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Best Hair Treatment to Regrow Your Beard Permanently

A Beard transplant is where the hair is taken from your body and transplanted to your beard area. For many men, growing beards is not easy. The beard does not always grow uniformly. They become patchy; that is why you require a beard transplant because it is natural and permanent.
Beard transplant is the most reliable way to restore your thinning beard. There are other ways of treating facial hair, but the surgery is always the best. It is less invasive, and the results are always natural. Facial hair transplant has become popular nowadays. The process helps men to enhance their appearance and regain their confidence.

Before you undergo the procedure, the do will first examine your hair loss. Many things cause thinning beards. Inheritance is one of the most common causes. The surgeon will also examine your skin to see whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Causes of Beard Fall

Your beards are weak due to some causes. These causes are treatable, so you should not worry about yourself. Here are some of the causes of beard fall.


Genetic is inheritance. If your parents are tall, there is a big chance for you also to be tall. The same thing also happens to beard growth. If your father had a thick beard, you might also have a good beard. Genetics plays an essential part in our lives. It can also affect your mental functioning and hair color.


Most people start losing hair as their age goes by. At a certain age in life, the hair follicles stop growing, making the hair start falling. The hair will then start to lose its color, and for women, the hairline will start to recede. If you notice it early, this cause is easy to treat. The doctor will give you some medications to regrow the hair.

Nutrient Deficiency

Like skin, your head also needs nutrients and vitamins. If your body does not get vitamins that help to create collagen, your beard will not grow. Your beards need these vitamins and a good diet. Also, make sure not to go too hard on your diet. Make sure to stop taking foods that have a lot of fat to reduce the beard.

Being Too Hard on Your Beard

To stop your beard from thinning, always make sure you are gentle on them. When combing your beard, do not use a low-quality or regular brush. These brushes may lead to hair loss. Also, if you wash your beard all the time, the skin will start to dry, and your facial hair may start to fall. The doctors will advise you to wash your hair once a week, not daily. Make sure to follow these instructions to avoid patches on your beard area.

Chronic Stress

A lot of stress may cause your facial hair to start falling. It may also cause your beard to grow slowly. Always make sure to avoid stress by living a joyous life to avoid hair loss. Also, you should take some vitamin C and E in your daily meals to stop hair loss.

Beard Transplant Procedure

There are several methods used to transplant beards. The most common methods are FUE and FUT.

FUE Method

Follicular unit extraction, majorly known as FUE, is the most common method used to transplant facial hair. During the process, the doctor will collect the hair from your head’s back and then transplant them to your beard area. The doctor will then create some small holes in the right facial area.
The FUE process is the best because it is less invasive, and the outcome Is natural. Always make sure to call look for the best clinics and doctors for better results. The FUE beard transplant will not leave you with scars, and the recovery is also quick.

The FUT Method

The FUT method is also called the strip process. It involves the cutting of a small piece of skin. The skin is then used to collect the hair follicles that are used for transplantation. The donor area is then stitched, and the scar will not be visible.
The recovery time for the FUT method is longer compared to that of FUE. You will as well feel some swelling and scars because the doctor cut the skin. The side effect only lasts for a few days. If they continue, make sure to call your doctor for advice.

The Beard Transplant Cost

Beard transplant is not a cheap process. The prices range from $ 5000 to $ 15000 depending on the extent of the hair loss. For better results, you should be ready to pay more. The cost will also depend on the type of clinic and where you are located. Beard transplant is known to be cosmetic, so you will have to pay from your pocket. Most health insurance does not cover it.


A Beard transplant is the best way to restore your thinning hair. The procedure is permanent, and you will feel good about yourself. For better results, go for the most qualified doctors. The most popular clinics with high-quality procedures are always the US and Canada.

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