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Common granite countertops mistakes you want to avoid

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it only fits that our bespoke home customers want the perfect space. The kitchen is where friends meet, holidays are celebrated, food is prepared, and memories are made. Some many decisions and details go into a kitchen design, but one important choice is the granite countertops.

Kitchen counters are more of a cosmetic design choice. They require a lot of wear and tear daily, so it’s essential that you choose the perfect ones, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. However, there are tons of options these days that make things a lot more complicated.

Here are some common mistakes people make when choosing their kitchen counters that you should avoid.

4 Common Mistakes When Buying Granite Countertops

  1.       Installation of a countertop sink
  2.       Select with the base of the counters
  3.       Make color more important than quality
  4.       Do not buy wholesale counters

4 common mistakes when installing granite countertops

  1.   Use of incorrect measurements
  2.   Choose and install the wrong color
  3.   Choose the edges you want
  4.   Hire a trusted contractor

3 common mistakes when cleaning granite countertops

  1.   Neglect about sealing
  2.   Use of aggressive detergents
  3.   Take sustainability for granted

4 Common Mistakes When Buying Granite Countertops:

  • Installation of a countertop sink:

Top mounted sinks pose a wave of cleaning issues, as it’s tough to keep dirt, debris, and bacteria from making their way under the ring around the sink. You’ll thank yourself a million times if you install a built-in sink with new countertops.

  • Select with the base of the counters:

Granite is generally available in two different widths, a ¾ “slab or a 1 ¼” slab. If you’re looking for something thicker, you’ll likely end up with two tiles glued together, which you don’t want.

  • Make color more important than quality:

Color is essential, but the quality is much more important. Some of the rarer or striking colors are the easiest to dye because they are more porous. As a result, you are trapped in higher maintenance costs over time. Darker granite will reduce the appearance of stains and spills while lowering maintenance costs.

  • Do not buy wholesale counters:

Everyone wants to pay less for granite countertops of the same quality, but that doesn’t stop people from buying them at retail. The point is, you don’t have to fall begging for the extra expenses that come with it. You can purchase wholesale countertops of the same quality for much less.

4 common mistakes when installing granite countertops:

  • Use of incorrect measurements:

Anyone can make a measurement error, and as a result, you may be buying too much or too little granite or slabs of the wrong thickness. All of these mistakes will end up costing you money and slowing down your progress. Please make sure to check and verify all measurements before placing your order.

  • Choose and install the wrong color:

Make sure the color you choose matches the rest of your kitchen before it’s installed. Otherwise, you’ll end up with granite that doesn’t match the rest of your kitchen.

  • Choose the edges you want:

Decide what type of edging you want before installing the countertops. Once the ceilings are installed, it cannot change the border without removing and reinstalling the tops.

  • Hire a trusted contractor:

Make sure that the person installing the meters has extensive experience in this type of work. The key is to avoid novice work interfering with the overall look and longevity of your counters.

3 common mistakes when cleaning granite countertops:

Once your countertops are installed and looking immaculate, there are several things you want to avoid to keep them looking good.

  • Neglect about sealing:

Granite is porous and will absorb stains if not properly sealed and treated as needed. Most granites require a new coat of sealant now and then, usually about every 2 years. While many adhesives claim they last a lifetime, that doesn’t take into account all the daily wear and tear of countertops. For example, exposure to acidic juices like limes or lemons will break down even the most robust sealant.

  • Use of aggressive detergents:

Window cleaners or solvent based cleaners should be avoided at all costs when it comes to cleaning granite. Aggressive chemicals will quickly remove sealants and damage surfaces. It would help if you also avoided cleaners that contain lemon juice or vinegar. As the acidity will wash away the cement and dull the countertops. Glass cleaners are specially designed with microwaves intended to fill small cracks in windows and mirrors. Since your granite doesn’t need it, microwaves build up over time and create an unpleasant residue on the countertop surfaces. For daily cleaning, use a bar of mild dish soap and a warm, damp cloth. Periodically use a special granite cleaner as needed.

  • Take sustainability for granted:

Granite is incredibly durable but is still susceptible to heat, harsh chemicals, oils, wine, and knives. To keep your granite in perfect condition:

  • Never cut directly on surfaces. Always use a cutting board. It may not look damaged, but small nicks on the surface add up and create an entry point for water and stains over time.
  • Use pot holders or something else as a buffer between hot pots, plates, etc., and your counters. Extreme heat can damage granite.
  • Do not leave oils on the counter as they can drip and stain surfaces over time.
  • Clean up spills as they occur to prevent stain absorption.

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Now that you know the common mistakes, you need to avoid getting the best possible ceiling material.

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A counter (granite countertop) is an essential element, or we can say an integral part of any kitchen. In addition to making it easier to cook conveniently, it has a significant impact on the charm of the kitchen and your experience. To make your kitchen exceptional and have an unforgettable experience, you need to avoid these three common mistakes that most people make. Through years of perfecting their craft, interior designers know every corner that makes a special. Especially in kitchens, where most of the “furniture” is integrated, this attention to detail can make or break a space.


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