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10 Free Shopify Apps to Help You Grow Your Store

Online shopping is a major name in the builder community and it naturally doubles as a site builder. With over half a million e-commerce stores powered by Shopify, of course, for everyone, right? Let’s take a look at the offer and see if it meets your needs. Nowadays, more than 2,000 businesses, Shopify apps can be great for growing through all of them, big and small, so we’ve put together 25 of the best free Shopify apps for small business and solo sellers, like marketing assignment help agencies.

  1. Facebook Store

The Facebook Store app simply enables you to sell products directly from your Facebook business page. This helps increase your company’s reach when customers share their shopping experiences and favorite products. .

  1. MailChimp

The MailChimp app integrates your small business Mailchimp account with your Shopify store.

Then users can automatically add to Mailchimp which enables them to run targeted email campaigns based on their purchasing behavior.

  1. Digital download

Offer digital products to your customers through your Shopify Store using the Digital Downloads app. Your customers will benefit from instant access to content and automatic product updates.

  1. Mobile Converter

The mobile converter app makes it easy for users to make purchases through their mobile devices, especially useful as those who care about mobile traffic are already visible years ago.

  1. Bulk Discount

Export discount codes to your Shopify store using the bulk discount app. You can also make available many discount codes that are different to your customers.

  1. SEO Plugin

Are you a small business owner who wants to know if your store has search engine optimization issues that can be fixed? You will then need to plug in an SEO app that will run your store’s homepage analysis and identify possible solutions. You can also rely on SEO, To optimize your other websites through Yoast. This is how you grab the attention of buyer who wants to buy assignment online.

  1. Reader Printer

Choosing invoices, labels and receipts is easy with an individual print printer app or in bulk allowing you to customize pre-configured templates to match your business brand theme.

  1. Free Shipping Bar

If you have the option of free shipping with some quality, then the free shipping bar app is ideal for keeping customers informed about this attractive offer. Progress messages can encourage customers to spend a little to take advantage of a free shipping offer. Also use the free Spy Cart Pusher app to recover abandoned cars with automatic web push notifications.

  1. Better Coupon Box

The Better Coupon Box app creates a responsive popup that offers page viewers a discount for following one of your business social media profiles.

  1. EB Professional Import

Take advantage of a 30-day free trial to copy your eBook list to your Shopify store with the eBay Professional Importer app. Print labels for your Shopify orders quickly and easily according to parcel dimensions, service type and preferred carrier with the Shipplo app.

Wrapping it up

Websites created using Shop Site Builder are also hosted on their web servers. To complete the roundup, Shopify has add-on applications that help e-commerce sites work. This requires additional functionality, such as payment processing, inventory management, shopping cart features, and handling shipping.

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