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Stop scrolling! 5 apps to help you cut down on screen time


Our urge for even more screen time increases as technology develops. Unfortunately, this frequently results in increased cyberbullying, lack of sleep, and other undesirable effects. Given how commonplace technology is now, it should not be shocking that screen time has emerged as one of the most pressing issues for parents. To avoid these problems, it’s crucial to establish limits for how much time your kids can spend using screens. Utilizing the top free apps to reduce screen time is one method to achieve this. We looked into and tested a lot of apps before deciding which the best was for you. Based on their characteristics, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 free applications for reducing screen usage. The following features must be present in apps designed to limit children’s screen time.

AirDroid Parental Control for Screen Time

To control children’s screen time, utilise the excellent and simple AirDroid Parental Control app. It will make it easier for you to keep an eye on and mentor your child in the real world while ensuring that they maintain their positive digital habits on their devices. You will be able to look up their whereabouts, ban potentially hazardous games, and watch them safely online. It will sync the notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and deliver them immediate alerts or pre-programmed messages via your mobile. The time cut down on reducing screen time can be used to search marketing research paper topics.

  • With only one click, lock the child’s phone immediately.
  • You can easily schedule and control your children’s screen time.
  • Use the mobile camera on your child’s device to remotely observe their surroundings.
  • To monitor your child’s activity and keep them safe, mirror their Android screen to your phone.
  • Synchronize every social media notification your child receives so you can shield them from internet scams and bullying.
  • Through a GPS phone tracker, you can keep tabs on where your child is at all times. When your children depart a predetermined zone, the geofencing feature alerts you.

Qustodio Parental Control & Screen Time App

With the Qustodio Parental Control & Screen Time App, you can monitor and manage the smart devices used by your family members from a single, practical app. E-learning also increases the on screen time which can have an impact on the child (BAW, 2020). Whether you are looking to reduce youtube or facebook or any other app which cinsume time and screen.  This app will help you in every aspect. Also try to use it on other devices. You can efficiently handle your family’s privacy practical app. E-learning also increases the on screen time which can have an impact on the child. And protection, set time limits, ban problematic apps, check your children’s activities on their phone or tablet, and monitor many children at once (Odgers, Schueller and Ito, 2020). It is therefore one of the greatest apps for limiting children’s screen usage.

Business dissertation topics helps to learn about new topics in the business and allows a person to learn new methods that can help individual to start their business or can improve the existing one. Following are the few important features of the application that makes it special and unique from other.

  • It has kid-friendly social media monitoring tools. 
  • This could track and monitor calls, texts, and whereabouts. 
  • It can track and monitor their activities and usage on social media.
  • By only one click, you can notify the trusted contact of an emergency.
  • You can forbid your children from using certain social media platforms and domains.
  • You can remove this software from the computer to prevent your children from doing so. It is the finest free app for limiting screen time as a result of this function.

 FamiSafe: Parental Control App

For a comprehensive selection of control and tracing tools for your children’s smartphones and tablets, FamiSafe is the most dependable parental control app available. One of the greatest apps for limiting screen time is FemiSafe.

  • You may choose a secure zone for your children and receive immediate alerts anytime they depart or enter it thanks to its location monitoring feature. Other cutting-edge features of FamiSafe include a screen time limiter that can restrict your kids’ screen time.
  • It also allows you to ban in-app purchases from your child’s mobile device so they don’t buy any games without your permission. 
  • Some excellent features include filter websites, app blocker and schedule. 
  • It has an explicit content detection feature that protects your children from adult content.
  • Additionally, it alerts you when it finds keywords in the text. Any keywords that you deem offensive can be entered.

unGlue – Parental Control App

The simplest approach to regulate your kids’ screen time is with the unGlue parental control software. You may set a screen timer to restrict screen time, utilise our app block to hide apps, and totally switch off the internet with our innovative parental controls. It is the greatest software for limiting screen time because of these features.

  • Makes it simple to disable social networking apps.
  • You may use it to block certain games, like, Minecraft, Fortnite and others.
  • Your children can learn through this software. It could give them some fundamental managerial abilities.
  • It features a special reward system that will give your kids more screen time. 
  • It also includes wonderful features like restricting the internet, tracking their activities, blocking Netflix, YouTube, and many more. If a child does the dishes, he will get an extra 30 minutes.


Kidslox is a simple-to-use parental control tool that enables parents to manage time spend on screen, track their child’s whereabouts, block apps, and keep an eye on app usage. It’s the ideal tool for raising contented, well-rounded kids in the digital age. So try to use this app as it will help you limit the screen usage time which will result in a healthy life. The kidslox app has the features listed below: 

  • Establish a timetable for your children’s screen time; 
  • Instantly lock your children’s smartphones with just one click.
  • Give your kids more screen time when they finish certain activities, like their homework.
  • You can locate your children with ease.
  • It features an excellent content restriction mechanism that limits particular apps and URLs.


Airdroid, Qustodio, famisafe unglue and kidslox are the top 5 mobile applications that helps a lot in reducing the on screen time. They all come with the good features and most of these applications are free of cost. Many of the parents are using these applications for to reduce their interaction with the mobile and screen devices. These applications are not limited to the use of students and children only, highly productive people also use these applications to concentrate on their work. There are more applications as well but these applications are tried and tested and they provide better results as compared to other applications. So try to limit your screen time by putting some widely used apps to the sleep. This will somehow reduce the screen usage time and help sleep well now.  


Odgers, C.L., Schueller, S.M. and Ito, M., 2020. Screen time, social media use, and adolescent development. Annual Review of Developmental Psychology2, pp.485-502.

BAW (2020). The Impact of E-Learning on Digital Marketing in 2022. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Aug. 2022]. 

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