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Perfected Super Saiyan Blue is Officially the Strongest Super Saiyan Form

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime and manga series. It has been just as successful as all the other shows of the franchise. But what is the most powerful form in all of the Dragon Ball anime franchise? This has been a long-contested question among the fans for a long time and still continues to be so. But now we might have the answer.

The Saiyan Prince Vegeta was the only one with the ability to use the strongest super Saiyan form. He was pushed to break his limits by Jiren in one of the tournaments he participated in. He tried many times to achieve Ultra Instinct but when he gave up on that, he was able to accomplish the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form. This form of Vegeta was so powerful that he was able to challenge Goku’s Kaio Ken x20 Super Saiyan Blue.

Surprisingly, there were also instances when The Saiyan Prince was able to become mightier than that. He was even able to surpass even the God of Destruction. He tried to test and observe the true nature of his powers. When he joined forces with Goku to fight Jiren, he was able to hurt him a lot of times. Vegeta knew he was not able to get desired results in his attempts to use Ultra Instinct so he focused more on Super Saiyan Blue form. So, that he can know to what degree he can further increase his strength while Goku focused solely on the Ultra Instinct.

Vegeta surpassed all his previous powers and while fighting Jiren along with Goku, he completed his Super Saiyan Blue transformation. This Super Saiyan form of Saiyan King was way more dominant than its anime counterpart. Jiren was of the opinion that the power of Vegeta in that form was as good as Goku’s Ultra Instinct. All of this transpired in the Dragon Ball Super Manga while he was competing in the Tournament of Power. Although both of them fought very bravely against Jiren. But to no avail, as Jiren was single-handedly able to dominate both of them. But that shouldn’t make one think that he was not capable enough. The Saiyan Prince always had the ambition of surpassing Goku. Which he achieved even though for a short time. It means that perfected Super Saiyan Blue is the mightiest of all Super Saiyan modifications, with Vegeta being the only one ever to achieve that form.

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