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Common Instagram Mistakes

With its 700 million users, Instagram is essential for brands targeting generations X and Y. To be effective on this visual platform, companies must respect certain codes and take advantage of the different features offered by the social network.

So, to make the best use of this communication channel, I suggest that you discover 6 frequent errors that are simple to correct.

1) Do not exploit the potential of the link in bio

On Instagram, inserting a free clickable link can only be done in your profile biography. This can refer users to your blog or landing page if your goal is to generate leads.

Your subscribers thus benefit from the opportunity to easily find your site and to discover all your products. Don’t miss it!

Nocebo specialized in the distribution of perfumes and cosmetics, offers its subscribers to buy the new perfume it presents by clicking directly on the link inserted in its bio. It’s a great way to drive traffic to the site and increase sales.

2) A lack of engagement with users

Like any other social network, the goal of Instagram is to foster interactions with Internet users.

Do your followers take the time to comment on your posts? Respond to them in a professional and personal way. By doing so, you build quality relationships with your community.

The Parisian shoe store Pied de Biche offers its subscribers to take them on board, using its “magic bike”, to discover their new collection. To play proximity, the brand does not hesitate to respond to comments posted with a friendly tone.

3) Misuse of hashtags

The goal of hashtags? Offer users the opportunity to discover content and influencers. By using too many hashtags, you risk targeting a very large audience, but not necessarily qualified … Conversely, posts that do not contain them may have a very low reach.

Furthermore, by inserting hashtags that are not relevant to your brand, you lose all credibility. Do your research to find the most popular in your field of activity and line with your values, to be sure to reach an audience affected by your products or your brand.

An example to follow? Kiabi, online sale of ready-to-wear, uses 4 very explicit hashtags to present its new collection of children’s clothing.

4) Overly promotional content

Developing a digital strategy on Instagram aims to promote its brand and encourage user engagement. Even if the objective of your approach is to increase the sales of your products, you must remain subtle.

By publishing too often promotional content, exclusively focused on your business and your services, your audience will get tired and turn away from you. He doesn’t connect to Instagram for that! Your followers want authentic content that conveys the history and values ​​of your business.

For example, airline Air France makes its subscribers discover dream destinations or unusual landscapes using pictures taken by the company itself or by passengers. She does not advertise her services directly; she just makes her community want to travel. 

5) An irregular publication frequency

Defining a regular publication frequency is imperative. Indeed, if you publish many posts every day, your subscribers are likely to consider you as a spammer. On the other hand, if the frequency of your publications is sporadic, your followers may think that you are neglecting them. Not to mention that with the new algorithm, you risk lowering your natural range.

You must adopt a certain regularity. By doing so, you set up a meeting with your community. Set up an editorial calendar, monitor the frequency of publication of competing accounts and learn from them.

An example to follow: Biarritz Laboratories. The brand publishes three posts per week. It is perfect to guarantee the range of visuals while being regularly present in the minds of its subscribers.

6) Poor quality visuals

The social network Instagram has become a benchmark in terms of engagement. The reason for this success? The quality of the visuals published. By offering publications with unattractive images, the engagement of your subscribers is likely nonexistent.

There are many tools to improve the quality of photos taken using a mobile phone. Use them. Also, take advantage of Instagram filters that perform small miracles.

Also, to allow Internet users to recognize your publications at a glance, always adopt the same visual style.

The photos published by Markel, a company specializing in the sale of organic food products, make users want to taste the dishes offered.

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