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How Can I Export Mac Mail or Apple Mail Mailbox to PST Format?

Learn the best technique for Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST format with the help of this article.

As people are advancing and want to experience everything, trying out different email clients has become a common thing. People then try to shift and migrate from one email client to another in search of the best email clients, so, they experience the features of every email client and then choose the best of them. Though, data conversion is one of the most tedious tasks to perform for a user who doesn’t have any technical background. 

Now the most popular demand that arises among users that how to transfer Mac Mail to Outlook different versions. Thus, this process is tedious and requires technical skills and expertise in the area or else you will fail to complete it. The Apple Mail uses and stores all your data in MBOX file format while the Outlook application stores your Meta information in PST format. 

Why Shift from Mac Mail to Outlook?

The Mac Mail is the default application that Mac users prefer to operate as their sole email application. But there comes a need due to the situation that forces people to shift to the Outlook application. The reasons could be many, due to their professional work, or for some personal use. The core is how to Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST. Outlook works more as a personal information manager that enables you to email, take down notes, journals, manage calendars, tasks, and contacts. So, the outlook has become a more preferred choice as compared to Mac Mail. Also, the PST format is the universal file format that could be accessed on almost every email platform. Therefore, people prefer to Export Mac Mail Mailbox to PST. Thus, we would give you the most direct and efficient approach to solve your problem. 

The article gives you the Stepwise Guide to Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST. The blog comes with 2-Techniques to perform the task without any errors and glitches. But the Manual method may prove not to be 100% efficient as it doesn’t guarantee anything, while the Second Method is a full-proof method that completes your process. 

How to Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST directly? 

People want to convert their Mailboxes to PST so that they can access their Mac Mail files in Outlook as well when needed because they might contain some important and valuable resources. Therefore, they don’t want to lose the previous email client’s data. However, Outlook for Mac provides you with a built-in option to import PST files. thus, it becomes an easy and simple option for you to go for. Here are the steps for the completion of the process: 

1. Export mailbox files from Mac Mail. 

2. Convert the exported files to PST. 

3. Then finally, a separate method to Import the mailboxes in Outlook. 

The 1st and the 3rd Step can be completed freely by just following the Manual Steps given below. But for step 2nd you need to have a special Automated Tool to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook. Kindly read and follow the steps carefully in the given below section. 

Step 1: Apple Mail Export Mailbox

You can easily generate the MBOX files of your Apple Mail by following the steps below: –

1. Launch the Mac Mail application and then select the mailbox folder that you wish to be exported. 

2. Then go to the Mailbox menu and hit the Export Mailbox option. 

3. Now choose your preferred destination location to save your files in MBOX format by clicking the Choose option. 

Users now have their MBOX files ready with themselves which then needs to be converted to PST. 

Step 2: Convert Mac Mail MBOX file to PST without Outlook

There is no Manual Process for this step, you need help from any third-party tool to complete the process. So, we have come up with the exotic and efficient tool of all times, the Apple Mail Converter. This tool discharges your task effectively and efficiently without any glitches and errors. The tool offers you a dual-mode to upload the Mailboxes in the software, either in bulk quantity or selectively choosing single or multiple Mac Mail mailboxes individually.

Also, find out how to import Apple Mail Emails to Gmail accounts?

The wizard preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the conversion process. The tool doesn’t hamper your data information from any loss or corruption. The utility offers the flexibility to choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions. The tool doesn’t restrict you in any way, you can upload MBOX files as much as you wish to, there is no limitation on the number. 

Demo Version of the Tool

Try out the tool with the demo version. The free edition offers the conversion of up to 25 MBOX files to PST without any interruption. This edition will let you know how the tool works. You can choose files from a different folder in a limited count of 25. Get the upgraded version to over the limitation.

The Steps to Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST 

Here are the following steps for you to follow: –

1. Start the application on your Machine with Mac OS 10.8 above editions. 

2. Now, either choose the options to Convert Contacts or Emails.

3. Then, click the radio button to select Mac Mail Mailbox manually or let the Tool be selected.

4. Then, upload the MBOX files in the software using Add file (s) or Add folder (s) option. 

5. Then hit the PST option from the Select Saving List

6. You can also create a separate PST per MBOX and then split the PST file. 

7. Further, choose your destination location

8. At last, hit the Export button. 

The location will open up after completing the whole process. 

Step 3: Import PST file into Outlook for Mac

1. Start Outlook on the Mac system.

2. In the menu section, go to File > Import

3. Then select Outlook for Windows archive (.pst) 

4. Locate and select the earlier converted file and then click on the Import button. 

5. Finally, hit the Finish button. 

Why a Tool for Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST?

There is a different reason why you should opt for this tool for exporting the email messages from Apple Mail to PST format. Here are some of the eye-catching features of the application that would let you have complete insight.

  • The tool comes with a user-friendly interface with a coherent GUI that enables even novice users to operate on the software easily and effortlessly. 
  • Complete the conversion in just a few simple clicks.
  • The wizard is purely a standalone one, thus, it doesn’t require any other application for installation. 
  • Upload multiple files in a single step. 
  • Open MBOX files on Mac before proceeding to the procedure. 
  • Fetches the Mac Mail MBOX files automatically. 
  • Free to choose a location to store the converted file.
  • After completing the destination path opens up with converted Mac Mail Mailboxes. 

The Final Verdict

The blog explains to you the direct and stepwise method to Mac Mail Export Mailbox to PST. Some users might need to convert their Apple Mail Mailboxes to Outlook PST files. We have explained every step from finding your MBOX files to Importing the resultant PST file after conversion to Outlook for Mac. This tool converts the MBOX file to PST effectively using the tool, the tool provides you a dual-mode to upload the Mailboxes files. 

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