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How to Repair PST File Outlook 2019 Version – 2022 Guide

Today we are going to learn how to repair PST file Outlook 2019 using the automated solution as well as the manual ScanPST solution. If your Outlook PST files are corrupted due to any reason, they can be repaired with the right knowledge, method & tool.

We receive this query from users around the world & understood that the barrier which stops users from repairing their files is the lack of technical knowledge & skills. This is why users mess up & even end up losing all of their data files.

In this article, we’re going to fix the corrupted PST files using the ScanpST .exe available in Outlook. In addition, the automated method is also discussed here in this blog. The pros & cons of both approaches are also mentioned below to fix damaged Outlook PST files.

Learn How to Repair PST Outlook Automatically

While discussing the modern method, users must understand that it is automated. Users just have to put in minimum input & the Microsoft Outlook PST Repair Tool will perform the entire operation itself.

It has advanced features that use complex algorithms to provide users with the accurate results they expect without any errors at all. The reason this tool is capable of such actions is that it is dedicatedly designed to solve this problem. Download the automated utility & follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step-1. Click the button “Add File” to add your corrupted PST files to the software.

step-1 How To Repair PST File Outlook 2019

Step-2. Select Quick Scan or Advance Scan for identifying the file corruption.


Step-3. Click & Select the required files you want to repair & recover.


Step-4. Select the Destination Folder Path & PST as the Format of the file.


Step-5. Click on the bottom right button named Export to start the process.


After getting your repaired files in the system, upload these PST files in Outlook 2019. Then you can see that these files are also reflected in the Outlook application.

ScanPST Method to Know How to Repair PST File Outlook 2019

Learning the manual method after the automated can be a bit boring as it has various limitations. The manual method in which we have to use the ScanPST tool to fix damaged Outlook PST files is outdated.

Moreover, it is quite complex & lengthy which often confuses users a lot. However, it is an open-source solution that provides a little relief to users in terms of budget. It comes with an MS outlook application which is why installing Outlook is mandatory to use this method.

The location of ScanPST differs in all the systems based on the version of Outlook they are using. For an instance, below we have shown the folder path for different versions of Outlook.

Now follow the below steps to execute the operation.

Step-1. Click on the Browse button to add the PST files that are damaged or corrupted.

Step-2. Hit the Start button to scan these corrupted files to get to the root cause. 

Step-3. Now, Click on the Repair button & then the tool will try to repair the damaged files.

Step-4. Click on the Ok button finally to finish off the task.

Advantages of Learning How to Repair PST Outlook by These Methods

There are various advantages of both the methods that we are going to discuss below. After this users can decide which factors are more important to them. They can select the method on basis of these factors.

Manual Method (ScanPST)
Below advantages are for the manual method. Although there aren’t many advantages. However, we mentioned whatever it has.

  • The manual method is an open-source solution & users don’t need to pay anything to repair their files.
  • This solution already comes with Outlook. There is no need for users to download any additional utility in their system.

Modern Method (Automated Tool)
To learn how to repair PST file Outlook 2019, the automated provides various benefits. All of these advantages are mentioned below to provide users with a better understanding.

  • Repair PST files with any level of corruption in them from low to high.
  • Fix corrupted Outlook email, contact, calendar, task, notes & journals. 
  • Export repaired files in PST, PDF, MSG, EML & Office 365 file format.
  • There’s no limitation on PST file sizes. It can process files of any size.
  • The smart feature to repair password-protected Outlook .pst data files.
  • Capable of repairing OpenPGP & SMIME encrypted data items safely.
  • The ability to execute bulk repair of files in one go without errors & lags.
  • It supports all of the Outlook versions & Windows 11(64Bit) & below OS.

Drawbacks of Learning How to Repair PST File Outlook 2019

It’s time to talk about the negatives of both methods. Luckily the automated method does not really have a lot of disadvantages. However manual method still has several critical drawbacks.

Manual Method (ScanPST)

  • The manual method repairs only header parts & minor levels of corruption issues.
  • It has a limit of 2Gb which means users can not fix PST files more than 2Gb in size.
  • Lacks smart features like date & category filters present in the automated method.
  • Can not process bulk PST files at once. Users need to repair files one by one.
  • There’s no feature available to export these results into various file formats.
  • It hangs a lot & stuck in between if the PST file size is close to 2Gb in size.

Modern Method (Automated Tool)

  • Learning how to repair PST Outlook using an automated method is not free. The automated tool is not open source. However, users can take the demo version to check the results of the tool for 25 emails/folders for free.


Now let’s have a look at the most asked questions by users to understand the user’s pain points in detail. It’ll also help us in learning what all the aspects are in which automated solution helps.

Q- I have high-level corrupted PST files, will this solution be able to repair them?
A- Yes
, the automated solution is designed with advanced algorithms that aim to repair PST files having any level of corruption. From basic to severe, all levels of corruption issues can be solved with this automated utility.

Q- Is this solution available free of cost?
A- No, this is a license-based paid solution. However, users can easily learn how to repair PST file Outlook 2019 by this guide & use the trial version of this tool. The trial version is totally free & allow users to repair & recover 25emails/folder.

Q- Does this software access my password-protected files?
A- No. This software does not access your password-protected files,  SMIME, or OpenPGP encrypted data files. However, it can repair them only if the user has the right password. This tool takes utmost care of data integrity.

Q- I have Outlook version 2012, Will this software work?
A- Yes, it supports all the versions of Outlook.

To Put It Bluntly

Finally, at the end of this article, we are going to decide which method is an ideal choice for us. After understanding the facts & statements above, we can clearly suggest you avoid the manual method. IT has risks & you may end up in an even worse situation.

The automated is so far the best ever method to learn how to repair PST file Outlook 2019 & execute it. There is nothing where this utility let you down. It is futuristic & performs the job very well without any hassles.

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