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Tenet Now Has Permission for Screening at New Jersey

Starting from this coming Friday, i.e. September the 4th 2020, Tenet will play in the theaters of New Jersey state courtesy of the last-minute approval that exhibitors got from the authorities.


The astonishing announcement though has left the exhibitors of New Jersey in a state of frenzy as they are now commencing their preparation on a war footing for the September 4th reopening.

According to the reports received by IndieWire, exhibitors of New Jersey will be able to screen Tenet on the very first day of the reopening of cinema theaters which is not later than Friday, September the 4th.

The executive order of governor Phil Murphy passed on Monday instilled energy in and around the offices of the exhibitors after it clearly allowed Tenet to commence its screenings in New Jersey from this Friday.

The reopening of theaters is happening around the time of Labor Day, which can offer a very desirable alternative to gatherings at beaches, parks, or homes.

The battle between the State and the National Association of Theater Owners did insinuate that the theaters might not open in time for the safe release of Tenet, but the executive order that came on Monday has brought a frenzy of positivity, but there is work to be done to make the viewing safe for everyone; the fact which is making the exhibitors really anxious.

The guidelines which have been issued via the order present a restriction of allowing only 25 percent capacity inside the theaters which mathematically amounts to a maximum of 150 people.

Now, the ball is in the court of exhibitors. They have to set the wheels in motion as soon as possible. Things may not be as they were before March when everything was normal. Tenet is a draw for the audience, and for the exhibitors, safety and staff is the key.

It will be a daunting task, and theater owners have no qualms about it either. However, Warner Bros. will work closely with them to ensure that they have adequate equipment, machinery, and the staff to achieve an effective and smooth reopening of the theaters.

But one thing is for sure that both the Warner Bros. and theater owners are heavily relying on Tenet to get the industry back on track.

AMC theaters and Imax are the two big players in the game and while they remarked that they would try very hard to make this whole operation very successful but they have raised some doubts because if anything goes wrong regarding the safety of the audience, then they will be back at level zero.

All the distributors are now rearing to go because the business has been stagnant for several months now but with “Tenet”, the season of growth might begin because there are several other blockbusters that are to be released in the next few months that can get the sales graph up but for now “Tenet” is the key. Now is the time when distributors have to be smart about the precautions in order to secure the future because one wrong move could prove to be very costly for them.

Tenet’s advance shows have started from Monday evening onwards throughout the United States. Thursday evening is the time when the regular shows of Tenet will commence and on Friday all the theaters of New Jersey will open, but the demand for the film is expected to be high because it has been months now since people have stepped foot on theaters and a film like Tenet might encourage them to take a step of courage.

It is also imperative to understand that the successful reopening of theaters in New Jersey is vital for the reopening in New York. If New Jersey gets it right, residents of New York might pressure on authorities to get their theaters in the game as well.

San Diego, a county of California also got the green light for “Tenet.”

Every distributor wants to cash in on the film, but it is of utmost importance that they get it right otherwise ramifications would be unfathomable for the entire cinema industry.

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Source-Tenet Now Has Permission

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