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Arts and Entertainment

Top Site To Promote YouTube Music

Learn about the best site to promote YouTube music videos and how to use multiple platforms to market your YouTube channel efficiently.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

If that’s the case, do you want to expand your viewership and promote your video content?

Then this is the article for you!

We’ll show you the best 13 websites where you may advertise your YouTube videos.


When it comes to promoting your YouTube videos, Twitter is a crucial social network that you can use to your advantage.

First, Twitter offers thousands of interactions every day, making it an ideal platform for YouTubers to reach a broader audience.

Here are four techniques to efficiently enhance your YouTube visibility and promote your videos using Twitter:


Quora is a huge source of traffic for many websites, and many people are underutilizing it since they don’t realise how much traffic it may provide to their company.

When utilising Quora, the idea is to search for terms relating to your sector and keep track of the most popular answers.

After that, all you have to do is improve your answer and double or treble the value, then insert your YouTube video as an additional reference.

What you should avoid is sounding spammy.

Also, make sure your video is relevant to the subject being asked; otherwise, your answer may be downvoted or even deleted.

Many people will be interested if you do it correctly.


Did you know that Tumblr can help you market your YouTube videos? Yes, it is.

Here are five methods to use Tumblr to promote your YouTube videos.

Establishing your presence or identity, as with any other social media platform, is critical to growing your following.

People in the same industry are more likely to follow one other since they share common interests or aspirations.

On Tumblr, it’s the same thing.

People want to know who they’re connected with, therefore it’s critical that you first create your identity.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Then go from there.

You should be aware that Tumblr is a multimedia platform.

You can share the blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram users can also post photographs to Tumblr directly from the app.

As a result, the hashtags used on the main Instagram post will also appear on the Tumblr post.

Any promotional images you use for your YouTube videos will also appear on Tumblr in this manner.

Simply connect your Tumblr account to your social network accounts.


Yes, you may promote your YouTube videos on Facebook.

Here’s the deal: include a lot of keywords in your description, but don’t just publish your link anywhere.

Outside traffic is frowned upon by Facebook, and this might reduce the visibility of your videos.

The same goes for YouTube.

Instead, develop your Topic, utilise the appropriate keywords, and leave a CTA (Call to Action) for people to meet you on your channel and express their ideas.

Another place to market your YouTube videos is here.

The first step is to use the subreddit search bar to find the keywords for your movie.

When searching for subreddits, think of terms as tags you’d add on your movie.

Additionally, we recommend that you hunt for subreddits dedicated to video marketing because they provide additional views.

Once you’ve chosen a few Reddit pages, make sure to read through the guidelines.

YouTube links are not welcome in some subreddits.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable location for your material, make it a link post with an appealing title and thumbnail. It should not be included as a link in a text post.

Don’t forget to respond to comments on


You undoubtedly already know that email can help you make money, but you should also know that it can help you drive targeted visitors to your YouTube channel.

When you send out emails with YouTube videos included, you’re keeping in touch with your clients while also giving them with valuable content.

If you do it correctly, you’ll have a win-win situation in which your clients get the content they desire while you promote your YouTube videos.


Medium is an excellent platform for promoting YouTube videos.

Including your video on your Medium account is a terrific method to nurture your existing readers while simultaneously providing an easy way to direct them to your YouTube channel, expanding your subscriber base.

Because they are already loyal to you, these folks are more inclined to subscribe.

Including your video in a Medium blog article is an excellent strategy to increase traffic to your YouTube channel.


While many people are unaware, Instagram is an excellent tool for promoting your YouTube videos and may significantly increase your subscriber base.

Here are four methods to use Instagram to promote your YouTube videos and grow your audience:

Do you have a major YouTube video coming out soon and want to get your fans excited?

Then build a 15-second Instagram video showcasing your YouTube highlights.

This accomplishes two goals: it keeps them involved in the production process and makes them hungry to see the finished product.

Have you recently gained any wonderful fans?

Fans adore being acknowledged.

Everyone seems to enjoy it.

Who doesn’t want to be treated like royalty?

You may use your Instagram feed to recognise some of your most devoted fans and followers.

More people will subscribe and follow you if you accomplish this, and they will be able to join your little hall of fame.

Other sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and your own blog can also be wonderful platforms for promoting your YouTube channel and videos. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are already considered to be good platforms for promoting your YouTube videos.
When you follow another blogger on Tumblr, they get a notification with your username and icon picture, informing them that they have a new follower. The person will most likely visit your site to see whether you are someone they would like to follow back.

This is a way of saying that having more followers will result in more reblogs on your articles, which will result in more people seeing your videos.

Although this will not result in a flood of clicks, displaying them on every page would.

You may also utilise subscribe buttons in other places to let your readers know that you’re on YouTube, and they’ll be more likely to subscribe if they like you and your content.
This link will appear at the bottom of your About page, and you may choose which ones will appear on your channel banner.
If your channel is new, you should keep the amount of links on your banner to a minimum.
YouTube is rigorous about traffic leaving the site, but larger channels don’t have this issue because they’ve built up enough momentum to stay afloat.

Do you have a major YouTube video coming out soon and want to get your fans excited?
Then build a 15-second Instagram video showcasing your YouTube highlights.
This accomplishes two goals: it keeps them involved in the production process and makes them hungry to see the finished product.
If you’re a YouTuber who likes to make how-to videos or tutorials, Instructables is a terrific location to promote them.
DIYers and anyone who want to take projects into their own hands in general will enjoy the site.
Only specific types of content are allowed here, so if yours does, go ahead and advertise your films.



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