs.

If you’re buying this thoughtful gift for a family member who is getting wed, you can start the recipe collection off by adding one of your family’s legendary recipes. Don’t forget to add a photo of the finished dish!  You can also get together with other members of your family, pre-wedding, to fill up all of the pages in the cookbook, and to create a unique keepsake. When complete, the My Family Cookbook is likely to become as treasured and priceless as the happy couple’s wedding photo books.

Alternatively, you can gift a luxurious, high quality paper filled, handcrafted journal that you have customised with decorative designs and motifs, to create a one-of-a-kind DIY cookbook.

  1. Coffee Table Worthy Wedding Photo Books

Every couple embarking on the adventure of married life wants their big day to be a magical and joyous celebration that is long remembered by everyone in attendance. They would love to have stunning wedding photographs of the happy day that can be displayed in luxury wedding photo albums.

Unfortunately, not all photo albums are created equal. To ensure that wedding photographs are presented in the most appealing manner, it’s definitely best to create a striking themed or chronological photo arrangement that looks professional. You can gift the newlyweds a gorgeous Italian fabric covered hardback photo book that they can fill with their favourite photos of their wedding ceremony and reception. Or, if you prefer a more modern style, opt for a wedding photo album that has a chic magazine-style softcover.

To make the wedding gift truly original, ask your friends to select their favourite engagement photo that you can feature on the cover of the coffee table worthy photo book. Pick the perfect size and format, and personalise the layout of every page. If you’re including one or two photos of your own in the wedding album, don’t forget to add a thoughtful comment or quirky caption that brings the image to life. Your beautiful wedding photo book will undoubtedly be one of the most precious gifts that your family member or friends receive on their wedding day.

And it is of course, also perfectly acceptable to gift luxurious and glamorous bespoke wedding photo books that are completely blank, as a wedding present in 2022.

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