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Watch Latest Indian Drama Amma K Babu Ki Baby Online



Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby Indian television program. The exhibition is directed by Arshad Khan and is held under the conference hall of Shoonya Square. It was first shown on 8 February 2021 on Star Bharat station. The show will take viewers on a journey of three lovely characters. because the title suggests, the story revolves around three different characters Amma (Vibha Chibber), her Grandfather (Karan Khanna) and the child (Gouri Agarwal).


The story of Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby tells what happened when two people from conflicting economic sectors – a high-rise, urban girl, and an unmarried country boy. Hosted in Varanasi, the actors recently started filming the show in Mumbai and suburbs.


Commenting on the shooting in Wai, Karan Khanna said, “It’s great to work with a team that is so dedicated and hard-working that it doesn’t pay to make sure the audience gets what they’ve been promised. Shooting in Wai gives them that. Varanasi when everything is settled. The actors and Crew are all excited and can’t wait for the show to hit the screens. We hope and pray for viewers and audiences to appreciate our program and bless us with their blessing. “

AMMA K BABU KI BABY Time & Schedule:

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby is broadcast Monday through Friday at 8.30pm on Star Bharat station. The show is usually broadcast on the OTT Disney + Hotstar platform. More details about the show are provided below.


The episode begins with Babu entering Badnaam Gali, thinking like Badaam Gali. You think there is no Badaam / Almond store here. He went inside. the girl asks him what he wants. Babu asks him to let him know about the almond shop. The lady says this is usually badnaam gali. Babu was shocked. The child records everything on her cell phone and walks behind her with Nisha and Tokyo. Tokyo tells him that there are men behind them and that they will return home. The man raises his hand to the lady by wearing a salwar kameez.

Babu holds the boy’s hand and asks if this is usually thanks to the behavior of the girl on the street. the girl asks her father to leave how video content can create high engagement. The goons surrounded Baby and asked him to come back with them, saying they would make him a crorepati. Baby says she will make me crorepati. He closes his eyes and says he is going to hit them all. Nisha and Tokyo also closed their eyes. Babu sees him and strikes the swallows. The child opens his eyes and finds the calves lying on the ground in the street. Babu made the sticks beat the ladies there. the child asks why he came to claim his credit? Babu says he saved him from the cows.

Thrilling Moment In Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby:

A young woman brings a coconut to the temple and blesses their Jodi. Baby says I will be able to stay single. Babu says I will be able to stay single. In Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby the child insults her on the street and walks away, saying that the blessing of the pr * stitute will not come true. He comes home and shows Anuradha, Lata et al. . Babu comes there and tells Anuradha that he has gone to buy badaam and he makes a mistake like badaam gali. He says he brought the gajra from the seller so that he could help him.

He says they are also human. Pinto asks why the baby went there? Anuradha asks if he has gone after her to urge her to curse. Babu says that some sticks were behind him, it’s good that I even saved him. The child is angry. Anuradha scolds Baby. Babu shows the Anuradha bangles and asks her to bring them and says she brought the belts with her mother.

What Anuradha Said to Baby?

Anuradha informs him. Bua ji asks why he asked the grandfather to bring the baby bangles. Anuradha says I asked my grandfather to bring it, as his heart is pure and pure. He says Pandit ji makes the bride wear bangles, but here, she will make the baby wear bangles. The child is shocked and asks Anuradha to make a statue of him kept inside the temple. He says I will never be able to wear bracelets on his arm. Bua ji and Nidhi watched. Anuradha says only grandfather will make children wear bank robes.

Why in Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby Kaushalya shouts?

Kaushalya’s bangles are breaking. Sukanya tells us that bananas might ruin Babu. Kaushalya said he had a nightmare yesterday. Sukanya says I’m still in pain and asks why they sent Babu to their enemy’s house. He says atleast Pratap’s wife takes care of him like you do. Kaushalya shouts and asks him to pay attention to his tongue. Sukanya says that she is worried about her daughters, it is like she is worried about Babu. He says he also has the right amount of money they give to Pratap. You tell him that Anuradha can snatch your Grandfather from you. Kaushalya raises her hand to him, but he stops.

What Babu Tells?

Babu tells Anuradha that he is a brahmachari and cannot touch any woman. He says my best wishes are usually with your daughter and she always has a happy life. Pandit ji comes there. Anuradha asks him to make clothes for the children before haldi rasam. Anuradha finds a coconut there and asks where to buy it. Baby says it doesn’t help, just throw it away. The worker arrives when he says haldi from Preet’s house. She keeps it inside the kitchen. Babu prays to God. an important wind comes and so the bowl of haldi falls to the ground. In Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby Panic worker Babu comes there and asks her not to worry, she says she will grind the haldi and put it inside the bowl. Jagannath asks Kaushalya not to worry and asks him not to let the past pass too long.

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