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Best Apple HomeKit Devices of 2020

Do you know that you can control your household equipment and other tech-based products with Homekit enabled devices t? Yes, you can. In the current times, many products like your fans, electric bulbs, AC, TV, have become smart.

HomeKit is nothing but a technology-based smart framework developed by Apple. It enables you to control smart home products using apps on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can also control the connected products using Siri.

If you have a confusion regarding this term “HomeKit”, then here is an example. Many of you will have the latest voice assistant enabled smartphones with features of Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. You can provide verbal commands to these assistants and even ask queries.

With HomeKit, you do not have to put in manual efforts to turn off your smart home items like fans, bulbs, bedroom lights, ACs, air purifiers, locks, etc. You can control them from your current locations from HomeKit enabled devices. Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, enables you to control them with a spoken command.

Best Apple HomeKit Devices of 2020

 Now, be ready to take a tour of the 10 best HomeKit tools that will make your life easier.

10 Best HomeKit Compatible Devices

Smart Switches And Plugs


Now, it is time to verbally control your bedroom or outdoor lights with smart light switches like Wemo. You can optimize your lights using Apple’s phones. Dim or brighten your bedroom lights by commanding Siri. You also can set a schedule to save your power consumption.

Also, you can control your plug-in devices with smart plugs. When you connect your smart plugs to Apple HomeKit, it offers you to control timing and energy management.



Now you can monitor the level of temperature of your homes. This device is used to detect the temperature changes of an enclosed area and helps in maintaining temperature. It uses room sensors to manage heating and cooling. It also comes with features like geofencing and smart alerts.

August Smart Lock


Use August Smart Lock to get your home fully secure. It comes with keyless access. You can keep control of the people who come and go out of your doors. Supervise guest access and provide them with secure digital keys. Lock and unlock your door digitally for added convenience. It automatically opens the door when you reach your home and locks when you leave. Also, lock and unlock your doors with your voice through Siri.


If your TV supports HomeKit, there is good news for you. It enables you to stream your TV from your iPhone. It also brings complete control of your channels through automation. It means that you can take control of your inputs, volume levels, and of course, turn the TV On or Off remotely. If you adopt the Siri Voice command, it will automate the tasks for your TV.

Apple HomePod


This smart speaker lays a solid HomeKit foundation for you. If you do not have your iPad or iPhone, don’t worry, you can control all your HomeKit devices with the help of Apple HomePod. This speaker has amazing sound and is completely wireless. Just tell Siri to play your favorite songs, this breakthrough speaker will start playing the desired tunes. It has an internal low-frequency calibration for automatic bass correction.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit A-19


This starter kit allows you to create a customized home lighting environment. You can easily connect it to your smart home gadgets. You can control it wirelessly from your iOS device. It also works with Google Assistant, Cortana, Smart Things, Nest, Wink, and Alexa. You can make your light brighter in the day time and also dimmer at night. You can manage its brightness up to 800 lumens, and it works without a hub.

Arlo Baby Monitor


Arlo Baby Monitor camera is one of the best smart devices with many features like air quality and environmental sensors, voice recording, Multi-colored night lights, louder and clear audio, alerts for crying sounds, and more. It is specially designed to monitor the movement of the baby at home. It detects the crying sound of the baby and plays lullabies. With this device, you will get a good sleep at night and peace of mind by getting the information of every moment of your child.

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage


If you have a vehicle, then you may have a garage. Make your garage fully secure with MyQ and get a good night’s sleep. It comes with a sensor as well as a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi network. It enables you to send commands by your smartphone. It is connected with the Chamberlain hub that activates your garage door movement. In short, it is your garage door opener with many safety features like warning light and beep that will provide real-time alerts for the door movements.

Eve Aqua Water Controller


You very well know how water is essential. It is a very crucial component of human life. You can control your sprinkler  HomeKit enabled devices. Sometimes we forget to stop running water due to which water gets wasted. Now, water control is simply in your hand with the water controller button. You also can take the benefit of automating and scheduling.

Volcanic PureFlow Air Purifier


The PureFlow is compatible with not only Apple HomeKit but also Google Assistant and Alexa. It has 3-stage HEPA filters, that not only clean pollutants like PM2.5, mold, and general household dust, but also Volatile Organic Compounds with the use of active carbon filters. Its features like child locks, filter status, fan speed, temperature control, scheduling, and night mood make it smarter. There are a variety of factors to consider when buying something for your Apple HomeKit setup. HomeKit setup. For example, you should check if the bulbs, smart plugs, and other wired devices will work with the wire setup of your home. After thoroughly checking the compatibility of the devices, you can buy them to expand your HomeKit ecosystem.

Source: Best Apple HomeKit Devices of 2020

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