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5 Most Trending Instagram Feed WordPress Themes For 2022

With the ease of the internet, consumers are now more comfortable exploring the brands online and making their purchases. Therefore, businesses are now opting to establish their online presence and take their brand to the next level. And hence we see Instagram Feed WordPress themes are selling like hotcakes.

As the competition is getting fierce in the market it becomes highly important to have an impressive online presence. Let us put it in this way. Websites now work as brand representatives. Consumers often determine the reputation and quality of a brand based on their website. And therefore, it is important to have impressive brand representatives i.e. websites.

So, now that you are determined to have a website, WordPress stands out as the best website building platform. So, if you are about to build a website using WordPress or already have a WordPress website, this article is just for you.

The Simplest Way To Improve The Visual Appeal Of The WordPress Website

Images, videos, and other visual-based content add a great appeal to your website. After all, they bring vibrancy to the website, add liveliness, and help to stay fresh in the mind of the viewers. 

Many might argue that images, videos can hamper the speed of the website and spotlight the browsing experience. And that is a valid argument, and hence we have Instagram Feed WordPress plugins. These plugins help you collect Instagram feeds and display them on your website with ease. Added features from plugins add more great value to this strategy. So you have visually appealing images, and Instagram vibe, and various features enhancing the website’s functionality, all at once. Tagembed Widget, Social Slider Feed, and SmashBalloon are the best Instagram feed WordPress plugins.

And to compliment that vibe on your website, here is the list of the best WordPress themes.

5 Best WordPress Themes For Instagram Feed (2022)

Who does not like to work with the best, as now you have the best visual-based content for your website? How about having the best theme for your website? And therefore, to help you to stand out from the crowd and make the most out of the Instagram feed, we have listed the 5 best WordPress themes for your website.

1. Astra Theme For WordPress

astra theme

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes. It is fast, lightweight, and highly customizable. And one of the best parts is it is a multipurpose theme, so if you have a blog, a business website, or an eCommerce store, the theme suits all and adds great charm to your website.

Astra WordPress Theme provides the customization option, providing you with the freedom to make modifications as per your need and that too without code. In simple words, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still make desired customizations. Here you can change layout settings, header options, color and typography, and more. 

You can even use their pre-made demo sites and import them to have a headstart on building a website.

2. OceanWP Theme For WordPress

OceanWP Theme

OceanWp is one of the most trusted and used WordPress themes, with more than 4,000,000 downloads, it enters our list with a good reputation. If you are a beginner, OceanWP is highly recommended as it is beginner-friendly. Moreover, it is easy to use, making it one of the ideal WordPress themes. You don’t require any coding skills while using this theme and control the website the way you want.

As consumers often determine the quality and reputation of the brand, it is important to have a good-looking website that matches the style and vibe of your brand. And with the customization feature, you can achieve that feed and create a positive impression in front of your visitors.

OceanWP WordPress Theme provides you with 7 customizable header styles. Here, you can either include a transparent header or create a custom header as per your need. In addition, with visibility control, page title style, full color and typography settings, page layout settings, and more you can add the desired vibe and look to your website. So, showcase your artistic side and stand out from the crowd.

3. Divi Theme For WordPress

divi theme

Divi is another multipurpose theme that stands as one of the most popular WordPress themes. It provides a different dimension to your WordPress website and adds great grace to your website. You can even consider it as a completely new website building platform as it replaces the standard WordPress editor with a superior visual editor.

Divi also provides you with 100s of pre-made layouts and customize your site using drag and drop builder. And if you aren’t satisfied with the premade designs, you can also start from scratch and design the website as per your style.

And as it allows you huge customization options, it also adjusts itself as per the screen type. So, no matter what device your visitor is using, the magic and look of your website will remain the same and might help you to impress them.

4. Avada Theme For WordPress


Next on our list is Avada. It is one of the best-selling WordPress themes, which can complement your Instagram feed. Like the theme mentioned above, this theme is also coding-free, making it easy to use. Hence, with the help of this theme, you can design and launch your website fast and without the help of any specialist.

It provides a wide range of customization options which grants you the freedom to build your website the way you want. And as it is 100% fluid and responsive across all screen sizes, the magic of your website stays the same irrespective of what device your visitor is using.

With 85 pre-built websites, you can save time in designing your website, with just free clicks, you can import them and customize them to suit your requirements.

5. Neve Theme For WordPress

neve theme

Neve is a super-fast, customizable, and multi-purpose theme that stands as a perfect theme for blogs, small businesses, startups, agencies, eCommerce shops, and personal portfolio websites.

With a 100% speed grade from Google and 1 second load time, it counts as one of the best WordPress themes.

Alongside reduced loading time and seamless functionality, it provides amazing customer options to beautify the website. It has 80+ starter sites in its library, assisting you in designing your website. The number of starter sites keeps increasing as it simplifies the website building process. 

Other major features of the theme are:
Live customizer – to see the appropriate changes in real-time.
Video tutorials – are useful video guides to help you in the website building process.
SEO-friendly themes – to help your website get better search engine ranking

1-Click Updates, fast Support, 1-Minute setup, and demo importance are other major features from many.

Summing It Up

In this age of the internet, it is important to build an impressive website, as it helps attract customers and maintain brand reputation. With the help of the themes mentioned above, you can improve the visual appeal of your website and help your brand to grow and attain business objectives.

You can find these themes with ease, and as most of them are coding-free, you can operate them with ease. So try them new, with the customization option, provide the desired look, and install the one that best suits your style.

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