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Best Ways To Boost Your Network signal

We can not deny the fact that mobile devices have become an integrated part of our daily lives. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that staying in touch with dear ones is essential, no matter where you are. In addition, working from home has become the new norm. This means strong network connectivity is necessary to stay productive at work. 

All this was and will always be possible with gadgets like mobiles and strong phone signals. 

However, we all at some point face poor connectivity issues, dropped call concerns, slow browsing speed, poor voice quality, and more. All this impacts the work quality and influences personal interactions as well. The reason could be anything like no incorporation of mobile phone signal booster or cellular towers are far from the location. 

But all this appears to be annoying and frustrating. So, if any of such issues are also creating hurdles between you and your work, the below-given tips are for you. These will help you boost the signal strength and make interactions quick and easier. 

Ultimate Tips to Boost Your Network Signal

Switch From Mobile Data to Wi-Fi

Do you use the Wi-Fi to its possible extent or the phone’s capability? Here, the best network you can choose for your phone other mobile data is the home network. It includes all the features for quality voice calling, video support, reduced dropped calls, etc. 

Change Your Mobile Network

It may sound harsh, but if you routinely get weak cell reception, you may need to transfer to a different service provider.

The question now is how you will determine whether another network provider offers a superior mobile signal. Use their coverage analyzers. These will tell you whether the signal is good for outside connectivity, indoor connectivity, or both.

Save Your Phone’s Battery

All smartphones come with the feature of saving battery whenever it goes low. Also, whenever finding the signal, our phones tend to use more battery. So, there are always the chances that the phone’s low battery impacts the signal strength and connectivity. 

In such cases, you can try turning off the WI-FI, Bluetooth, or other connectivity options in use. 

Examine the SIM Card for Any Signs of Dust or Damage

At some point, we all face the sudden fall of mobile phone signal strength to its worst. The reason could be anything like a damaged sim or card slot or dust accumulation in the sim slot. Also, the signal strength or the quality of network connectivity depends on the type of SIM in use. 

And dust is one thing that can enter into the phone easily, no matter what precautions you take. Hence, cleaning the SIM regularly is essential. It increases the probability of signal strength improvement. 

In case this solution does not work for you, SIM replacement can also be the choice. There are always the chances of SIM card damage. So, either get it fixed by the service provider or replace it with the new one.

Eliminate Any Obstacles Between the Cell Tower and Device

You might be thinking about what can be the hurdles and how you can remove those occurring between the tower and your mobile network. The cellphone may be receiving the signals from the towers constantly. But there could be any hurdles while sending the signals by the towers. Thus, weakening them by the time they reach the destination phone. 

So, you can follow these tips to remove any of the interferences:

  • Stay away from things made of concrete or metal
  • Keep smartphones away from electrical appliances
  • Move to an open area or near the window if at home or in any commercial building

Buy a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If you do not wish to implement any of these tips, you can consider buying a mobile phone signal booster. 

There may be the case that you live in an area with poor service coverage. Here, installing the signal booster helps to boost the cellular signal. Thus, giving you access to strong connectivity and no poor network hassles occur. 

It comprises three parts that function together:

  • A rooftop antenna that is strong enough to pick up extremely weak mobile signals that your smartphone could miss.
  • A booster box is installed inside the house. The signal from the external antenna is received by the booster. It amplifies the signal into a reliable signal. Thus, making it accessible by indoor devices.
  • An antenna is a device placed inside your home. This distributes the increased cellular signal around the house and delivers consistent connectivity.

Evaluate Your Phone’s Performance

In several cases, the problem is in the phone device itself. Ensure your mobile is performing well with no battery issues or software update concerns. 

If you own an older phone model, it may lack hardware that gives access to stronger networks. Thus, the upgrade can be the case. Here, you can get a new phone for yourself. It will provide you with quick processing, improve connectivity, and access to new features.  

Restart Your Phone or Switch to Airplane Mode

The chances are phones also get confused while searching for the best signal available. However, it does kill the battery. 

Hence, the quick fix to any of these issues is to switch your phone to airplane mode, wait for a few seconds, and turn it off again. It will help your phone to check which networks are now additionally available. 

There is also the option of rebooting the phone. This feature can be useful while traveling across borders or through roaming network zones.

Reset the Network Configuration

Sometimes refreshing the phone’s network settings is everything you need to resolve the poor connectivity issues. But remember that resetting such configurations will also remove all the saved passwords, VPN connections, and other carrier settings that would require a boost. 

For Android users:

Open Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings

Now, choose the option and the phone will automatically restart. 

For iOS users: 

Open Settings>General Management>Reset>Reset network setting

The alert regarding the network settings resetting option will appear. Tap the reset settings and restart the phone. 

Upgrade Your Mobile Phone

Phone technology is constantly evolving. As a result, if you still hold an older model, the odds are that the signal will be poor. Older phone models are unable to get the necessary frequencies from cell towers. Upgrading your equipment may be costly, but it is the best option.

Summing Up

To conclude, we all know how it feels when a phone receptor fails to work efficiently or when the network connections are poor. You may own the best smartphone model. Also, you might have subscribed to the best cellular service providers. The chances are always of facing the hassles like missed calls, poor internet, slow message delivery, etc. 

All of this emphasizes the importance of having a quick and stable cell phone connection. So, you can follow all these tips we have shared above in case you experience a poor network signal. In addition to the signal booster, you can install das antenna cabling to amplify the signals in limited spaces. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact your cellular network service provider, get a mobile phone signal booster installed, and enjoy browsing. 

Thanks for Reading!!


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